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Ian ‘Gandalf’ McKellen ‘casting couched lots of very young men’

The term “casting couch” refers to the demand of sexual favors by an employer or person in a position of power and authority from an employee or subordinate, in return for career advancement.

The popular assumption is that the term originated in Hollywood where aspiring actresses had to trade sexual favors in order to win roles.

But the casting-couch tradition actually originated in theatrical productions on Broadway well before the Hollywood film industry. It was the Shubert brothers who helped establish Broadway’s theater district in the first two decades of the 20th century, who “invented” the casting couch. Lee Shubert, the eldest of the three, kept “an elegantly furnished boudoir, reserved for leading ladies and promising ingenues, and a shabby, spartanly furnished room with a single couch where he met chorus girls and soubrettes.” Dancer Agnes de Mille recalled, “If you didn’t sleep with them you didn’t get the part. The Shuberts ran a brothel: Let them sue me.” (The Atlantic)

Not just actresses, but actors, too, are given the casting couch treatment.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Ian McKellen, 78, an openly “gay” actor best known for playing Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, went against the #MeToo crowd who portray actresses as innocent victims of Weinstein and other sexual predators.

On December 6, 2017, during his Oxford Union Address, responding to a question from an audience member who asked him to speak on recent allegations of sexual assault and misconduct that have brought down many prominent Hollywood stars, McKellen said:

“People taking advantage of their power is absolutely reprehensible, wherever it happens. People must be called out and it’s sometimes very difficult for victims to do that. I hope we’re going through a period that will help to eradicate it altogether.

But from my own experience, when I was starting acting in the early 1960s, the director of the theatre I was working at showed me some photographs he got from women who were wanting [acting] jobs. And some of them – I think these were the initials – some of them had at the bottom of their photograph ‘DRR’: directors’ rights respected. In other words, if you give me a job, you can have sex with me. That was commonplace from people who proposed that they should be a victim. Madness!

I assume nothing but good will come out of these revelations, even though some people get wrongly accused — there’s that side of it as well. Honesty, honesty, honesty.”

It turns out that McKellen is neither innocent nor honest.

On December 19, 2017, in a “blind item revealed,” the Hollywood gossip site Crazy Days and Nights identified Ian McKellen as casting couching “very young men” at homosexual pedophile director Bryan Singer’s infamous underage “twink” pool parties, described by an attendee as wild nights of no clothes and lots of alcohol:

Thought it was pretty interesting that this foreign born B+ list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee, aging and openly gay was talking about the casting couch when he has personally casting couched lots of very young men at parties hosted by that A list director.

Ian McKellen/Bryan Singer

Among homosexuals, the word “twink” describes a uniquely disposable kind of young gay males in their teens: Hairless, guileless, witless. The term’s namesake is Twinkie, a junk food encased in shiny packaging which has a sweet taste but zero nutritional value. “Twinks” are bussed into parties, thrown into pools, put into a tiny Speedo—or no Speedo at all—and ornamentally placed around the water’s edge like living, breathing, giggling statuary. (The Daily Beast)

Crazy Days and Nights‘ blogger calls himself Ent Lawyer (Ent=Entertainment), described by The Daily Beast as having a track record of accuracy. Investigative journalist Mark Ebner said this about Ent Lawyer:

“In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.”



2 Republican Congressmen got AIDS at Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground in Monte Rio in northern California, belonging to the Bohemian Club — a private San Francisco-based men’s club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world, including U.S. presidents and politicians.

The mid-summer encampment includes a ritual, first begun in 1881, called “Cremation of Care” in front of a 30-foot owl statue that Alex Jones identified as Moloch.

President Richard Nixon said in his private presidential tapes:

“The Bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time . . . is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine . . . it’s just terrible.”

Now, a revealed blind item on the Hollywood gossip blog, Crazy Days and Nights, confirms what Nixon said about the Bohemian Grove.

Crazy Days and Nights‘ blogger calls himself “Ent Lawyer” (Ent=Entertainment), who has a track record of accuracy. The Daily Beast describes Ent Lawyer as:

“. . . calling out many of Hollywood’s now-ostracized sexually misbehaving elite, sometimes years in advance of the mainstream media.

‘If you had been reading @entylawyer, you’d have known about Matt Lauer. And Harvey [Weinstein]. And Kevin Spacey. Just saying,’ tweeted New York professional Sara Zucker. Or as investigative journalist Mark Ebner (one of only 20 people who knows the blogger’s real-life identity) observes, ‘Enty Lawyer is like the anti-Perez Hilton. In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.’”

This is Ent Lawyer’s “Blind Items Revealed #4,” posted on January 1, 2018:

November 13, 2017

I know there are some of you who want to know more about the Bohemian Grove parties. As promised to someone on Twitter, I asked a guy I know who gave me the Kevin Spacey item and goes every year to give me some scoop. Apparently in the very early 80’s, there were two politicians who were at the event one year. They each had sex multiple times with one of the male workers. He was a college student who was HIV+ but didn’t know it. These were early days. Both of the politicians contracted HIV and then AIDS. One died within a couple of years. The other managed to live for quite some time, but did die of AIDS related complications. The crazy thing was the latter politician had basically been thrown out of politics by that point so I’m not sure why he was still being invited.

John Clifton Hinson/Stewart McKinney

Ent Lawyer identified John [sic] Clifton Hinson and Stewart McKinney as the two politicians who got HIV/AIDS from a male worker at the Bohemian Grove.

From Wikipedia‘s entry on Stewart McKinney (R-CT):

Stewart Brett McKinney (January 30, 1931 – May 7, 1987) was an American [Republican] politician who represented the Fourth congressional district of Connecticut in the House of Representatives from 1971 until his death from AIDS in Washington, D.C.in 1987. […]

His physician speculated that McKinney became infected with HIV in 1979 as the result of blood transfusions during heart surgery. McKinney was known by friends to be bisexual, though his family said this was not the case, which raised the issue of how he had contracted the disease. […] Arnold Denson, the man with whom McKinney had been living in Washington, and to whom McKinney left property in his will, said that he had been McKinney’s lover, and that he believed McKinney was already infected when Denson met him.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Jon Clifton Hinson (R-MI):

Jon Clifton Hinson (March 16, 1942 – July 21, 1995) was a Republican U.S. Representative for Mississippi’s 4th congressional district from 1979 to 1981. […]

In 1980, Hinson admitted that in 1976, while an aide to Cochran, he had been arrested for committing an obscene act after he exposed himself to an undercover policeman at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. Hinson then denied that he was homosexual and blamed his problems on alcoholism. He also said that he had reformed and refused to yield to demands that he resign. He won re-election with a plurality of 38.97 percent of the vote. […]

Hinson, who was married, was arrested again on February 4, 1981, and charged with attempted sodomy for performing oral sex on a male employee of the Library of Congress in a restroom of the House of Representatives. […]

Hinson resigned on April 13, 1981, just three months into his second term in the House…. Soon afterward, Hinson acknowledged that he was homosexual and became an activist for gay rights. He later helped to organize the lobbying group “Virginians for Justice” and fought against the ban on gays in the military.

Hinson died [on July 21, 1995] of respiratory failure resulting from AIDS in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the age of fifty-three.


Steven Spielberg takes aim at President Trump with new movie ‘The Post’

December is when Hollywood trots out its Academy Award-bait movies.

So it is with director Steven Spielberg’s new movie, The Post, starring Meryl “snake tongue” Streep as the heroic Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham, and Tom “sexy baby” Hanks as the equally, if not more, heroic Washington Post executive editor Benjamin Bradlee.

The Post is supposedly a “historical” political thriller movie set in the 1970s, about how heroic Graham gave the green light to her heroic editor Ben Bradlee to report on the Pentagon Papers — a Department of Defense history of U.S. political-military involvement in Vietnam from 1945 to 1967, which shows the Johnson Administration had systematically lied to the public and to Congress.

Think of The Post as Spielberg’s effort to revive the reputation of the now overtly-partisan fake-news Washington Post by hearkening back to the good old days of the 1970s. See what WaPo has become:

President Lyndon Johnson was a Democrat, but don’t let that fool you into thinking The Post is actually about Johnson, Democrats, or the Pentagon Papers.

The movie is actually about President Donald Trump, a Republican!

In an interview with Stephen Galloway of The Hollywood Reporter, in response to Galloway’s question, “This film came together on very short notice. Why?,” this is what Spielberg said:

“I read the script [of The Post] without any intention of telling the story myself or of committing to a production . . . . When I finished Liz’s script, I thought this was an idea that felt more like 2017 than 1971 — I could not believe the similarities between today and what happened with the Nixon administration against their avowed enemies The New York Times and The Washington Post. I realized this was the only year to make this film. […]

My first reaction [reading it] was I got scared — which is good for me because fear is my fuel. The more frightened I become of something, the more I have to work through it. This was a topic that was scaring everybody I know on my side of the [political] street — and quite rightly.

Galloway asks, “What are they scared of”. Spielberg replies:

“That we’ve lost the majority of good listeners, that our conversations have turned into skirmishes. We live in an area where we don’t know a lot of red-state voters. Well, I know a lot because I have friends and family in other parts of this country, and so at dinner-table conversations outside of California, I’m completely mute or I get into these huge rows. The gray and the blue have become the blue and the red. And it is as vast a chasm as our nation faced before the Civil War. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

There you have it — by his own admission, Steven Spielberg’s new movie The Post is actually not about Democrat Lyndon Johnson, or about the Pentagon Papers, or about the Vietnam War. The movie is really about how Donald Trump is evil like Richard Nixon, and how Spielberg and people “on his side of the political street” are “scared of” Trump.

By the way, neither Steven Spielberg nor Tom Hanks nor Meryl Streep has any moral authority to lecture and manipulate us with political propaganda in the guise of “entertainment” movies.

(1) Meryl Streep

At the 2003 Academy Awards, Streep leapt to her feet in a standing ovation for director Roman Polanski, a convicted pedophile. (Daily Wire)

Although Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct is well known in Hollywood for decades, in her 2012 Golden Globe “best actress” acceptance speech, Streep profusely thanked Weinstein and called him her “God, Harvey Weinstein”. (Breitbart)


What follows about Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks is strictly the stuff of rumors and gossip. Fellowship of the Minds is simply reporting those rumors.

(2) Steven Spielberg

Through the years, there have been rumors of Steven Spielberg being a pedophile, such as here and especially here.

The latest rumor is in the form of a blind item, “Long Time Coming,” on the Hollywood gossip site Crazy Days and Nights, written by Ent Lawyer (Ent=Entertainment), who is described by The Daily Beast as:

“he has been calling out many of Hollywood’s now-ostracized sexually misbehaving elite, sometimes years in advance of the mainstream media.

‘If you had been reading @entylawyer, you’d have known about Matt Lauer. And Harvey. And Kevin Spacey. Just saying,’ tweeted New York professional Sara Zucker. Or as investigative journalist Mark Ebner (one of only 20 people who knows the blogger’s real-life identity) observes, ‘Enty Lawyer is like the anti-Perez Hilton. In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.'”

Here’s the blind item, “Long Time Coming“:

When I started putting out feelers to former child actors who had worked on his movies, I was surprised how many people wanted to tell their stories about working for this permanent A+ list director. They come from all different backgrounds and sexes. Most have never worked as adults as actors, but a couple continue to make an effort and a couple have succeeded.

I started reaching out to them through an old friend. A friend who once had a large role in a hit movie for the director. A friend who until recently, never told me about the dark side to filming a movie with the legend. One thing he said resonated with me and I asked each of the others the same question. Most responded in the affirmative. Some said they wished they could remember but it had been x number of years or others said they really didn’t want to think about it too much because it triggered them.

The query was whether the “back story” of the character they were playing had molested. Their answer was yes.

One actress who responded yes, said . . . She was only in first grade when she made the movie. It had a lot of young kids in the movie, although they were older than her.

She remembers a cast “bonding” experience. All of the young actors and actresses were loaded on to a tour bus. Everyone was impressed because each seat on the bus had a DVD player waiting for them as a gift to take home. Back then, those things were expensive. The trip took about two hours from LA and they were served all kinds of kids food on the bus. She remembers the all you could eat candy.

So, they get off the bus and arrived at this huge ranch. Who was there to greet them with the director? This permanent A+ list singer. There were also other men there who she remembers hearing were studio executives. She doesn’t know if they were.

She does remember walking around this carnival as she put it and seeing the executives pairing off with a couple of the actors or one on one. She says they later told her that most were molested or groped. For her part, she says she was just repeatedly groped. There was a carousel ride and one man insisted on putting her on a different horse each time and would lift her and grope her each time. She says she freaks out whenever she hears carousel music.

My friend from so long ago says his experience differed slightly. There was no tour bus. There was just him and a studio tour. He was older than our actress above. He was in that sweet spot our director loved.The director kept telling him his back story and talked about being molested and wondered if my friend had been molested. The director then started touching our actor and did so throughout the entirety of the movie like it was perfectly normal.

Another actress who was a teenager when she made a huge movie for the director says that she wasn’t given a ride on a tour bus, but instead, was given a ride on a helicopter with her younger actor co-star. They ended up flying to that same ranch north of Los Angeles. When the helicopter landed, that permanent A+ lister was waiting there with the director. Also there was another actor from the movie who is probably B list today. The actor was sent off with a group of men to the carnival while she was followed by this B list actor who asked sexual questions one after the other and excused himself multiple times. She assumes now he was going off somewhere to pleasure himself and then come back after. It was hot that day and she remembers him drenched in sweat and just a pig in so many ways.

She said she has talked to actors who didn’t even get to act in a movie directed by the director but were still hired to help develop the back story of the adult actors because they might use some flashback shots. All these actors added to the totals molested by the director and his friends. Every movie seemed to have any kind of reason they could to find teens boys and girls that could be molested under the guise of developing their character.

Steven Spielberg is a “permanent A+ list director” whom Empire magazine in 2005 rated the greatest film director of all time. Many of his movies feature children, e.g., E.T., Poltergeist, The Goonies, Young Sherlock Holmes, Hook, Jurassic Park, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, War of the Worlds, Monster House. Neverland Ranch, the home of the late “permanent A+ list singer” Michael Jackson, contains a carousel. Neverland is in Olivos, Santa Barbara County — 118 miles north of Hollywood and 2½ hours by car.

(3) Tom Hanks

After the McMartin preschool trial in the 1980s, the MSM said the whole notion of satanic ritual abuse — the physical and sexual abuse of people, especially children, as part of a Satanic or occult ritual — has been debunked.

But a study by psychologist Randy Nesbitt found that 93% of the psychologists who had worked with at least one patient alleging ritual abuse, believe that the harm had actually occurred.

Nesbitt is Professor and Director of the Clinical Doctoral Program of California School of Professional Psychology, Alliant International University, Los Angeles. He presented his findings at the 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis, Fort Worth, Texas, March 18, 1998. He published a revised version of his conference paper in a monograph, Accessing Dissociated Mental States, and on the website Ritual Abuse Pages.

In a tweet on December 4, 2017, Sarah Ruth Ashcraft, a self-described “survivor of ritual abuse, mind control, child porn, and sex trafficking,” risks committing libel in claiming she was sexually abused by Tom Hanks when she was about 13 years old.

In response to other tweeters’ comments, Ashcraft followed her tweet with these:

“I had to be at least 13. This memory isn’t very clear yet so I wasn’t going to talk about it. But I’m not going to stay silent if he’s going to start running his mouth about . He’s just as guilty as the rest.”

“I know many won’t want to see this about him. He’s one of America’s sweethearts. I hesitated even to name him because I figured people would react angrily. I’m surprised to see so many corroborating things are already out there online. I had no idea.”

“I have nothing to say for profit. I am only here to speak my truth and help the world understand what goes on in families like mine. I’m not interested in money or selling the sordid details of my life long abuse.”

According to Wikipedia, Tom Hanks “has donated to many Democratic politicians,” endorsed Barack Obama for President in 2008 and 2012, and endorsed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Hanks was outspoken about his opposition to the 2008 Proposition 8, an amendment to the California constitution that defined marriage as a union only between a man and a woman. Hanks and others raised over US$44 million to campaign against the proposition, in contrast to the supporters’ $39 million, and called supporters of Proposition 8 “un-American”.

In 2012, on the late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Hanks made a creepy, 6½-minute skit called “Toddlers and Tiaras”. In the skit, a child actress pretended to be Hanks’ 6-year-old daughter Sophie. Hanks said he had groomed Sophie to be “sexy” since she was 3 months old to compete in the “Sexy Baby – Nevada” beauty pageant.

See also “Jimmy Kimmel to woman: Put your mouth to what’s in my pants“.

In September 2016, long before the New York Times‘ exposé of Harvey Weinstein broke the dam on outing Hollywood perverts, Radar Online published a “blind” item on an “A-list superstar” with a “family-man façade” and “children of his own,” who is “an evil monster who has led an extraordinarily twisted double-life,” and is the “kingpin” of a child sex ring that ensnared Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Radar claims to have “multiple sources” in “a gut-wrenching, four-year investigation” and that the depraved “A-list superstar” — a household name and revered by millions around the globe — had systematically abused Haim as a young boy, both on-and-off set, in their trailers and at parties attended by “other A-List actors.”

It is interesting that many of the readers’ comments on the blog Jezebel about the Radar blind item named Tom Hanks as the “A-list superstar”. A sample:

“Please don’t let it be Tom Hanks, which was the name that sprung to my mind. I’d die inside.”

“1st thing came to mind.”

“Yep, Tom Hanks was the first person that popped into my mind, as well. I hope it isn’t him.”

“If it is Hanks, I’m going to build a rocket to shoot myself into outer space because I wouldn’t want to be on this world anymore.”

“I had the same exact thought. I would literally be devastated. He is America’s Dad!”

“Good lord, that’s the first name that came to my mind, too! I wonder why he’s setting off so many of our radars. I hope it’s just that he seems the least likely.”

See also: