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Charlotte Iserbyt’s Infowars Interview Leads with Post from Fellowship of the Minds

I knew Charlotte Iserbyt was a scheduled guest on Alex Jones’ Infowars.com radio broadcast last night.  I just watched the Youtube version this morning and Wow! They led with our post about the Newtown tragedy “Creating a Shooter” and that was just for openers. 

Via email this morning, Charlotte described this interview as follows, “Please forward to your lists.  This interview covers the deliberate dumbing down of our children, the deliberate creation of immorality through federally-funded programs, and the dangers of school choice being supported by Obama, CFR, and the Heritage Foundation.”

She lays out the history of the deliberate destruction of our education system to achieve a “planned economy” and explains the roles played by both  Democrats and Republicans and quotes  Pope Benedict XVI, “[T]oday’s culture—characterized among other things by a utilitarianindividualism and technocratic economics—tends not to value the person, who…is conceived of as a “fluid” being with no permanent substance. Paradoxically, man today often seem…s to be an isolated being because he is indifferent to the constitutive relationship of his being, which is the root of all his other relationships: his relationship with God. The human being today is considered mainly in a biological perspective, or as “human capital”, “a resource”, part of a productive and financial mechanism that towers over him.”

The documents she cites are available as pdf downloads at  http://americandeception.com/ 

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This guy got it right on all counts!   We should make it go viral! ~LTG


TUSD School Board Meeting Confronted Over Radical Curriculum

 During the 5/10/11 TUSD Board meeting “call to the audience,” passages were read from a book used in the Mexican-American Studies (MAS) courses. The title is also listed as “civil rights” material for TUSD’s third graders. The book is Message to Aztlan: Selected writings of Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales (2001) [2]

Warning, there is foul language in this video.  The parent is  reading it directly from the curriculum text used in the classroom. 

Links to curricula and reading lists:

TUSD Gr3Civil_rghts

TUSD 5-10-11speakers4pp

TUSC-MASD HS Reading List

H/T  Kelleigh, as usual!


Public School Priorities in California

The California state Senate voted Thursday on a bill that would require public schools to include open homosexuals in history curriculum.

Democrat Mark Leno sponsored the bill because, in his words, gay teenagers are “being harassed literally to death” in public school. He meant this in the context of depression-induced suicide, which progressives routinely exaggerate among gay teens.

So apparently the only way to stop gay kids from getting teased is for teachers to wedge in information about gay people in history. The bill will give local districts a lot of freedom as to how they go about doing this.

Because, of course, these teachers don’t have anything better to do with their time.

In 2009 the California Department of Education published its most recent account of school performance. It found that in a typical classroom there, some 48 percent of students were not proficient in English and 47 percent were not proficient in math. The statewide dropout average is 20 percent. Students who take the SAT score a dismal 501 on reading comprehension and a lackluster 516 on math.

But don’t worry. Their history teacher will tell them who Claude Raines is, and then all will be well.

Meanwhile, a Christian teen from El Cajon is fighting a lawsuit against his public school right now.  According to that student, teachers forcibly confiscated a Bible he’d brought to school and suspended him for discussing theology with his peers.

No word from Mark Leno if religious kids are being treated “like second class citizens.”

Religious groups have long been skeptical of anti-bullying campaigns from progressives. This is because – like many agendas pushed on the left – bullying laws don’t have a lot to do with bullying.

Making it illegal to bully someone in the traditional sense is pointless and redundant; schools already have uniform policies that punish acts of violence or gross verbal abuse. Progressives want to go beyond this definition and prohibit anything negative said toward homosexual lifestyles.

Religious students would be deemed bullies if they expressed an opinion that homosexuality was not natural. Students would be required to hear classroom instruction about lovable, perfectly normal gay people in history, and would not be allowed to object on religious grounds.

It’s obvious to anyone who pays attention that public schools have long given up the effort to teach math or science, and have simply become indoctrination camps for progressive ideology.