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Go North to Canada – It's Where the Jobs Are!

Caught this on Fox News this morning. Be sure to check out the video on the Fox News link!   ~LTG


…..Canada is looking to hire tens of thousands of skilled workers for its booming energy industry. With the third-largest oil and gas reserves in the world, after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, Canada wants to double its oil production in the next 10 years. While it has plenty of oil to tap, there aren’t enough skilled workers to help secure it…..

“The opportunities are just basically endless up here right now,” said Riordan. “There’s obviously a shortage of workers. You could go anywhere and make some pretty good money.”
Ken Hughes, Alberta’s minister of energy, said his province will need more than 100,000 workers in the next decade. Hughes added that moving to Canada can be an easy transition for Americans.
Read more: https://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/12/27/canada-energy-boom-draws-skilled-americans-looking-for-work/#ixzz2GJ1dLB7i
I encourage qualified people out of work due to the Obama admistration’s job-killing position on energy jobs to go to Fox News.  It provides links for more information on the Canadian Jobs.
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Agenda 21: Lifestyle of the Green Economy


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David Brooks Finally Lays Something Worth Knowing On the Line- Agenda 21 Green Jobs are Toast

When the “Smart Grid” is Fully Operational, Kiss 28,000 Meter Reader Jobs Goodbye

There’s a wealth of other evidence to suggest that the green economy will not be a short-term jobs machine. According to Investor’s Business Daily, executives at Johnson Controls turned $300 million in green technology grants into 150 jobs — that’s $2 million per job.
Sunil Sharan, a former director of The Smart Grid Initiative at General Electric, wrote in The Washington Post that the Smart Grid, while efficient and environmentally beneficial, will be a net job destroyer. For example, 28,000 meter-reading jobs will be replaced by the Smart Grid’s automatic transmitters.
A study by McKinsey suggests that clean energy may produce jobs for highly skilled engineers, but it will not produce many jobs for U.S. manufacturing workers. Gordon Hughes, an economist at the University of Edinburgh, surveyed the landscape and concluded: “There are no sound economic arguments to support an assertion that green energy policies will increase the total level of employment….”
Read full story here

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Agenda 21: Politico 3-Pager Avoids the “A” Word


What a hoot!  Politico’s article dances all around using the proper name “Agenda 21” in connection with the Rio 2012 Conference but goes into great detail to  describe the pickle Skippy and the Gang are in.  The White House and State Department are already leading an internal working group on the Rio conference with about 15 agencies, including the EPA, the Energy and Commerce departments, the U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Agency for International Development. 

“We look at Rio as an excellent opportunity to bring the world community together, to give a lot of energy and activity toward promoting sustainable development into the future,” a senior U.S. official said.

But, Obama won’t commit to a trip to RIO in 2012 because it’s such a polarizing issue and he doesn’t want to give the conservatives ammo.  Remember the early days when he actually had political capital? He gassed up Air Force One and the presidential fleet and jetted  off  to the fiasco that was Copenhagen and schlepped back home like a whipped puppy.  (Remember the Danish hookers who literally “laid it on the line” to service to conference participants?)

We have the video of Fearless leader and Agenda 21 kingpin, Sha Zukang, ranting his hatred of America, and defending China’s sovereignty rights, but according to Politico, he was doing  “major suck up” to America in a speech at the National Press Club.

 What are the consequences he can expect in the sovereign state of the Peoples Republic of China if he fails in accomplishing the United Nations /Agenda 21 assignment?     

This Politico Article is a “keeper”!   Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/stories/0711/58348_Page2.html#ixzz1RJ2RAofj


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Lesbian Democrat, Rosa Koire, Lays it on the Line about Agenda 21

For anyone who just “doesn’t get it,”Rosa Koire  gives a dynamite presentation that connects ALL THE DOTS!  This is a don’t miss presentation that gives vital information every American needs to understand!  I’m not kidding, this affect everyone.   For people who are fighting in public education issues, she mentions Outcome-based education about 50 minutes into it.   ~LTG


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Allen West – Who Is Leading America?


By Allen West (Scribe) on March 22nd, 2011
Greetings constituents, fellow Floridians, and all Americans across our great land. It is again time for our weekly Congressional update. As I travel throughout the district, I certainly appreciate the feedback on these missives, and even the emails and support from those outside our district who are receiving these reports.
There are those who feel the issues facing America are not threatening, certainly not of immediate concern. As I did my regular Saturday morning run along Fort Lauderdale beach this weekend, I pondered a simple question: “Who is leading America?”
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James Cameron, Hypocrite

The Hollywood Left are not like you and me.
Like all narcissists, rules don’t apply to them. Rules are only for us plebians, the little people.
See also my previous posts on the Hollywood Left:


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