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Ron Paul's Latest Ad

I’m LTG and I approve this message!  ROFL

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The 2012 Dilemma – The Elephant in the Room is AGENDA 21


Agenda 21 Will Die – If/When Ron Paul is Elected

Yup!   It’s not mentioned by name anywhere in his 11 page Plan to Restore America; but, the cabinet-level departments he’s abolishing (page 2 on his plan) are the same departments (Energy, HUD, Commerce, Interior & Education) that
Bill Clinton appointed to his President’s Council on Sustainable Development in 1993 to co-ordinate with the UN’s Agenda 21.
The Ron Paul Plan also includes a 30% reduction in EPA funding, cutting taxes, foreign aid and many other agency programs and bringing home the troops!   It specifically eliminates participation in international conferences.  ~LTG
Ron Paul’s Plan – Page 2:  (click image to enlarge)

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Agenda 21 is Funded by Your Tax $$$

Henry Lamb is the best authority speaking out against Agenda 21.  He’s been traveling the country to educate citizens about the full implications of this United Nations plan since George H.W. Bush signed on to it in the early 1990s.  I heard him speak about it in 1994.  ~LTG

Agenda 21 is in your community

By Henry Lamb
web posted April 25, 2011
To listen click here
Anyone who reads Chapter 7 of Agenda 21, and then reads their local comprehensive land use plan will immediately recognize that most of the provisions of the local land use plan come directly from Agenda 21.  More often than not, the elected officials who adopt these plans have never read Agenda 21, and many have never even heard of the U.N. document, signed by President George H. W. Bush in 1992.
The facilitators and professional planners have heard about Agenda 21, but frequently claim that the plan they are working on has nothing to do with the U.N. or Agenda 21.  Don’t believe it for one minute.   Continue reading

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