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Actor Vince Vaughn Comes Out As Proud Conservative!!!

Not exactly A list, but trust me I feel it in my bones this is good. There is a lack of fear in Hollywood now and you watch as more and more stars will come our way.

Remember that we also vote with our dollars. If a Hollywood Puke wants to open his yap and spew the regimes propaganda we can and must choke them off at the box office.

This is the beginning of the end, Do not let up. I know people are discouraged, but they are on the ropes. Take a breath, say a prayer and double down your efforts. The light has been shown on these COCKROACHES.  

Ask actor Vince Vaughn about his political views and he’ll proudly tell you he’s conservative – and he doesn’t really care what Hollywood thinks.

The Lib's Are going bug eyed.

The Lib’s Are going bug eyed.

In a telephone interview with Adam Carola, Hollywood A-lister Vince Vaughn made a strong declaration about his conservative principles. When Carolla asked him very directly, “Do you count yourself a conservative?” Vaughn did not hesitate or stammer, he merely replied, “I do, yeah…I mean I’m very supportive of Ron Paul, but I’ve always been more conservative than not.”


During the three minute interview Carolla tried to see if Vaughn’s conservatism was a product of a conservative upbringing. Vaughn talked about growing up in Chicago, with a father who came from a working class family that leaned more democratic.

However, the actor also stated, “As a guy that worked very hard, and sort of put himself through school and stuff, he was more conservative, for sure.”

Carolla claimed that he was not conservative, but he “has been made conservative by the direction the country’s been going.”

( Carolla Too)

When Vaughn was asked if his conservatism runs along the lines of fiscal issues, social issues or both, he mentioned Ron Paul, the Constitution, and a lack of trust in government.

“I really like Ron Paul…I think that when you get older, you just get less trust in the government running anything. And you start to realize…when you go back and start to look at the Constitution and the principles of liberty, the real purpose of government is to protect the individual’s right to, you know, sort of think and pursue what they have interest in,” Vaughn replied.

The “Wedding Crashers” star also addressed the Hollywood bias against conservatives in the industry, but also maintained, “I can disagree with people but not have it be the forefront of all conversations.”

Vaughn has also teamed up with TheBlaze TV to put out “Pursuit of the Truth,” a reality show searching for the next great documentary filmmaker. Vaughn’s Wild West Productions partnered with Go Go Luckey Entertainment and Glenn Beck’s media company to make the show a reality. You can watch past episodes of “Pursuit of the Truth,” here.

Listen to audio from the excerpt from the Adam Carolla Podcast  (caution, the clip contains some strong language).



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Mark Levin's Speech at Defending the Dream Conference

This is awesome:

It is just too bad he will not run for POTUS.
(h/t: Noel Sheppard)

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Elizabeth Edwards' Death and the Left

Yesterday afternoon, just a day after the news came of her doctors terminating her breast cancer treatment and sending her home, Elizabeth Edwards died at age 61.
Social convention is that we do not speak ill of the recently dead, and so I will not. But I will speak the truth about what her life experiences tell us about human nature.
The root difference between Conservatives and the Left is how they view human nature.
Since government is staffed by human beings, how one conceives human nature determines what kind of government is considered ideal or even feasible. To illustrate, if human nature is thought to be inherently good, then no government is needed because people naturally will act honorably toward each other. A political superstructure would be superfluous because the virtuous people govern themselves in a bucolic community of peace and harmony. These are the beliefs of utopians, whether anarchists, Marxists, or the American Left. They are convinced that private property ownership corrupts and that only its abolition and eradication can restore human beings to their original benign nature.
There are other attributes of human nature aside from the moral dimensions of good and evil. There is also the matter of whether one believes human beings have the capacity to attain perfect rationality—the ability to set aside our passions and prejudices and, instead, employ cool reason to evaluate and solve problems. If one believes that certain people possess superior rationality, intelligence and virtue, it would be foolish not to give these special individuals maximal power to remake man and society into a paradise on earth.
Like the Founding Fathers, Conservatives conceive human nature to be flawed: we are both good and bad. Although we have it within us to be good, even the best among us are profoundly self-interested or selfish. As James Madison wisely observed, “If men were angels, there would be no need for government, nor would there be a need for constraints on government.” The ideal government thus should be as small as possible, limited to only those tasks that individuals cannot accomplish on their own, such as maintenance of law and order, mediation and adjudication of disputes, interstate commerce, foreign relations and national defense.  
At the same time, although conservatives share the Founders’ belief that we all have the capacity to reason, on which supposition democratic self-government depends, conservatives are dubious about wildly optimistic expectations that human reason and intelligence have no limits. Conservatives are mindful that human beings are fallible and sometimes downright irrational, particularly when they are in a group or a mob. Grandiose schemes of social engineering, therefore, necessarily are doomed because they only create more problems than are solved. Indeed, Conservatives’ skepticism is confirmed by the failure of utopian Marxism wherever it was attempted, beginning in Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, at the cost of millions of human lives.
Implicit in liberalism is its faith that there are certain people possessed of the special knowledge to reëngineer society. Members of this élite are so enlightened that they know what’s good for the people better than the people themselves. As an example, on July 31, 2009, reporter Andrea Mitchell identified the 47% of Americans with health insurance as the main obstacle to Obamacare. Mitchell said these Americans “don’t want change” although they may not know what’s good for them.”
The Left also believe that they are possessed of other extraordinary attributes—they are supremely rational, able to set aside their own passions and prejudices to devise the best policies to better society; they are virtuous instead of self-serving, and are immune to the corrupting effects of political power.

Elizabeth and John Edwards

Elizabeth and John Edwards exemplified the liberal Left mentality. Both were vocal champions of liberalism, big government, and faith in their ability to reëngineer America — if only the American people would put their trust in them and elect John as President.
When John Edwards was first catapulted to national prominence when he was selected to be John Kerry’s VP running mate in 2004, many women were enchanted by the Edwards’ “strong” marriage and especially by John being the seeming exception to Alpha males’ penchant for trophy wives — women who are younger, beautiful, and thin. Elizabeth was 4 years older than John, ordinary looking, plump, and her husband’s intellectual equal.
It turned out that John Edwards, instead of his public image of a faithful loving husband, not only had extramarital affairs but conceived a child with a younger woman (11 years younger) named Rielle Hunter in the 2008 campaign after Elizabeth’s cancer was diagnosed as terminal.  
Instead of his public image of being a pro-woman feminist, John Edwards ill-treated the women in his life. He was not only unfaithful to his wife, but was too cowardly to end his marriage even after his mistress became pregnant with child.

The skanky Rielle Hunter

Instead of his public image of a righteous champion for the poor and of income redistribution, John Edwards was so stingy with his own multi-million fortune that he used campaign monies to pay salary to the woman he was screwing, the talentless Rielle who pretended to be the Edward campaign’s “videographer,” as well as support her in grand style in a mansion after she became pregnant. Edwards is presently being investigated by a Federal Grand Jury for illicit use of campaign funds.
Instead of his public image of a God-fearing Methodist Christian, John Edwards lied, cheated, and used people, including loyal aide Andrew Young. Edwards had Young pretend to the world that he, Young, was the father of Rielle’s child.
Instead of being so many liberal women’s dream of a knight in shining armor, John Edwards is every woman’s nightmare, his entire persona an elaborate lie. He betrayed his wife of 33 years who had used her lawyer training and skills to assist his political ambitions; had a New Age-spouting mistress who is far less accomplished but 15 years younger, more attractive, and thinner than his wife; and conceived a child out of wedlock.
The life of Elizabeth Edwards is a sobering testimony to just how wrong the Left are about human nature and, by logical extension, about the proper role of government itself.
May she now rest in peace.

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America Needs Revival of Moral Compass

As conservative patriots, we rightly are gratified by the 11-2 electoral tsunami of last Tuesday which swept so many Demorats from the House, Senate, state governorships, and state legislatures.
But we all know that the rot is not just confined to the political realm but goes much deeper, as beloved fellow Joseph Fasciani reminds us in his op-ed below. November 2nd was merely the opening skirmish of what will be a long, arduous, and hard-fought battle to take back America — a battle that must begin within each one of us.

Needed: Americans’ Rediscovery of Our Moral Compass
by Joseph E. Fasciani
As a strict Constitutionalist and avid reader of history, I appreciate the historical snippets that are posted on the Fellowship of the Minds, such as November 2’s “Quote for Election Day” of the quote by John Adams. They are much-needed reminders of what we’ve forgotten, but at such a grave loss!
The founders of our nation were extremely well-versed in history’s moral lessons, and having learned from them, fashioned documents that would form the basis not just for a new nation. For, though unintended and likely unforeseen by the Founders, the new America became and continues to be a beacon for a new world civilization as well.
It is we who have failed them, and never the reverse order, as those who demand a fictive “political correctness” would insist. It behooves us to reflect deeply on the terribly flawed, likely fatal, damage we have created. Would that  a simple change of political representatives last Tuesday could correct that!
As an American now living in Canada, I have a perspective that is more continental in scope than perhaps that of my countrymen. The United States and Canada both need to re-examine the basis of their polity and nationhood. We need to admit and accept that, although many of us are not their direct biological progeny, we nevertheless are — by our volition — the ideational and cultural inheritors of “white” Europeans, classically educated people who viewed our potential futures in a very long historical time-line, one which we forget at our peril.
As for myself, I would make the reading and, dare I hope, the understanding of Dr. Richard Weaver’s masterpiece, Ideas Have Consequences, required of every high school student before graduating. The most eloquent writer of the Southern Agrarian Conservative movement, he best states our moral and ethical dilemmas, and the ways out of them, in my opinion. Of course, I would be opposed by every stripe of liberal/progressive/nativist parent….
Dr. Weaver’s Ideas Have Consequences has NEVER gone out of print since it was first published in 1947. You can download the Introduction and first two chapters HERE.  As Weaver reminds us in the closing paragraphs of the second chapter:

“The mere notion of infinite progress is destructive. If the goal recedes forever, one point is no nearer it than the last. All that we can do is compare meaninglessly yesterday, to-day, and tomorrow. Aristotle noted that the concept of infinity makes impossible the idea of the good. If a series of things is hierarchically ordered, it is conditioned from top to bottom and so cannot be infinite. If it is infinite, it cannot be conditioned from top to bottom, and there is no higher and lower.
Now such a look at the nature of things is imperative, for our conception of metaphysical reality finally governs our conception of everything else, and, if we feel that creation does not express purpose, it is impossible to find an authorization for purpose in our lives. Indeed, the assertion of purpose in a world we felt to be purposeless would be a form of sentimentality.”

Until we regain our moral and ethical compass, elections do nothing more than shift the executives at a board meeting of the directors of the SS Titanic. It is this unspoken, yet keenly felt dereliction of political duty, that “we, the People” most painfully feel and long for a resolution ere we commit national and civilizational suicide.
But that moral resolve must come from within, not from without, as it is that outlook which brought us to our present state.

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