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Quadruple amputee veteran recovers with love of his HS sweetheart

Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris, 23, from Cedar Falls, Iowa, was a Navy explosive ordinance device technician. In January of 2012, Morris was deployed on his first tour to Afghanistan, set to return August 2012.

On May 3, 2012, Morris stepped on an IED: “I remember landing on the ground and looking over my body and I knew exactly what had happened.” He had lost both of his legs, his left arm and his right hand.

Incredibly, Morris maintained consciousness, and was able to warn his team of the danger. For that, the quadruple amputee hero was awarded the Bronze Star.

With the love of his high school sweetheart Danielle Kelly, Morris is making an amazing recovery.

Here is their love story, chronicled in the following photos taken by Tim Dodd. (Have a tissue or hankie on hand. You will need it.)

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Taylor’s Facebook Page.

H/t FOTM’s Tina