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Wuhan Virus Overreach: Salem, OR salon owner fined $14k; gets visit from CPS

OSHA going after the salon owner because she opened her business against “orders.”

OSHA deems her an “employer” instead of a business who has independent contractors – which is how many, many salons operate. OSHA didn’t like her answers, so somehow CPS got involved and visited her family. A CPS bureaucrat questioned her son ALONE without a parent or attorney present.

Read the whole story here.

From the Dana Loesch show:

“Dana (@DLoesch) is joined by Lindsey Graham, Owner of Glamour Salon in Salem, OR – who was recently fined $14,000 by OSHA for safely and responsibly opening her salon, and the additional oppressive tactics by CPS (Child Protective Services) getting involved, which is essentially the use of government agencies to bully her and her family. This is just another example of how tiny tyrants are showing themselves, and law abiding citizens end up as victims. None of this should happen in a FREE society! Visit https://www.glamoursalonsalem.com/”


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