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Neither Canadians nor Americans want Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

On January 8, 2020, after British taxpayers had spent $41.9 million (£32 million) on their wedding less than two years ago in May 2018, and $3 million on refurbishing their residence Frogmore Cottage, eco-hypocrites Prince Harry, 35, and his D-list Hollywood-actress wife Meghan Markle, 38, sparked a crisis in the British monarchy by announcing (on Instagram!) they want to reduce their royal duties (whatever that means) and spend more time in North America, while becoming “financially independent”.

The Toxic Duo made the announcement without consulting with or even notifying Harry’s 93-year-old grandmother, the Queen.

By “financially independent” is meant their intention to milk their royal titles for commercial purpose. Already, they’ve registered the domain name SussexRoyal.com and filed for a trademark for “Sussex Royal” on a dizzying range of items including clothing and newspapers. At the same time, while “reducing their royal duties,” the Toxic Duo have every intention of keeping all the royal perquisites they’ve enjoyed, including their royal titles (HRH, Duke and Duchess of Sussex) and £multimillions in “subsidies” and security protection.

Update (Jan. 18, 2020):Harry & Meghan Markle lose in duel with the Queen

A day after they made the announcement, news came that Meghan already had left the UK back to the $14.1 million waterfront luxury mansion near Victoria, BC, Canada, reportedly owned by a mysterious Russian oligarch. The Toxic Duo and their elusive infant son Archie had spent 7 weeks in the mansion during a Christmas-New Year “break” from the oh-so-demanding royal duties of showing up at charity functions to smile and shake the hands of the plebians — British taxpayers.

Waterfront mansion near Victoria, BC, Canada

“Woke” Meghan had made known, through her pals, that her eventual destination is Los Angeles, but not as long as Donald Trump is President, whom pro-Hillary Meghan had called “syphilis”. (See “Harry and Meghan don’t want to live in LA until Trump leaves office”)

But neither Canadians nor Americans want the Toxic Duo.

James Wood reports for the Daily Mail, January 16, 2020, that although Canada’s prime minister Justin “blackface” Trudeau grandly declared that Canada would pay for Harry, Meghan and their son Archie’s protection while they are in Canada, a new poll found that nearly three quarters of Canadians do not want to pay for the couple’s move to Canada or to pay for their security arrangements. 

On their website Sussexroyal.com, Harry and Meghan had grandiosely declared they were “internationally protected people” entitled to bodyguards wherever they go. But the phrase was deleted hours later after Dai Davies, a former chief superintendent who led the London Metropolitan Police’s royalty protection unit, said there is no such thing as “internationally protected people.” Davis said: “Their naivety beggars belief. I have never heard of the phrase ‘internationally protected people’. As far as I can see there is no such thing when you are no longer performing royal duties.”

Estimates of the security cost range from half of £1million ($1.3million) a year — a figure based on the cost of Harry and Meghan’s current UK security bill — to $10 million (£7.6million) annually. Chris Matthews, formerly of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who worked in the protection of the Royal Family to Canada, told The Globe and Mail that security would be more costly as they would have to set it up from scratch. The couple’s residence would also need to have fences installed, alongside CCTV and alarms, all of which adds to the cost of their security. Matthews said: “They need personal body guards all the time. You have to pay those peoples’ salaries. You’ve got to pay for the vehicles they travel in and the aircraft they travel in. You have to pay for the communications equipment they require because it has to be sophisticated so that you can’t listen to it.”

The poll of a randomized sample of 1,154 Canadian adults for the non-profit Angus Reid Institute was conducted from January 13-14 this year. Among the findings are:

  • Just 14% of Canadians said they would be “very pleased” to see the couple spend a significant time in Canada; 50% said they did not care either way. 
  • More than 7-in 10 (73%) Canadians said they would prefer Canada not pitch in any money for the couple; 1-in-5 (19%) said some cost sharing is appropriate; only 3% of Canadians are willing to pay for all costs.
  • Two-thirds (66%) said the British monarchy is losing or has lost relevance; 41% said they feel the monarchy is completely irrelevant.
  • Nearly half (45%) said Canada should not continue as a constitutional monarchy for generations and generations to come, but there is little consensus over what, if anything, might replace the monarch as Canada’s head of state.

On January 15 in a scathing editorial, Canada’s most influential newspaper The Globe and Mail urged the Trudeau government to say “no” to Harry and Meghan’s plan to move to Canada while remaining part of the Royal Family because that would break an “unspoken constitutional taboo.” The editorial says: “Canada is not a halfway house for anyone looking to get out of Britain while remaining a royal. You are welcome to visit, but so long as you are senior royals, Canada cannot allow you to come to stay.”

Meanwhile, a poll by Spectator USA found that 85.3% of Americans say they would vote for Trump in order to keep Meghan and Harry out of the United States. LOL

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