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Uncanny color quiz

I love quizzes.

BabaMail has a “Which Color is Your Energy Color” quiz.

The quiz says “colors have a weird but undeniably powerful connection to our inner psyche and spirit”. The color quiz asks a simple question:

What color gives you inner power? In other words – What color gives you the energy to be you?

I took the quiz and found it to be rather uncanny.

To take the quiz, click here, then report back to us what your color is!

Mine is orange. It’s interesting that I got the same color even after I retook the quiz and changed my favorite music from jazz to classical music.

The color orange reflects creativity, imagination and ingenuity. It’s not a common color and so it symbolizes your uniqueness in a world already filled with strange and exotic people. The fact that your color is orange shows you have a talent to read other people’s emotions and even see talent in others – you’re an excellent judge of character and would probably make a great teacher. Orange is a strong color and impossible to ignore, and the favorite color of some famous painters. It gives you the power to be creative and that is what truly fuels your inner heart of hearts.


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