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Cat protects 5-year-old boy from bullies

Smudge is a tabby cat who lives with his human family, the Fentons, in Doncaster, England.

As reported by the UK Mirror, in 2014, 5-year-old Ethan Fenton and his 2-year-old brother Ashton were picked on by a trio of bullies.

One of the bullies pushed Ethan to the ground.

Smudge sprang into action and pounced on the chest of the bully.

The three bullies were so shocked by the cat that they ran away, crying.

Ethan and Ashton’s mom, Sarah Fenton, 26, who witnessed the attack said:

“I was keeping an eye on the boys who were playing football in the front garden. I saw three boys who were much taller and older than Ethan walk over to our front gate. I heard them shout Ethan’s name twice but he ignored them and just put his head back down and kept playing with Ashton. But then they shouted at him again and then one of the boys got in Ethan’s face and said, ‘Oi! Why are you ignoring me?’ and pushed him over. That’s when I rushed outside and saw Smudge fly out from under our car and jump on the boy’s chest. I think it was shock more than anything but the boy stumbled backwards, burst into tears and then ran off.”

Sarah, a part time hairdresser, bought 10-week-old Smudge after the cat they had for just 18 months died. For Sarah, it was love at first sight. She said: “When they showed us Smudge it was just love at first sight. He was so small and cute and I knew we just had to have him.”

The family have had Smudge for three years but had never before seen his heroic alter ego. Proud Sarah said:

“He has never done anything like that before but it was absolutely brilliant seeing him look out for Ethan like that. He has slept outside his bedroom keeping guard ever since it happened. I actually feel so much safer knowing Smudge is around after seeing him defend him like that. He is a big part of the family and he is more of a brother to the boys than a cat.”

Here’s the video:

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