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Sandusky’s Summer Camp – Cross Dressing & No Shower Curtains

Lehr is the former director of a camp in the deep woods of Berks County, where children from the Second Mile would come each summer for several years.

“I never saw anything illegal. I would have reported it in a heart beat. Did I see things that I thought were immoral? Yes,” Lehr said.

But last week when the child sex abuse charges surfaced against Sandusky, Lehr started remembering Sandusky’s 4-week Second Mile camp.

“It always seemed a little secretive,” he says.

He says he never witnessed any inappropriate sexual contact, but witnessed some questionable activity.

Camp counselors cross dressing for one of the evening events with children. The following year now they [had] some of the boys cross dressing,” he says.

Lehr also said shower curtains would be taken down when Second Mile was at the camp.

Lehr has not been interviewed by state investigators on the Sandusky case, but he says if asked he would cooperate.   Full Story Here


Deliberate Dumb Down in a Nutshell

This guy got it right on all counts!   We should make it go viral! ~LTG