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Alabama demorat on abortion debate: “You kill them now or you kill them later”

That’s his “bottom line.”

About this Alabama demorat, John Rogers, from Wikipedia:

“John W. Rogers Jr. (born December 16, 1940) is an American politician from the state of Alabama. A member of the Democratic Party, Rogers serves in the Alabama House of Representatives, representing the 52nd district. Rogers has a bachelor’s degree from Tennessee State University, a master’s degree from the University of Alabama, and an associate’s degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

On 5/1/19 Congressman Rogers stated during a filibuster on an abortion ban bill in Alabama: “Some children are just unwanted. You either kill them now or you kill them later in the electric chair.”

“Some parents can’t handle a child with problems. It could be retarded. It might have no arms and no legs.”

h/t Twitchy

BONUS: On Thursday, the demorat called Donald Trump Jr. “retarded” and said he should have been aborted. From NY Post: “He’s evidently retarded. Uh, crazy,” embattled Democratic Rep. John Rogers told reporters in Alabama, according to WVTM-TV news. “Donald Trump’s son, I know there’s something wrong with that boy.”


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About That Underwater Drone Story

Tell me if you see a pattern emerging.

The drone story is showing some slippery characteristics

The incident follows a series of tense exchanges with China, including that nation’s sharp rebuke of president-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with Taiwan’s president in a departure from decades-long policy toward the island prefecture. – Read more
New York Times:
The incident complicates already testy relations between China and the United States, ties that have been further frayed by President-elect Donald J. Trump’s phone call with the president of Taiwan. Mr. Trump angered Chinese officials by holding a phone conversation with President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan, an island that Beijing deems a breakaway province of China. – Read more
[READ: The Terrifying Military Weapons at Donald Trump’s Disposal]Some experts believe the move may have been in retaliation for President-elect Donald Trump’s phone call with the president of Taiwan, a breach of 40-years of protocol in how the U.S. manages its delicate diplomatic relationship with the economic powerhouse and its smaller island neighbor. – Read more
The incident has emerged as the latest thorn between China and the US, where President-elect Donald Trump has shown himself increasingly willing to confront and challenge Beijing. – Read more

Okay, here’s my take on the drone thing

Embedded a few paragraphs into each report is the comment questioning the safety of an America that has such a dangerous leader as the reckless Donald Trump. This is on the day of the last ditch effort to sway the votes of electors. It also begins years of hand wringing fear talk about the nut in the white house. If you are old enough to have voted for Ronald Reagan, you will recognize the strategy.
Donald’s response: “China can keep the drone.”
This president knows how to beat the media at their own game. After all the saber rattling, we read that the drone is about as classified as a weather balloon.


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Move Over President Lucifer

There’s a new Devil in town


Positioning (marketing)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Positioning is “the place a product occupies in consumers minds relative to competing products”. – Kotler, P., & Armstrong, G. (2012). Principles of Marketing. Pearson Prentice Hall.

Hillary is now The Devil

Donald Trump knows positioning. He is a marketing genius. He knows how to positively position his properties and developments and his brand. But he also knows how to negatively position his competitors. Just ask Little Marco or Lyin Ted. They’ll confirm his effectiveness.
The Donald has be experimenting on the best position to place Hillary in the minds of the voting public. Lying Crooked Hillary may have just been promoted to the position of  The Devil.

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Butts up in DC

Most disturbing photo of the year

by JULIA HAHN – 23 May 2016 Washington D.C.
Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton’s “radical” immigration position on Sunday. Rasmussen polling shows that only 4% of American women support Clinton’s Middle East migration proposal…
READ ARTICLE: https://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/05/23/trump-hillary-cant-say-cares-women-importing-radical-refugees-america/

Europe is about to collapse under the weight of its own political correctness. Perhaps Germans can’t bear the optics of concentration camps in Germany. And who know what the Britts are thinking, with a population stupid enough to elect a mayor who sympathizes with ISIS. The Latinos in the West seem either oblivious to the threat that is flooding into the Triple Frontier along the junction of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, or are simply seeking to profit from it. And that doesn’t even begin to address the Mexican cartels. 
My question is, where does Hillary think she will hide when the consequences of her actions catch up, and the cops pounding on her door are wearing muslim insignias? 

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Trump – a man for such a time as this


Screen grab from Breitbart April 1, 2016

Churchill was rejected by the elite, until things went truly dark

Our times are very dark. It is obvious. Sometimes a man or woman has been prepared with the exact gifts and nature to rescue a nation. In ancient Israel, when no man was up to the task, God chose a woman, Deborah, to lead the nation. In WW2 England, Winston Churchill was called in from obscurity to save his nation.
Is Donald Trump such a man?

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Seattle City Councilmember Sawant stands by her Islamophobia comments

Like any good proggie/commie/socialist, she’s a master of Alinsky tactics.

Socialist Kshama Sawant (far right).

Socialist Kshama Sawant (far right).

Kshama Sawant is a socialist and a member of the Seattle City Council. She says the most absurd things, too. She once attended a rally of union supporters and said Boeing workers should take over the factories, and shut down Boeing’s profit-making machine (because that will really work to keep your paychecks coming). She said that after workers “take-over” the Everett Boeing plant they could build things everyone can use. She said, “We can re-tool the machines to produce mass transit like buses, instead of destructive, you know, war machines.”
She’s now saying more things that only make sense in her head.
On December 5th, 2015, Hamza Warsame (age 16) fell from a Capitol Hill building in Seattle. The King County Medical Examiner announced that investigators determined the fall was an accident. Before the investigation was even completed, proggies were claiming the death was a hate crime caused by anti-Muslim sentiment in Seattle.
MyNorthwest.com reports that after claims were made that Warsame was allegedly beaten and thrown from the building in Capitol Hill, Sawant issued a statement calling for “justice.” Even though no foul play was found to have incurred, Sawant told KIRO Radio’s Jason Rantz that her point remains valid.
SJWs agitating before knowing all the facts

SJWs agitating before knowing all the facts

“At that time, when (victim Hanza Warsame) unfortunately met his demise, Islamophobia the rhetoric was heated,” Sawant said. “(Donald) Trump was really stirring it up. The attacks had just happened. Bernardino had just happened. There was a lot of buzz about that. At that moment it was understandable that the communities in Seattle were anxious that this might be motivated by that kind of hatred against immigrants, against people of color, against people of a certain ethnicity,” Sawant added. “And what I said in my statement is that the police should conduct a thorough investigation, and if the death to Hanza was linked to a hate crime then the police should carry out the full justice process in order to get those perpetrators to justice. So what I said was conditional.
She offered no clarification for her statement. “Read my statement carefully,” she said. “What I said was that, first of all … I hope most human beings would agree with me regardless of why the death happened, is that it was a very tragic occurrence. A young person, a young person of color — this is tragic. And what I said is… that this might … be an attack that might be motivated by bigotry and hatred.”
KIRO’s Rantz noted that Sawant used this particular case to get into the topic of Islamophobia as a result of Right Wing rhetoric. “Yes, of course, that is true,” she said. “Regardless of what the police found…”
Of course she said her statement speaks to the bigger issue (one that is oh, so political, of course). “This was not about that case; the issues are much larger,” she said. “The issues are about the real anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-people of color, and frankly, sexist and racist rhetoric being generated by the Trump campaign, and it’s speaking to people because people are looking for a way out. So it’s not that tens of millions of people in America are racist, but they’re looking for a way out. Bernie’s campaign is an alternative to that.
All her “care “and “concern” was nothing more than an attempt to promote Bernie Sanders. What a good little Alinskyite.

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38 reasons why Obama is a Muslim

Obama in burkaH/t Barry Soetoro Esq.

The media, including “fair-and-balanced” Fox News, have been pummeling Donald Trump for the things he says. Now, he’s being pummeled for things he didn’t say, specifically for not saying that Obama is Christian.
Last Thursday (Sept. 17) night at a Trump rally in New Hampshire, a man said:

“We have a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims. We know our current president is one. You know he’s not even an American — birth certificate, man … We have training camps growing, where they want to kill us. That’s my question. When can we get rid of them?”

Trump responded, “This is how we’re starting? [Audience laugh] We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things. You know, a lot of people are saying that, and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. We’re going to look at that and plenty of other things.”
For not defending Obama — which, of course, Trump is under no obligation to do — Trump is being trounced by the usual jackals.
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz called Trump “vile” and “racist.” Hillary Clinton spit out this tweet: “Donald Trump not denouncing false statements about POTUS & hateful rhetoric about Muslims is disturbing, & just plain wrong. Cut it out.” (Source)
That same night, on Fox News’ The [Megyn] Kelly File, Kelly showed a clip from the Trump rally to her studio audience.
A blonde woman in a sleeveless black dress questioned Obama’s background and religion (2:37 mark) and said he is a Muslim. Kelly quickly interrupted her, “No, he isn’t.” The woman said, “Well, we don’t know.” To which, Kelly barked, “Yes, we do.”
Then, a black man (wearing glasses) sitting behind the woman jumped in and said that it’s up to Obama to disprove the rumors that he’s a Muslim. The man said:

“…there are large numbers of Americans who have problems with both the philosophical and religious background of [this] president. That’s not the American people’s [but] the president’s job to engage them….”

At which point, Kelly rudely interrupted the man, drowning his voice with her own, indignantly insisting that Obama “is not a Muslim” and that this “was made a campaign issue back in 2008,” which John McCain had “put to rest.”
Megyn Kelly, Mouth of Sauron
To Megyn Kelly, the new Mouth of Obama:
Here are 38 reasons why Americans who are not mind-numbed like you suspect Obama is not a Christian, but is a Muslim.

  1. It is Obama who said at an Islamic dinner, “I am one of you.”
  2. It is Obama who said in an ABC News interview, “My Muslim faith.”
  3. It is Obama who described the Muslim call to prayer as “the prettiest sound on earth.”
  4. It is Obama who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.
  5. It is Obama who wrote that in the event of a conflict, “I will stand with the  Muslims.”
  6. It is Obama who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that “I am a Muslim.”
  7. It is Obama who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.
  8. It is Obama who sat for 20 years in Rev. Wright’s church in Chicago listening to Wright condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.
  9. It is Obama who exempted Muslims from penalties under Obamacare that the rest of us have to pay.
  10. It is Obama who purposefully omitted “endowed by our Creator” from his recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.
  11. It is Obama who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the “holy” Quran.
  12. It is Obama who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.
  13. It is Obama who instantly threw the support of his administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the crater of the World Trade Center.
  14. It is Obama who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast, but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the White House.
  15. It is Obama who ordered both Georgetown and Notre Dame Universities to cover the cross before agreeing to speak there, but who has NEVER requested that the mosques he visited adjust their decor.
  16. It is Obama who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to his corps of “czars”.
  17. It is Obama who appointed rabid Islamists to the Department of Homeland Security.
  18. It is Obama who said that NASA’s “foremost mission” is an outreach to Muslim communities to boost their self-esteem.
  19. It is Obama who, as an Illinois Senator, thrice voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in favor of infanticide.
  20. It is Obama who is the first President to not make a Christmas greeting from the White House, but instead decorated the White House’s Christmas tree with baubles of genocidal atheist Chairman Mao and transvestite Hedda Lettuce.
  21. It is Obama who curtailed the military tribunals of Islamic terrorists.
  22. It is Obama who refused to condemn the Muslim Fort Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.
  23. It is Obama who refuses to speak out against the horrific treatment and execution-by-stoning of women in Muslim countries, but instead submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of alleged human-rights abuses.
  24. It is Obama who, when queried in India, refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, but instead profusely praised Islam in a country [India] that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorist assaults.
  25. It is Obama who funneled $900 million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas, and military contracts to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.
  26. It is Obama who ordered the United States Postal Service to honor the Muslim holiday with a new commemorative Eid stamp.
  27. It is Obama who directed the U.S. embassy in the U. K. to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.
  28. It is Obama who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in the “Arab Spring” that overthrew Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who was America’s strongest ally in North Africa.
  29. It is Obama who forces taxpayers to fund mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in grammar schools across our country.
  30. It is Obama who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.
  31. It is Obama who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid being criticized for not participating in seasonal White House religious events.
  32. It is Obama who, as president, has never ever gone to church on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
  33. It is Obama who who appointed as his chief adviser Valerie Jarrett, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood, an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.
  34. It is Obama who appointed a Muslim convert as CIA director.
  35. It is Obama whose secretary of state John Kerry said Muslim interests drive US plan for war.
  36. It is Obama who has opened the legal immigration floodgates to Muslims.
  37. It is Obama who receives the highest approval ratings from Muslim Americans.
  38. It is Obama whom a Pakistan Minister asked to be leader of all the world’s Muslims.

H/t Mike Gallagher (via Carl Gallups)

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Hillary Clinton slipping in polls big time

Hillary For Prison 2016Excerpts from ConservativeIntel:
Clinton is in big trouble. We may be reaching the tipping point at which Democratic voters decide she is not just a scoundrel, but something far less tolerable — a loser.
Take, for example, a few of the most recent polls:

  • The latest Washington Post poll has her at only 46% and leading Donald Trump by only three points nationwide.
  • Clinton ties Trump, trails Ben Carson by five points, and trails Jeb Bush by two points nationwide in the latest CNN poll.
  • She trails Trump by five points nationwide in a recent Survey USA poll.
  • She trails Trump by five points and Jeb by 11 points in Iowa in the latest Marist poll.
  • She trails Bush by five and Trump by one in New Hampshire, according to Marist.

These numbers are ominous for Clinton, especially when we add the customary disclaimer about her universal name recognition. As a candidate whom all the voters know already, she has little room to grow. Any result that puts her too far below 50% is quite bad, even if she happens to have a small lead. And there is no poll that shows her with a large general election lead.
Meanwhile, Joe Biden fares better in nearly every matchup — although he does not lead in all of  them.
We are now reaching the point where these polls are emboldening the Democratic opposition and challenging the faith of Hillary’s die-hard supporters. It is no coincidence that just as Clinton is looking like a less-than-inspiring general election candidate, both Bernie Sanders and Biden (still just a theoretical candidate) are surging in state and national primary polls. For example:

  • Quinnipiac now has Sanders leading in Iowa by a hair.
  • CBS/YouGov, though it uses a less reliable methodology, now has Sanders up 10 points in Iowa.
  • Sanders continues to lead in New Hampshire by a much wider margin of nine points.
  • As recently as June, Clinton led her Democratic rivals nationally by somewhere between 40 and 60 points. The latest CNN poll has her lead down to 10 points, with both Sanders and Biden exceeding 20% support.

The great fear for Democrats at the rank-and-file level is that they could end up stuck with an unelectable nominee. And this cuts more than one way. It may be that their two current choices are both unelectable — Clinton because she is perceived as untrustworthy and dishonest, and Sanders because he is just too far to the left politically.
If Clinton is unelectable, many liberals would rather take their chances with Sanders. And of course, there’s always the third potential option, if Vice President Biden actually decides to run.
Of course, Biden hasn’t jumped in yet, and the clock is ticking. As we have noted previously, the last candidate to wait until October and still succeed was Bill Clinton in 1992, and that happened under a very different set of circumstances.
To most people, Biden’s choice might seem like a no-brainer. The market demand is definitely there  for a formidable, mainstream Democratic candidate, and they are in short supply. With the Democratic field thinned significantly by the 2010 and 2014 elections, Biden is now the only realistic third alternative to those two. Neither former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee nor former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has managed to gain any traction, and so barring some kind of miracle for one of them, there just aren’t any other choices.
But as Biden makes up his mind, it’s also important to remember that politicians are people, too. Biden’s son died this year. He also knows it will not be pleasant to go up against the Clinton machine, and that a bloody battle against her could leave the eventual winner in a hopeless position for the general election.

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George Clooney slams Donald Trump immigration comments

Clooney also says he likes to “stay out of political debates”. But he’s got a movie to sell so he’ll spin his words as he sees fit.
People: George Clooney was candid when pressed on his thoughts about presidential hopeful Donald Trump while speaking at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night.
The Our Brand Is Crisis producer slammed Trump for making “idiotic” statements about Mexican immigrants. “Anybody who says as intolerant words as those should be laughed at, and that’s pretty much what history will do,” Clooney, 54, told reporters in response to Trump’s descriptions of immigrants as “rapists” and “criminals.”
“Who’d have thought Donald Trump would be at 30 percent. And that will end up working out well for the film,” he added of the political drama, which stars Sandra Bullock as a top campaign strategist trying to win an election for a Bolivian presidential hopeful.
Trump, 69, made controversial comments about Mexico during his presidential campaign announcement in June. Despite a growing backlash, Trump told PEOPLE he is standing by his beliefs. “There is nothing to apologize for. Many bad people are pouring through. I’m not saying just Mexican, many bad people. All you have to do is ask the border patrol,” Trump said. “I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I’m just exposing things that everybody knows is happening, but nobody wants to talk about.”

Bet Clooney isn't having a political debate with Obama

Bet Clooney isn’t having a political debate with this guy.

Clooney, who said he prefers to stay out of political debates, was originally attached to star in Our Brand Is Crisis.  Bullock later stepped in, and the role was rewritten for a woman. While the film has a political backdrop, it’s really “about big business,” Bullock exclusively told PEOPLE at TIFF. “There’s a consulting group in every big firm. It’s marketing and advertising when you really get down to it,” she said. “That’s what’s heartbreaking – you realize, ‘Wow, I’ve been advertised to rather than letting me decide who the best character is. I’ve been manipulated to vote.’

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Latin stars to record anti-Trump song 'We're All Mexicans'

The Estefans representing

The Estefans representing

USA Today: They aren’t all Mexicans but they will be in spirit for the anti-Donald Trump song a group of Latin stars are planning to release later this month.
Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana

Billboard magazine reported Thursday that Grammy-winning producer/musician Emilio Estefan has signed up a group of stars and famous friends — including his Grammy-winning wife Gloria Estefan, Shakira, Carlos Santana, Thalia, Pepe Aguilar and Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean — to record a song aimed at combating a wave of anti-Mexican rhetoric sparked earlier this summer by Trump, the real-estate mogul-turned-Republican presidential frontrunner.
Estefan, 62, told Billboard he reached his fed-up point after listening to a TV pundit/talking head say “false and vindictive anti-Latin statements on TV.”
Thus was born the idea for recording We’re All Mexican, which Estefan describes as a musical “celebration of Hispanics and our accomplishments.” The track, to be released later in September, will also include reggaeton singer Wisin, radio personality Enrique Santos, and the Spanish-American chef José Andrés, most of whom will be rapping on the record.
The idea echoes the Je Suis Charlie (We are all Charlie) slogan chanted by free-press advocates around the world after the January 2015 massacre of 12 people in the Paris offices of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. That in turn borrowed from the “Tonight, we are all Americans” eulogy spoken on French media the night of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in the USA.
A long line of Latin and Latino-American celebrities have criticized Trump’s rhetorical jabs at Mexicans. Even if they’re not themselves Mexican, they perceive the hostility Trump inspires as directed at anyone with Spanish names.
The Estefans and Santos are Cuban Americans, born in Cuba. Santos is Cuban American born in Chicago. Shakira was born in Colombia and is part Lebanese. Wisin is Puerto Rican American born on the island. Santana and Thalia were born in Mexico, and Aguilar is Mexican American born in Texas. Jean was born in Haiti. Andrés was born in Spain.
At his campaign kickoff announcement in June, Trump specifically railed against Mexico and Mexicans, promising to build a giant wall at the border and make Mexico pay for it because, he claimed, Mexico is “sending” criminals, rapists and drug dealers, plus “some” good people, to the USA.
Since then, the rhetoric from him and his growing base of supporters has grown hotter; at one point last month, Trump angrily threw Fusion anchor Jorge Ramos out of a press conference as a Trump supporter sneered at him, “Get out of my country!” Ramos is an American citizen born in Mexico.
“There’s a message being sent out to the world where people are giving opinions that are plain wrong,” says Estefan, who has won 19 Grammy awards. “We need to lift up our pride and show the world what we’re doing.”
Although it is true that Cuban-Americans have tended to vote Republican, especially the exiles who still harbor loathing of Fidel Castro and the communist takeover of Cuba nearly six decades ago, younger American-born Cubans have been leaning more to Democrats. The Florida exit poll showed President Obama won the Cuban-American vote in 2012.
In any case, Trump means nothing to him, Estefan said. “Everyone has their opinion, and he can have whatever opinion he wants, as long as he doesn’t humiliate my people.”
He says the song is not so much a direct repudiation of Trump as it is an affirmation of pride. “We’ve progressed (as Hispanics) and we need to let people know that,” he says. With this song, “I want to send a message that represents unity.”
Wonder what Estefan’s message represents for the Steinle family?

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