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After losing 2016 election, Democrats are defecting to Communist Party USA

People’s World, the bilingual news site of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), reports on April 19, 2017, that CPUSA “has been receiving membership requests ever since Donald Trump was elected President.”
Emile Schepers, CPUSA’s International Secretary and an anthropologist by profession who was born in South Africa, told Granma International that “Although the phantom of the McCarthy era still looms across the U.S., there is growing interest in communist ideas. The global financial crisis affected many people and left the sense that today’s youth are worse off than their parents. Neither recent Democratic nor Republican administrations have been able to resolve the serious problems affecting the majority of the country’s citizens. Although the United States is in no way experiencing a pre-revolutionary situation in the communist sense, capitalism is showing terminal signs worldwide.”

What Schepers neglected to say is that Marxist intellectuals have been insisting that “capitalism is showing terminal signs worldwide” for more than a century.
But how to explain the 2016 U.S. election that voted uber capitalist Donald Trump as president?
Schepers attributes that to an “ideological manipulation” that unleashed a right-wing upsurge because “popular discontent doesn’t always take a progressive route.” Even in his current home state of Virginia, not only the wealthy, but also many poor whites with “false class consciousness” voted for Trump. Schepers blames Americans’ “false class consciousness” on the corporate mass media and “local news stations in the interior of the country [that] only broadcast preachers announcing the end of the world.”
Schepers is convinced that if Bernie Sanders had been Trump’s opponent, Sanders would have won — the same avowed socialist Sanders who is a millionaire with three homes, including a $600,000 lakefront estate purchased just five days after the 2016 Democratic National Convention that selected Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential candidate.
Schepers admits that the great challenge for CPUSA continues to be organizing American workers and trade unions.
CPUSA stopped offering its own candidate in US presidential elections years ago. Instead, CPUSA has endorsed Democratic Party presidential candidates in every election since 1988, beginning with Michael Dukakis to Hillary Clinton in 2016.
The CPUSA opposes U.S. militarism and supports the Palestinian cause, the Cuban Revolution and more recently the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela — the same corrupt regime that mismanaged and destroyed the Venezuelan economy, and ignores and suppresses the tens of thousands of Venezuelans who protest and march against the government. Way to go, CPUSA!
Unlike Emile Schepers, the Democrats who have gone over to the Communist Party USA at least are honest, as the Democrat Party long ago had morphed into the communist party in all but in name. See:


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Democrats are upset by this sign

Overpasses For America posted this photo to their Facebook page, on March 13, 2015, of a sign somewhere in America which says:

We used to hunt Communists. Now we elect them.

commie sign
The sign has struck a nerve and has gone viral.
There are T-shirts with that message. Zazzle even offers a sheet of 20 “We used to hunt communists” stickers for only $5.50!
As American Overlook writes (via The Federalist Papers):

Just a few decades ago, America was anti-communist and fought valiantly in the name of freedom and democracy.
But when you look at the facts today, communism didn’t die with the U.S.S.R. Instead communists are alive and well in America, they’ve just changed their party affiliation to Democrat….
If you are not convinced by this statement, let’s take a look at President Obama’s actions.

  • Obama believes that if you’re a business owner, you didn’t create you business. Minimum wage workers and the government did.
  • Obama has aided Cuba’s communist government by returning spies, normalizing relations, and treating the communist leader there with more respect than he does members of the Republican Party here in America!
  • While growing up in Hawaii, Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, who had pledged allegiance to the Soviet Union.

American communists
Think the “We used to hunt communists, now we elect them” sign is hyperbole?
Think again.
Did you know that in 2010, Communist Party USA sued the Democratic Party for theft of its (CPUSA) party platform?
Two years later, CPUSA and the Democrats kissed and made up, and in the 2012 elections that year, Communist Party USA actually endorsed Obama and the Democrats. It was also at the 2012 Communist, oops, Democratic National Convention that communists, excuse me, Democrats thrice rejected God.

Street vendors in China peddling ObamaMao t-shirts. They know!

Street vendors in China peddling Obama Mao t-shirts. They know!

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Sucking the life out of America!

Sucking the life out of America!


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Idaho Legislator Lays It on the Line about The Agenda


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Liberals Finally Admit They're Socialists

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David Horowitz, a former 1960s radical, warned us about the Left: “The most basic principle of [Saul] Alinsky’s advice to radicals is, lie to your opponents and potential opponents and disarm them by pretending to be moderates, liberals. This has been the most potent weapon of the left since the end of the Sixties. Racists like Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright posing as civil rights activists, radicals like Henry Waxman and Barney Frank posing as liberals.”
But now the mask is off. The Left are revealing their true face.
At the Left’s so-called “One Nation” (of Socialists, Commies, and Parasites) Counter Rally in D.C. yesterday, liberals-Democrats-progressives finally came right out and openly admit they’re SOCIALISTS and COMMUNISTS.
Horowitz is right: “Liberal” and “progressive” are just masks they’ve been hiding behind. See with your own eyes:

Taken by Wayne Madsen Reports, Oct 2, 2010

Brainwashed child at the 10-2 Commie Rally

And this is what socialists-commies-parasites at the Counter Rally think of our flag:

But wait. What does it mean when the Left finally take off their mask and stop pretending who they really are?
A big h/t to beloved fellow May & ImpeachObamaCampaign.com.

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