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Agenda 21: Sackett v EPA Case on Supreme Court Docket Tomorrow

In 2005 Mike and Chantell Sackett purchased a vacant lot in a fully built-out portion of property along the shores of Priest Lake, in northern Idaho, with the ideas of building a modest 3-bedroom home. In 2007, they started work, but were forced to stop when the EPA claimed they were filling a wetland without a permit.

Idaho wetlands fight lands in Supreme Court

An Idaho couple’s dream home will be the center of a legal storm Monday at the Supreme Court.

For homebuilders, farmers and major corporations, the case called Sackett v. Environmental Protection Agency resonates well beyond one person’s ambitions or even the wetlands protections specifically at issue. Business groups reckon the case can help roll back federal regulations along a broader front.

“The Clean Water Act has, in short, become a tool for regulators to micromanage even the most routine decisions of farmers and ranchers,” attorney Mark Stancil wrote in a brief filed for the American Farm Bureau Federation.    Full Story



EPA war on coal plants threatens air conditioning — and public health

Nobody touchs my A/C

This is a public safety message. Do Not, and I mean Do Not Mess with my A/C. I will not be responsible for my actions. Pretty sure the Defense would hold up Too. ~ Steve~


Does “EPA” really stand for the Environmental Projection Agency?

In a surprising, off-agenda article today, the New York Times reports that the EPA jihad against coal-fired electricity threatens the availability of air conditioning during heat waves.

The Times reports,

As 58 million people across 13 states sweated through the third day of a heat wave last month, power demand in North America’s largest regional grid jurisdiction hit a record high. And yet there was no shortage, no rolling blackout and no brownout in an area that stretches from Maryland to Chicago.

But that may not be the case in the future as stricter air quality rules are put in place. Eastern utilities satisfied demand that day — July 21 — with hefty output from dozens of 1950s and 1960s coal-burning power plants that dump prodigious amounts of acid gases, soot, mercury and arsenic into the air. Because of new Environmental Protection Agency rules, and some yet to be written, many of those plants are expected to close in coming years.

While the “dump prodigious amounts of acid gases, soot, mercury and arsenic into the air” is pure exaggeration (e.g., U.S. coal fired-power plants are responsible for only about 0.5% of global mercury emissions which is 99+% less than Mother Nature emits), the article’s basic point is not.

Moreover, as the real threat to public health during heat waves is the lack of air conditioning (as opposed to air quality), it is the EPA that threatens public health, not coal-fired plants. As reported by USA Today in September 2003,

The death toll in France from August’s blistering heat wave has reached nearly 15,000, according to a government-commissioned report released Thursday, surpassing a prior tally by more than 3,000… The bulk of the victims — many of them elderly — died during the height of the heat wave, which brought suffocating temperatures of up to 104 degrees in a country where air conditioning is rare.

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