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The Evil Empire strikes back: WikiLeaks’ Internet connection severed; RT’s bank accounts frozen

WikiLeaks has been releasing to the public successive batches of damaging emails of first, the Democratic National Committee; then, Hillary Clinton’s emails when she was secretary of state; and currently, the emails of John Podesta, the chair of Hillary’s presidential campaign.

To say that those revealing emails are embarrassing and damaging for the Democrats and Hillary in particular, is an understatement.

So Hillary and her minions are furiously trying to contain the damage.

The Evil Empire strikes back.

Strike One

On August 31, 2016, Hillary Clinton threatened Russia with war. Accusing Russia of “hacking into the Democratic National Committee and even some state election systems,” she said:

“So we’ve got to step up our game, make sure we are well defended and able to take the fight to those who go after us. As President, I will make it clear that United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.

Strike TWO

On the morning of October 12, 2016, CNN’s Chris Cuomo threatened the American people that we shouldn’t read the leaked WikiLeaks emails because “it’s illegal to possess these stolen documents” — which is rich, coming from Cuomo who had openly admitted that the media are whole-hog for lawless Hillary, saying “We couldn’t help her any more than we have, she’s got just a free ride so far from the media, we’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign.”

Cuomo then said “It’s different for the media,” i.e., it’s okay for the media to “possess these stolen documents”. So, instead of reading the WikiLeaks emails for ourselves, we should just rely on him and other MSM journalists to tell us what those emails say, “so that everything you learn about this, you’re learning from us.”

What Cuomo said is nothing less than unconstitutional.

Writing for The Washington Post, UCLA law professor Eugene Volokh cites the Supreme Court’s decision in 2001’s Bartnicki v. Vopper:

“The First Amendment offers the same protection to the media as to the rest of us, including when it comes to possessing or distributing illegally obtained material (so long as you weren’t involved in the original illegal hack or interception or leak)…. But in any event, remember that, whatever First Amendment rules may apply, the media has no more First Amendment rights than the rest of us.”

Strike THREE

Last night (Oct. 16), the Alternative Media was alit with rumor that WikiLeaks co-founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange had died.

What triggered the rumor was WikiLeaks‘ activation of “dead man switch” — decryption keys (like passwords) for three sets of files: on John Kerry,  on Ecuador, and a third file on the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

WikiLeaks quickly put the rumor to rest with a tweet that they had activated the “dead man switch” contingency plan after Assange’s Internet service was intentionally cut off by a state actor — the government of Ecuador.


RT reports this morning:

The internet is one of the few, if not only, available ways for Julian Assange, who has been locked up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for more than four years [since 2012], to maintain contact with the outside world. […]

The unverified claims of state sabotage come as WikiLeaks continues to release damaging documents, most recently thousands of hacked emails from Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

Earlier this month, Assange claimed his organization would aim to publish documents “every week” in the run up to US Election Day on November 8.

Clinton’s campaign has made unsubstantiated claims that WikiLeaks is working with the Russian government to help defeat the Democrat in favor of Trump.

Last week the FBI reissued a statement saying it was working to “determine the accuracy, nature and scope” of cyber intrusions, but did not name any suspected perpetrators.

The ninth release of Podesta emails occurred on Sunday, bringing the total number of leaked files to over 12,000.

Among the hundreds of emails released are discussions about Clinton’s appeal among black voters, her email apologies, and Chelsea Clinton being described by one of her father’s longtime aides as a ‘backstabber’.

The batch also comes amid revelations of Clinton’s cozy relationship with the mainstream media, and how they work closely to control the media landscape and set up stories that show her in a favorable light.

Earlier this month, it emerged that Hillary Clinton reportedly wanted to “drone” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange when she was the US secretary of state.

According to True Pundit, Clinton and the State Department were under pressure to silence the whistleblower in the months before WikiLeaks dumped some 250,000 diplomatic cables from 1966 to 2010, dubbed CableGate.

Unidentified State Department sources claimed Clinton asked “can’t we just drone this guy?”.

Strike FOUR

RT, formerly known as Russia Today, broadcasts 24-hours a day in English, Arabic and Spanish, but is primarily aimed at audiences in Europe and the United States, providing news, information and analyses that the MSM will not report.

RT has a British outlet called RT UK that broadcasts from London.

Today, as reported by AFP, in a tweet, RT‘s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan said that all of RT’s bank accounts in Britain have been closed down. “They have closed our accounts in Britain. All the accounts.” She said the RT channel had received a ruling that “cannot be reviewed,” adding sarcastically, “Long live freedom of speech,” but gave no further details.

How any American can support and vote for Hillary Clinton is utterly beyond my comprehension.

See also:

H/t “Barry Soetoro” and GiGi

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UPDATE (Oct. 18, 2016):

In a tweet today, WikiLeaks identified the Obama administration as the “state actor” behind the cutting of Assange’s Internet connection. In the words of the tweet:

“Multiple U.S. sources tell us [U.S. Secretary of State] John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs during FARC peace negotiations.”

“FARC peace negotiations” refers to negotiations between the Columbian government and the country’s largest Marxist rebel group — the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (in Spanish, Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia or FARC), a guerrilla movement in the continuing 5-decades long Colombian armed conflict since 1964.


CNN hack: “It’s illegal to possess (and therefore read) the Wikileaks emails”

But it’s “different for the media.”

From CNN hack Chris Cuomo:

Guess you should only find out what’s in the emails from the perspective of the liberal media hacks.

Like we’d believe anything that the media, which has been proven to be in collusion with the Clinton campaign, tries to tell us.


Hillary has another coughing fit, as 6 other medical doctors raise questions about her health

Yesterday, after repeatedly interrupting her speech with coughs at a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio (see “The cough is back: Hillary Clinton in Ohio“), Hillary had another coughing fit when she was speaking to the press on board her plane.

She jokingly, or not, blamed her coughing on an allergic reaction to Trump. He’s not (yet) President, but Trump already has replaced Bush as the Left’s all-purpose scapegoat.

Dr. Drew was silenced when CNN cancelled his TV show on HLN (CNN is the parent company of HLN). See “Media Bias in 2016 Election: CNN demanded Dr. Drew withdraw his comments about Hillary Clinton’s health before canceling his show“.

But other physicians are speaking out. They include:

(1) Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons and author of Emerging Diseases: Protecting Your Family from Pandemics, Viral Threats, and Rogue Vaccines:

Dr. Orient told WND that images of Hillary being helped up stairs and propped up, and videos showing her odd, seizure-like head movements require an explanation to voters. Saying that “I’m not making a diagnosis,” Dr. Orient nevertheless observed that “I can look at the video. You can look” and that for a medical professional to simply ignore the evidence would be “completely reckless.” She also said she has received “vituperation and anger”  for raising questions that are “not ridiculous”.

Below are the images to which Dr. Orient alluded:

Hillary being helped up stairs 2016Hillary propped up by man in L.A., April 2016Hillary having a brain seizure

(2) Dr. Lee Hieb, author of Surviving the Medical Meltdown: Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare:

Dr. Hieb said the images and videos are evidence that should be reviewed and explained to voters, but Clinton is “not being forthcoming.” Citing Hillary’s brain concussion in December 2012, Dr. Hieb said such injuries can cause long-term side effects, seizures, personality changes and cognitive deficits. She told WND: “They made a huge deal about [Sen. John] McCain because of his melanoma. Melanoma doesn’t give you dementia! If she doesn’t want the American people informed … we know where she stands.”

(3) Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News’ medical “A-Team,” said:

“In 2008 … I looked over a thousand pages of John McCain’s records because of a melanoma he had 10 years ago. What about Hillary? In 2009, a severe fall. She breaks her elbow. In 2011, she boards a plane, falls. In 2012, she has a severe concussion which Bill Clinton says took her six months to recover from. Then she ends up with a blood clot in the brain and a lifetime of blood thinners. Just that point alone – if she’s prone to falling, you can see from that picture up there that it looked like she can barely get upstairs without two people carrying her. Guess what if she falls and hits her head? She’ll get a blood clot.”

(4) Dr. David Samadi, Fox News’ medical “A-Team,” said:

“The picture going up the stairs speaks a million words. Is she fatigued? Is she dehydrated? One of the main reasons she fell in 2012 and had the concussion was severe dehydration. They’re holding her and going up the stairs. So she may be really dehydrated, she may have arthritis, she may have back pain, she may have fallen again. We don’t know.”

(5) Dr. Gerard Gianoli, in private practice in Covington, Louisiana, and a faculty member at Tulane University School of Medicine, recognized with an Honor Award from the American Academy of Otolaryngology:

Dr. Gianoli points out that if the concerns were about Donald Trump’s health, establishment media would spotlight the issue:

“Imagine, if you would, that tomorrow Donald Trump suffers a concussion. Suppose he trips on a flight of stairs, falling down and hitting his head.

The head injury is so severe that he is unconscious for a time and has to be hospitalized for a week. After getting out of the hospital, the Trump campaign tells us that he has fully recovered and that there are no lingering effects of the head trauma. During the following weeks, he is seen in public to wear glasses with a Fresnel lens on one side. He also seems to have trouble maintaining his balance, loses his thoughts in the middle of speeches, and has episodes of spasmodic movements suggestive of seizures.

In this imaginary scenario, would it surprise anyone if the media became skeptical and pressed for release of Mr. Trump’s medical records? Would it surprise anyone if the Clinton campaign made an issue of Mr. Trump’s health status during speeches and in TV ads? Would the media cry ‘foul’ over the Clinton campaign doing so? I think the answers to these questions are self-evident. The media and the Clinton campaign would be all over this like white on rice, and no one would question the appropriateness of their actions.

To my knowledge, Mr. Trump has had no such issues with his health. However, Mrs. Clinton has had multiple problems – some she has revealed and some that she has not revealed.”

In the case of Hillary Clinton, Dr. Gianoli asks:

“What do we know about Mrs. Clinton’s health? We know that she has suffered two deep vein thromboses and an episode of cerebral venous thrombosis. Blood spontaneously clotting within one’s veins on three separate occasions is not a good thing. In fact, it is life-threatening. This tells us that she has a hypercoagulable state requiring the use of Coumadin (a ‘blood thinner’) for the rest of her life to try to prevent this from happening again. While Coumadin may prevent future blood clots, it can also lead to life-threatening hemorrhage if she has any future trauma.

We also know that she suffered a concussion and, according to her husband, she took 6 months to recover. How do we know she recovered? If she was a high school athlete, she would have had mandatory neuropsychological testing before being allowed to participate in sports again. Given that being the leader of the free world is more important than playing goalie for the local high school, why is the mainstream media not demanding to see Mrs. Clinton’s post-concussion testing?

Dr. Gianoli noted that Hillary’s own supporters have talked about her “right transverse venous sinus thrombosis … a blood clot that formed in one of the two major veins that drain blood from the brain,” the symptoms of which are “headaches, visual problems and dizziness/balance problems,” all of which Hillary has. Dr. Gianoli points out that less commonly known symptoms are “brain fog,” problems with concentration and short-term memory problems. “Sounds familiar?,” he questioned.

(6) Dr. Theodore Noel, a 36-year anestheologist in Orlando, FL:

In the video below, citing the Secret Service as a source and “connecting the dots” of her symptoms and behaviors, Dr. Noel believes Hillary has advanced Parkison’s disease that accounts for her seizures, falls, brain freeze, and coughing fits. (H/t “Barry Soetoro”)

Bob Unruh of WND comments:

Rather than address the concerns, many Clinton supporters have responded with torrents of abuse and ridicule.

A satirical video featured by late-night TV host Conan O’Brien showed Hillary Clinton weightlifting, ripping a fire hydrant out of a sidewalk and knocking a bear into the sky.

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni mockingly wrote it’s been revealed Clinton has an 11th toe…, he chortled. ‘She’s covering something up, and it’s that freakish, disqualifying digit.’

And CBS ‘Late Night’ host Stephen Colbert said he discovered he has ‘started menopause,’ using the same method of medical research he claims Clinton critics have used to raise questions about her health: searching the Internet….

The Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capehart found a video of Hillary picking up a note from the floor and trumpeted it as evidence of her health in “This video should put the crazy Hillary Clinton health rumors to rest”.

CNN — the same CNN that asked Dr. Drew to withdraw his comments on Hillary’s health, intimidated him with “scary” email and phone calls, before cancelling his TV show — actually declared that if you raise questions about Hillary’s health, you’re a “conspiracy theorist” and a “healther.”

Worse than ridicule, the liberal media even turned on one of their own, Huffington Post contributor David Seaman, when he posted a video of Hillary’s on-camera brain seizure. HuffPo deleted Seaman’s post and summarily banned him by revoking his posting privileges. Seaman now fears for his life. (See “Media’s Orwellian censorship on Hillary Clinton’s health: HuffPo deletes article; bans author”)


Media Bias in 2016 Election: CNN demanded Dr. Drew withdraw his comments about Hillary Clinton’s health before canceling his show

In his 1765 Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law, John Adams, the first Vice President and second President of the United States of America, wrote:

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right…to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers.

For his part, Thomas Jefferson— author of the Declaration of Independence, the second Vice President and third President and of the United States of America — in his 1787 letter to Edward Carrington, warned that the attention of the people must be kept alive, for:

“If once they become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress, and Assemblies, Judges, and Governors, shall all become wolves.

It was in order that the people are informed and have the appropriate knowledge to make informed choices in elections and about their government that our Founding Fathers institutionalized a free press in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Alas, freedom is no guarantee that the press properly exercise that precious liberty.

An interesting phenomenon in the 2016 election is that the liberal Mainstream Media have abandoned all pretences at conducting objective journalism. They’ve voluntarily stripped away their masks to reveal the wolves that they are.

wolf003On August 16, 2016, Dr. Drew Pinsky — board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and media personality who has a TV talk show called Dr. Drew On Call on HLN –broke ranks with the MSM’s lockstep denial of the many disturbing signs of Hillary Clinton’s health problems.

HLN is a television network owned by CNN, Cable News Network, Inc.

In an interview on KABC 790AM’s McIntyre In The Morning, Drew pointed out that the thick Prism eyeglasses that Hillary wore after she fell and sustained a brain concussion in December 2012, are indicative of brain damage. He called “bizarre” the behavioral symptoms displayed by Hillary, such as her on-camera brain seizure, and said he’s concerned about the antiquated level of health care she’s receiving, especially the antiquated anti-coagulant Coumadin she’s prescribed.

Later that day, KABC deleted Dr. Drew’s interview from its website.

On August 25, 2016, 9 days after Dr. Drew’s KABC interview, HLN cancelled Dr. Drew’s TV show. (See “Dr. Drew’s TV show cancelled, 9 days after he raised concerns about Hillary Clinton’s health“)

Now, Richard Johnson, a columnist for the New York Post‘s Page Six, reveals that before his TV show was cancelled, CNN — the parent company of HLN — had demanded that Dr. Drew retract his comments about Hillary’s health, followed by a campaign of harassment and intimidation. Moreover, Dr. Drew is now in fear of repercussions from Hillary and her goons. Johnson writes on Sept. 4, 2016:

Dr. Drew Pinsky is so afraid of Hillary Clinton and her supporters, he won’t blame them for the cancellation of his show on HLN, the sister channel of CNN.

“No, no, no. I just want them to go away!” he told one friend.

“Dr. Drew” was canceled eight days after Pinsky discussed Clinton’s health on a radio show, saying he was “gravely concerned not just about her health, but her health care.”

“CNN is so supportive of Clinton, network honchos acted like the Mafia when confronting Drew,” a source told me. “First, they demanded he retract his comments, but he wouldn’t.”

What followed was a series of nasty phone calls and emails. “It was downright scary and creepy,” a source close to Pinsky said.

But a spokeswoman for Pinsky said the show’s cancellation had been decided weeks before Pinsky’s comments, as part of an HLN revamp that includes the end of Nancy Grace’s show.

“I know the timing is suspicious, and I know it’s hard to believe, but the two things had nothing to do with each other,” Pinsky’s rep Valerie Allen told me.

For other instances of blatant media bias, see:

The media are not alone. University professors are also openly biased. See “Professor says Trump is so bad, university class doesn’t have to be balanced“.


HLN blurs out retired officer’s Trump 2016 shirt

Media bias on full display.

hln blurred photo

From Fox News: Who knew that “Trump” was a four-letter word?

Yet in a story aired Wednesday about a man who saved a baby from a hot car, CNN’s Headline News (HLN) chose to censor the Good Samaritan’s “Trump for President 2016” T-shirt on air.

Steven Eckel, a 53-year-old retired police officer, smashed through the windshield of a car in New Jersey earlier this week when he spotted a baby trapped inside in 90-degree heat after being left there by her mother.

hln blurred photo2

When interviewed about the incident by HLN Wednesday, Eckel chose to wear a “Trump for President 2016” shirt as he told his story about how he rescued the baby. His bright blue shirt could be seen on the first airing on HLN.

However, as flagged by The Daily Caller, when the interview was re-aired later in the day, HLN chose to blur out the logo, as one might blur out an obscenity.

HLN later said this was a mistake: “We blurred the logo and shouldn’t have; it was done in error,” an HLN spokesperson told The Hill.

yeah right

This comes after HLN last week cancelled Dr. Drew Pinksy’s “Dr. Drew on Call,” just days after he questioned Hillary Clinton’s health and medical care. CNN did not give a specific reason for the cancellation.


This CNN headline says it all: Obama’s warped reality

obamas warped reality

The headline under Obama reads, “Obama: Trump’s doom-and-gloom doesn’t match reality.”

Obama also said this yesterday, in response to Trump’s speech at the RNC convention:

President Barack Obama this afternoon dismissed Donald Trump’s doom and gloom speech Thursday night at the Republican convention as a distortion of what’s happening in America.

‘This idea that America is somehow on the verge of collapse, this vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn’t really jive with the experience of most people,’ Obama stated.

The exiting president says he didn’t watch Republicans’ convention. But he did see the news clips, he said today, and thinks Trump and the Republican Party have it wrong. ‘Some of the fears that were expressed throughout the week just don’t jive with the facts,’ Obama said.

The crime rate in America has went down since Republican hero Ronald Reagan was president, Obama said Friday afternoon.

So have the incidences of murder and violence and intentional killing of police officers, even though it may not seem that way based on the violence recently in American cities. Illegal immigration has also slowed, he protested.

‘We have put unprecedented resources at our border,’ Obama asserted.


Read the whole story here.

h/t Twitchy


Elitist “journalist” is hostile in interview with pro-Brexit MEP

Christiane Amanpour is a British-Iranian “journalist.” She”s also a know-it-all, condescending, proggie who can’t respectfully interview someone with whom she disagrees with. CNN must be so proud.