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Dianne “gun-ban” Feinstein wants you to know she’s not a 6th grader

Yesterday, during a committee hearing in the U.S. Senate on gun control legislation, newly elected Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and long-time Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) engaged in a heated exchange over the constitutionality of her proposed bill, Assault Weapons Ban of 2013, to ban “assault weapons” that include more than 150 rifles, shotguns, and handguns.

By far the most ambitious of and just like the gun-control bills introduced across the United States in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, Feinstein’s bill exempts government officials (including Congress, of course), law enforcement and retired law enforcement personnel.

At yesterday’s hearing, Sen. Cruz questioned the constitutionality of new gun laws: “It seems to me that all of us should begin, as our foundational document, with the Constitution. And the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights provides that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Cruz went on to expound on the phrase “the right of the people,” its origins and its prolific use by the Founding Fathers in a number of Constitutional provisions, including the First and Fourth Amendments.

To that, Feinstein huffily replied: “I’m not a sixth grader.” Blah. Blah. Blah.

Like another Democrat senator, Chucky Schumer, Feinstein carries a concealed weapon and is also protected by armed police escorts, although she has plenty of moolah to hire her own body guards. One of the 10 wealthiest members of Congress, Feinstein reported a net worth of between $46 million and $108.1 million in 2010, according to financial disclosures.

Feinstein’s investment-banker husband Richard Blum was on the Board of Directors of Current TV and had facilitated the $500 million sale of Al Gore’s failing TV network to Al Jazeera.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that according to a lawsuit filed by John Terenzio, who claims it was his idea to sell to Al Jazeera but he was cut out of the lucrative deal, Gore at first was reluctant to sell to Al Jazeera but was persuaded by Blum. Feinstein’s husband pushed for the sale because “he and other Current investors were concerned about the prospect of losing their shirts in the financially troubled Current.”

As the spouse of a powerful senior U.S. senator, some of Blum’s lucrative business dealings have been questioned for potential conflicts-of-interest. From Wikipedia:

Blum’s wife, Senator Dianne Feinstein, has received scrutiny due to her husband’s government contracts and extensive business dealings with China and her past votes on trade issues with the country. Blum has denied any wrongdoing, however Critics have argued that business contracts with the US government awarded to a company (Perini) controlled by Blum may raise a potential conflict-of-interest issue with the voting and policy activities of his wife. URS Corp, which Blum had a substantial stake in, bought EG&G, a leading provider of technical services and management to the U.S. military, from The Carlyle Group in 2002; EG&G subsequently won a $600m defense contract.

In 2009 it was reported that Blum’s wife Sen. Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation to provide $25 billion in taxpayer money to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp, a government agency that had recently awarded her husband’s real estate firm, CB Richard Ellis, what the Washington Times called “a lucrative contract to sell foreclosed properties at compensation rates higher than the industry norms.”

Hey, Dianne Feinstein.

At age 79, you are most certainly not a sixth-grader. But I doubt there’s even ONE sixth-grader in all of America who’s as hypocritical as you!




Labor unions feel betrayed by Obamacare

A scorpion and a frog meet on the bank of a stream and the
scorpion asks the frog to carry him across on its back.

The frog asks, “How do I know you won’t sting me?” The scorpion
says, “Because if I do, I will die too.”

The frog is satisfied, and they set out, but in midstream,
the scorpion stings the frog. The frog feels the onset of
paralysis and starts to sink, knowing they both will drown,
but has just enough time to gasp “Why?”

Replies the scorpion: “It’s my nature…”

scorpion & frog

Employees of scorpion Al Gore’s Current TV discovered, too late, the righteous-spewing global warmist is a hypocrite.

Now labor unions also discover, too late, that they’ve been betrayed by scorpion Obama.

Tyler Durden writes for ZeroHedge, Jan. 31, 2013, that the same labor unions who enthusiastically had supported Obamacare now realize – Suprise! — their healthcare plan costs are about to go up. And, as the WSJ puts it, they are now “turning sour”:

Union leaders say many of the law’s requirements will drive up the costs for their health-care plans and make unionized workers less competitive. Among other things, the law eliminates the caps on medical benefits and prescription drugs used as cost-containment measures in many health-care plans. It also allows children to stay on their parents’ plans until they turn 26. […]

The Sheet Metal Workers International Association helped push for passage of the health law. Mr. Beall said he still believes everyone should have health insurance, but worries the law is undermining the union’s ability to offer coverage.

“If we’re not offering our members insurance and pension, why would you want to be union?” he asked.

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 of Countryside, Ill., which represents construction workers and insures about 65,000 people, is also examining whether some lower-earning workers would eventually be better off leaving the union-sponsored plan and instead getting federally subsidized insurance.

“I’ve told my members, as this evolves, your health care will not look like it does today,” said James Sweeney, president and business manager of the local. “I have to cut it back.”

John Wilhelm, chairman of Unite Here Health, the insurance plan for 260,000 union workers at places including hotels, casinos and airports, feels betrayed.

He recalls standing next to Barack Obama at a rally in Nevada when he was a 2008 presidential candidate.

“I heard him say, ‘If you like your health plan, you can keep it,’ ” Mr. Wilhelm recalled. Mr. Wilhelm said he expects the administration will craft a solution so that employer health-care plans won’t be hurt. “If I’m wrong, and the president does not intend to keep his word, I would have severe second thoughts about the law.”

But it’s not just labor unions who now realize they’ve been gypped. The WSJ continues:

Employers and consumers across the country will see big changes under the health law, which goes into full effect next year. Insurers will no longer be able to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions. Most individuals will be taxed if they don’t carry insurance, and employers with at least 50 workers will face a fine if they don’t provide it. About 30 million Americans are expected to gain insurance under the law.

In fact, the Washington Times reports Obamacare will push 7 million people out of their job-based insurance coverage — nearly twice the previous estimate, according to the latest estimates from the Congressional Budget Office released yesterday, Feb. 5, 2013.

But does this mean labor unions will stop voting for the POS and stop voting Democrat?

Not likely.

Just as it’s the nature of deceiving manipulative scorpions to behave like deceiving manipulative scorpions, it’s the nature of stupid servile delusional frogs to behave like stupid servile delusional frogs.

To all the labor union leaders and rank-and-file, I suggest you look up the definition and meaning of the expression “Useful Idiot“!

H/t FOTM’s Stephanie O.


Finally, MSM turns on Al Gore

About time!!!

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Employees of Al Gore discover he’s a bullsh*t hypocrite

Al Gore, that fat “crazed sex poodle,” is a phony global-warming huckster.

We’ve known this for a long time, but now even some diehard Leftists are waking up.

A week ago on January 2, 2013, environmentalist Gore sold his little-watched 7-year-old cable channel Current TV for a reported $500 million to Big Oil — the Emir of Qatar-funded Arab news channel Al-Jazeera. Gore netted for himself a dandy $100 million for his 20% stake in Current TV.

Al GoreAl Gore in 2012 (l): Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani (r)

Al-Jazeera plans to euthanize Current TV and turn it into Al-Jazeera America by adding 5 to 10 new U.S. bureaus beyond the five it has now. More than half of its content will be U.S. news, and the network will have its headquarters in New York, according to a rep.

Al-Jazeera has been criticized for having a pro-Islamist bent, and accused of working with members of Al Qaeda. One of its journalists was arrested in Israel in 2011 on suspicion of being an agent of the Palestinian group Hamas. Dave Marash, a former “Nightline” reporter who worked for Al-Jazeera in Washington, said he left the network in 2008 in part because he sensed an anti-American bias there.

Linda Stasi reports for the New York Post, Jan. 7, 2013, that the staff at Current TV are “shell shocked” by Gore’s sell-out.

Yesterday morning, Current TV’s employees were called to a meeting at its San Francisco headquarters, which was teleconferenced to their offices in LA and NYC, to meet their new Al Jazeera bosses: executive director of international operations Ehab Al Shihabi, and general manager of the London bureau Muftah AlSuwaidan.

Prominent by his absence was the creator of Current, the self proclaimed inventor of the Internet and savior of clean energy, Al Gore, although his partner, Joel Hyatt, stood proudly with the Al Jazeera honchos.

“Of course Al didn’t show up,” said one high placed Current staffer. “He has no credibility. He’s supposed to be the face of clean energy and just sold [the channel] to very big oil, the emir of Qatar! Current never even took big oil advertising—and Al Gore, that bulls***ter sells to the emir?”

The meeting, while not contentious, was, according to staffers who spoke on the condition of anonymity, miserable. The mostly left-leaning group—some still in denial —weren’t buying what Al Jazeera was selling. The “new” American Al Jazeera will, according to Shihabi, appeal to the American audience with a mixture of national and international news—and, of course, entertainment.

One person at the meeting, who has already announced that she’s leaving, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, tried to ask about severance packages for those who wouldn’t be staying. “This isn’t the place to discuss this!” Hyatt barked at her. “After that, everyone kept their questions pretty much to themselves,” according to the staff member.

How do they feel about Gore the savior of green energy now?

The displeasure with Gore among the staff was thick enough to cut with a scimitar. “We all know now that Al Gore is nothing but a bulls***ter,” said the staffer bluntly. “We do stories on the tax code, and he sells the network before the tax code kicked in? Al was always lecturing us about green. He kept his word about green all right—as in cold, hard cash!”

algorejoelhyattNew multimillionaires Al Gore and Joel Hyatt

The Current TV staff really should look up the meaning of “useful idiots.”

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Keith Olbermann, Most Overpaid TV-man. Ever

Design by BKeyser

Former MSNBC leftist talker Keith Olbermann’s new gig is a flop.

After he left MSNBC, Al Gore scooped him up for his Current TV, America’s least watched network. (Gore is Current’s chairman and co-founder.)

As Constantine von Hoffman (what a name!) reports for bNet, Oct. 18, 2011, Olbermann’s new show has lost nearly a third of its viewers in four months.

When Olbermann first started, he had drawn a big (for Current TV) audience, averaging 106,000 viewers a night. By August, however, it was down to 79,000. Last month’s numbers were even worse: Olbermann’s average was down to 46,000 viewer.

That means Olbermann is paid $217.39 per viewer!

As a comparison, to put Olbermann’s numbers in proper perspective:

ABC’s new Charlie’s Angels got 5.9 million viewers last week–128 times that of Olbermann’s 46,000 views. The new Charlie’s Angels is now cancelled.

But this doesn’t mean Olbermann (networth: $35 million!) is at risk of losing his job because even at 46,000 viewers, he is still drawing twice what Current was getting before him. Pre-Olbermann, the network was averaging about 23,000 viewers a day in 2010. That means nationwide they had fewer eyeballs than a CW affiliate does in a mid-sized U.S. city.

Adept at lying, Al Gore tried to put a gloss on Olbermann’s dismal numbers. Speaking in 1960s clichés, Gore told Crain’s New York: “We’re going to be creating a lot of jobs for people who are not afraid to speak truth to power.”

Al Gore, you won’t recognize Truth if it bites you on your ample rear end. But you do know how to get power, I’ll grant you that.


Al Gore Wants Only Non-Tea Party Americans to Rise Up

A BKeyser design

Al Gore has opened his big fat mouth, again. No, this time it’s not about Global Warming, which made him a multi-millionaire overnight.

In 2000, then Vice-President Al Gore had a net worth of $1-2 million. By 2008 — after winning a Nobel Peace prize and an Academy Award, numerous $175,000 speaking gigs, $35 million stock in Google and Apple that he received as a board advisor, and ownership of a carbon credit trading company — his net worth ballooned to $120 million, an increase of 6,000% to 12,000%!

Now, the “fat crazed sex poodle” is calling Americans to rise up in rebellion, à la the Arab Spring that began in Egypt. But wait. Gore means only certain Americans — his kind of Americans.

The other night on his Current TV, Gore said to former MSNBC loudmouth Keith Olbermann that America needs to work toward an “reinvigoration of democracy”:

“We need to have an American spring. You know, the Arab Spring—the nonviolent part of it isn’t finished yet—but we need to have an American Spring, a kind of an American Tahrir Square. Non-violent change, where people from the grassroots get involved again. I want to tell you, Keith, this country is in trouble. Our democracy has been withering on the vine, it really has been. This has been going on for some time. But this is not an event that can be taken lately. I know it’s difficult to imagine that the people who care about the values that this country was based on will rise up and get much more involved in the democratic process, but that is exactly what we need and that is the only thing that can get our country back on the right track. ”

Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard asks a question that’s on our minds as well:

“Was the former vice president of the United States actually suggesting that Barack Obama is like an Arab tyrant who is responsible for the murder of thousands of his own citizens (just like Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad)?”

Then, Gore hastily made clear that his American Spring has no room for the TEA Party — a genuine grassroots movement that arose after the 2008 election, credited with confronting members of Congress in townhall meetings across America in the summer of 2009, and with the million-patriots March on Washington, DC, on September 12, 2009:

Noooooo. Those are not the Americans Gore has in mind for his “American Spring”! This is what he said to Olbermann:

“Not in the Tea Party style…that movement was funded with seed money from right-wing billionaires, the Koch brothers, and promoted on Fox News and turned into a stalking horse for this right-wing agenda that a lot of people have been trying to push on this country for a long time….”

Yesiree!  When those hundreds and thousands of ordinary Americans showed up in town hall meetings and marched on D.C., they were just puppets of the dastardly Koch brothers, like these two sweet grandmothers:

So Al Gore now thinks the Tea Party is the bane of America. ManBearPig, any one?