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Ron Paul's Latest Ad

I’m LTG and I approve this message!  ROFL

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The 2012 Dilemma – The Elephant in the Room is AGENDA 21


Agenda 21 Will Die – If/When Ron Paul is Elected

Yup!   It’s not mentioned by name anywhere in his 11 page Plan to Restore America; but, the cabinet-level departments he’s abolishing (page 2 on his plan) are the same departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior & Education) that
Bill Clinton appointed to his President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993 to co-ordinate with the UN’s Agenda 21.
The Ron Paul Plan also includes a 30% reduction in EPA funding, cutting taxes, foreign aid and many other agency programs and bringing home the troops!   It specifically eliminates participation in international conferences.  ~LTG
Ron Paul’s Plan – Page 2:  (click image to enlarge)

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Utimate Smackdown! I love the touch about supporting the policy of President William McKinley even though Gibson Guitar has hired 600 new employees. LOL!

The House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a very civil missive regarding the Gibson Guitar Company raid to the Dept of  Justice, the Dept of the Interior and Dept of  Fish & Wildlife. 

Full PDF of Letter Here
H/T Kelleigh

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