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In the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy – Obamabots Dance in the Streets?

  Lasty Saturday, instead of pitching to help fellow New Yorkers  struggling to cope with the total devastation of Hurricane Sandy, these oblivious Obamabots literally danced in the street.  Go here for the video

 Hurricane Sandy Live Blog, Day 8: 113 Dead

The International Business Times Reports: The latest estimate of current customer outages appears in the U.S. Energy Department’s “Hurricane Sandy Situation Report #15,” which was published Sunday at 3 p.m. EST. Below is the report’s state-by-state breakdown of these power outages:
New Jersey: 999,927
New York: 654,623
Pennsylvania: 77,630
Connecticut: 64,955
West Virginia: 41,618
Ohio: 10,007
Maryland: 7,198
Total: 1,855,958

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Don't think Tchaikovsky had this choreography in mind when he wrote "Swan Lake."

OK, big macho guy that I am.. Yea right, I crack myself up sometimes. 😀
Any way I not big on Ballet, but watch these 2 vids. Pretty amazing Stuff. First one Joseph sent and while I was there I saw this second one. Some people will not let anything get in the way of their passion.
~ Steve~                         H/T Joseph
Handicapped. Don’t think so.

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Dancing Dog

Something light-hearted for TGIF.

This dog dances the Merengue!


H/t my ol’ friend Sol  😀


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