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Democrat Party’s oligarchs want Elizabeth Warren, fear Bernie Sanders

Interesting article, “Elizabeth Warren in the Hillary Clinton of 2020,” by John R. MacArthur in The Spectator, U.S. edition, October 23, 2019.

MacArthur makes a compelling case that:

  • Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren is a faux left-wing populist, whereas Bernie Sanders is a genuine left-wing populist.
  • That’s why the super-rich Democrat oligarchs — the Establishment who really rule America — like Warren, in spite of her rhetoric of increasing taxes on the super-rich (a special wealth tax on the 75,000 richest Americans), because they know she’s a fake. In contrast, the oligarchs regard Bernie as the genuine insurgent and the genuine radical.
  • That Warren is a fake left-wing populist is shown in her appeasement of Democrat bigwigs such as Hillary Clinton, with whom Warren regularly has “private conversations”.
  • That Warren poses no threat to the Democrat oligarchs is also seen in the fact that she is liked by the two bastions of élite liberal thinkingNew York Times and Washington Post.
  • At the same time as Warren is favored by mega-rich Democrat donors, her being a woman makes her attractive to the “identity politics” of the party’s radical-left base. All of which makes Warren a consensus candidate of the party’s mega-rich oligarchs and the cultural-Marxist ideologues.
  • New York Times‘ national correspondent Jonathan Martin wrote a piece earlier this year headlined “What Elizabeth Warren is quietly telling Democratic insiders,” in which Martin describes Warren as “a team player who is seeking to lead the party — not stage a hostile takeover of it”. As The Spectator‘s MacArthur puts it:

Warren has always respected party protocol. She’s been eager to stress that she has no desire to seize control of the party machinery, which ensures the trains carrying money and patronage jobs run on time. She even signed a ‘pledge’ authored by the Association of State Democratic Committees not to poach on their turf with a supra-party organization of her own. This is precisely the sin Bernie Sanders and his allies committed by creating a national non-profit advocacy organization, Our Revolution, which competes directly with the Democratic National Committee and its 50 state counterparts. When Sanders talks about revolution, he really means it.

On the Democrat oligarchs, see also my post of October 22: “Democrats are now the party of the super-rich; Republicans, party of workers”.


An hour after I published this post comes the definitive confirmation that Elizabeth Warren indeed is the favored candidate of super-rich Democrats.

Citing a New York Times interview, Daily Caller reports that none other than the über Democrat oligarch, billionaire globalist George Soros, has declared Warren as “the clear-cut person to beat” — the clear favorite to win the Democratic presidential nomination.


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