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Liberal Narrative: You don’t care about gun control until someone you know dies from gun violence

Oh you silly libs, you’d be very wrong and uninformed about my opinion of gun violence and gun control.

I care about gun control and write about it a lot on this blog. And I write about the victims who die from gun violence despite the strict gun control laws already in place. See the following examples:

This is Chiraq: 8 killed, 40 wounded during another weekend of violence
This is Chiraq: 43 shot (2 killed) during weekend violence
This is Chiraq: 45 shot – 4 fatally – during weekend violence
Gun control, Chiraq style: 44 shot – 8 fatally – since Friday night
The left’s narrative vs. facts about gun control laws and mass shootings
Gun control, Chiraq style: 6 shot at baby shower (including 2 kids); witnesses not cooperating with investigators
After Philadelphia Police shootout, demorats call for more gun control. How about stricter penalties for prohibited possessors and better enforcement?
Liberal utopia of California: Prohibited possessor & career criminal who killed Sacramento County deputy flaunted his guns on social media
Shocker, not: Washington state gun laws didn’t prevent ICE detention center Antifa goon from illegally obtaining firearm
#MarchForOurLives: Remember Kate Steinle and those responsible for her death

There is one simple fact that liberals will never comprehend: criminals do not obey gun control laws.

You can never make enough laws to guarantee good behavior from people who are willing to break the law.

But let’s face it, progressives only want one thing anyway: To take away your guns.

Until you can guarantee me that more gun control laws will prevent a perp from entering my home and trying to harm me, I’ll keep my firearms for my protection, TYVM.


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