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How Fake News MSM and the democrats lied to you about covid-19 testing

I know this person who is in his late 60’s early 70’s age wise.  He has multiple health problems.  Yesterday he had a problem standing.  He fell down getting out of bed, sometime in the middle of the night.  His landlord/care giver felt it best that the guy went to the hospital to see what the problem was.  His landlord rents a room to him and felt the guy needed to spend some time in a convalescent home.

An ambulance arrives at the house and the ambulance driver doesn’t want to take the guy to the hospital.  He wants the landlord to take the guy.  I thought that was strange.  After a couple of minutes the ambulance driver ends up taking the guy to the hospital.

The guy gets to the hospital.    While checking in they tell him they want him to take a covid-19 test.  He has no symptoms of covid-19.  He shouldn’t.  He doesn’t go anywhere.  His landlord  is pretty much the same way ..   Besides not having any symptoms, that’s not what he’s there for.

The guy ends up having to take the test because the hospital said they were testing everyone that comes in. Pretty odd considering there is a “shortage” of available tests.

They give the guy a look over, the covid-19 test and tell him he need to wait 2 to 3 days for the test results..  Then the hospital sends him on his way to go home or where ever the guy felt like going.

The first thing I did was ask about the conditions about the hospital.  He said  “It was quiet, things were normal.  The tents outside were empty.”.

Then I thought about how testing was going to help slow covid-19 from spreading.  The 2 to 3 day wait is more than enough time to pass it on to several people.  Then I realized testing was a waste of time.  It’s all a scam job.

I’ve mentioned in the past about Presumptive Positive(PP) test.  For those that don’t remember, PP test are not confirmed. They are test waiting to be confirmed.  I knew this was a problem but was unable to put it completely together until the guy I know went to hospital  got tested.

Below, in the image you see screenshots of the most recent data the CDC has available on covid-19.  5 lines down it says “Data includes both confirmed and presumptive positive”.   They don’t provide a list of actual confirmed test separate from PP test.  They don’t provide a list of how many test comes up negative.  They are presenting the data as if every test, which includes PP tests as if they are positive.  They also don’t provided actual causes of death.  A person can be dying of cancer.  They test him for covid-19.  If he dies they put him on the list of covid-19 deaths.

If you take the test you are automatically classified as PP.

You might be thinking “What’s the big deal, people don’t feel good, they have the symptoms. Hospitals are only testing  people with symptoms and those lucky enough to get tested. The people getting tested probably have it” 

This is where the person I know that got tested comes into play.

  1. He didn’t go in for a test.  He didn’t have the symptoms.
  2. The hospital made him test.
  3.  The hospital was testing every person that went there for help.
  4. .  All these test are considered PP.  These get reported to the CDC.
  5. The CDC reports them as positive and adds them to confirmed list

Consider the amount of people entering the hospitals each day.    In 2017, 139 million people made visits to the hospital.  If that were today, everyone would get tested for covid-19.  That’s 139 million PP tests.  CDC would publish it as 139 million cases of covid-19.

Because of this we can assume that every test is going to be considered PP, at the very minimum.  Every test is going to be reported as positive.  This is  why the more people that test, the higher the number of positive cases reported.  Every test is published  as positive by the CDC.  When  there are no test available then the amount of positive test declines.

In the image we can get a idea of how the number of reported positive tests increases and declines with the availability of tests.  We will see a huge increase in the immediate future when more test become available.

The states that had more test sent to them have the highest number of positive test.  You can see the surge in numbers after they took possession of the tests.

Let me finish this up by doing a quick breakdown of what has happened.  Quick generalization.  Many details left out.

  1. As soon as we learned about covid-19 was discovered on cruise ship returning to the USA.  democrats spent most of their time in a over site hearing complaining/predicting a covid-19 pandemic instead of asking questions related to the purpose of hearing.
  2. The Fake News MSM join in and start planting seeds and pushing the same  covid-19 pandemic garbage the democrats are pushing.
  3. Democrats demand that trump listen to the experts and let them handle the situation.  Fake News MSM does the same, backing up the democrats as always.  This was done to keep Trump from seeing the actual data on the web pages.  Trump does not have time to read everything.  He can only work with the information reported to him.  Dr. Fauci was Trump’s “go to” guy   He fed Trump partial information and  straightTout lies.  A distraction.  A traitor.
  4. While this is going on the Fake NEWS MSM is installing fear in the citizens of the USA.
  5. Democrats demand more test kits.  Andrew Cuomo , the loudest, demanding and receiving the most available tests kits.  Ventilators and masks are just part of the con.  Used to provoke fear and panic .  People think they need them to protect them form covid-19 .  Fake News MSM back democrats up on this creating panic.
  6. Pelosi, Cuomo, Dr. Fauci and various democrats, with the help of the Fake News MSM are telling lies, creating panic , creating the false need for the shutdown of the USA.  The covid-19 stimulus bill is a direct result of their deceitful behavior.   They take advantage of the situation and  include addons to the bill that support their agenda.  Addons that would never make it trough on their own.  They do this knowing they will get resistance.  Fully aware they will be able to get some through.
  7. Trump really has no choice but to sign the bill or democrats and Fake News MSM will accuse him of not wanting to help Americans.
  8. Democrats and the Fake News MSM are basically extorting America.  They continue to do it at this very moment.
  9. For the Democrats and the Fake News MSM. it’s Mission accomplished. Unfortunately for them, they got caught.

This is exactly what is going on.  Americans need to step up and do something, say something,  whatever.  Just do not continue to fall for this faux pandemic.  People need to support their president.  It’s far past time that the democrats and The Fake News MSM see justice.   This is an attack on every single American.  There should be no question that the democrats and the Fake News MSM are the enemy of America.

Every American should be angry.  I have reached my end. If I have to take up arms. If I have to give up all my possessions.   If we have a civil war.  If I fall and never get up again while fighting in this war. Any or all is fine by me. I will no longer put up with the lawless, back stabbing, anti American democrats and Fake News MSM.  They need to be taken down. Playtime is over. No Quarter

“Ignorance and obscurantism have never produced anything other than flocks of slaves for tyranny”

“I’d rather die on my feet, than to live on my knees”

Emiliano Zapata Salazar( Emiliano Zapata)


Deplorable Patriot

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Fake News telling lies about Covid-19, again.

The Democrat’s main propaganda, fearmongering mainstream media(MSM) outlets in the USA are over sensationalizing the coronavirus. The vast difference from what the MSM and the actual numbers reported by the CDC combined with what seems to be a coordinated effort to push the same misleading information on to the public, a person can only assume this is done intentionally.

A screenshot of the coronavirus shows just a couple of the many news sources promoting the “Fake News”.


Just a few examples of who is reporting this Fake News are,

  1. Washington Post
  2. New York Times  
  3. NBC News
  4. CNN 
  5. ABC
  6. And many many more…

The actual numbers are in the image below.  These can be found at the CDC by clicking here.


Now the question is, “who are you going to believe?” I think the less of the two evils could be the CDC.

A person should also be weary when they see “presumptive positive coronavirus”.  These are test that have not been verified by the CDC.   They are what you would call a “presumptive diagnosis”.

What is presumptive diagnosis?
“In medicine, a presumptive diagnosis identifies the likely condition of a patient, and a confirmatory diagnosis confirms is needed to confirm the condition.”

The MSM is presenting  cases that are “presumptive positive coronavirus” as if they are confirmed cases.

The MSM is reporting Fake News.  This doesn’t mean to not protect yourselves.  Covid-19 is still a danger.  Somebody wants you to get sick.  I realized this back on February 27 when  the “US has confirmed one new case suspected to be a result of ‘community spread’, when the source of infection is not known”.  This strain originated in the USA.

Is Covid-19 being used as a “Bio-weapon”? Are the democrats using  Covid-19  as a political weapon?  Perhaps on both, but I cannot prove it, …..yet.


Deplorable Patriot

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Democrats weaponize coronavirus to take down President Trump

It is beneath contempt that Democrats and the complicit media are using the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as a weapon in yet another attempt to take down President Trump, even if it means inducing mass panic and hysteria, and tanking the stock market and the economy.

Note: The disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 is COVID-19.

Here’s the evidence:

(1) On Februry 25, 2020, Obama’s attorney general Eric Holder tweeted that the Trump Administration does not have “the intellectual capacity and policy acumen to navigate the nation through” the coronavirus crisis. Holder’s tweet was also a veiled assassination threat against President Trump because his tweet contains a photo of President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Bobby Kennedy, who were both assassinated.

(2) On February 26, 2020, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called the Trump administration sending a $2.5 billion supplemental budget request to Congress to combat Coronavirus “meager,” “anemic” and “too late”. (Breitbart)

(3) On February 26, 2020, the Associated Press fact-checked claims made by Michael Bloomberg and Bernie Sanders — that the Trump administration had cut the budgets of the CDC and the NIH — and found that their claims were grossly “distorted,” i.e., untrue. (Fellowship of the Minds)

(4) On March 6, 2020, on MSNBC, Eddie Glaude Jr., an African American Studies professor at Princeton, compared President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus outbreak to President George W. Bush’s supposed inept response to Hurricane Katrina, and said the coronavirus may be President Trump’s Katrina and “take down his presidency”. (LifeNews)

(5) On NBC’s “Meet the Press,” March 8, 2020, NBC political director Chuck Todd and Washington Post columnist Matt Bai said coronavirus can be the downfall of the Trump administration like Iran hostages were for Carter (Newsbusters):

Todd: “What the Iran hostage crisis was to the final year of Carter’s presidency, not his fault but it’s a test in real-time. This is what this seems to be for Trump.”

Bai said that if the coronavirus outbreak went particularly terribly, then the public will have had enough of Trump’s “chaos” and bring about a “Jimmy Carter-like scenario”.

(6) On March 9, 2020, a Washington Post op/ed by Brian Klass, assistant professor of global politics at University College London, calls the coronavirus  “Trump’s Chernobyl”.

(7) On March 9, 2020, on MSNBC, “Morning Joe” Scarborough said President Trump “is doing nothing but playing in his political sandbox while this virus continues to spread silently across America” (Mediaite) and that Americans will die from the virus because of Trump’s “stupidity.” (mrcTV)

(8) On March 9, 2020, on her MSNBC show, Joy Reid depicted the children of Trump supporters as a threat to “your kids”. Calling Trump supporters gullible rubes who blindly believe in Trump, including his claim that coronavirus is a “hoax” (which Trump never said), Reid said they will ignore their children’s symptoms, and send them off to school where they can infect “your kids.” (NewsBusters)

The truth is that Trump never said coronavirus is a hoax. What he actually said was that, like the impeachment hoax, the Democrats are politicizing the coronavirus as a “new hoax” against him. (Daily Wire)

(9) Most egregious is what a Democrat Councilwoman in Denver, Colorado, said. On February 28, 2020, self-proclaimed democrat socialist Councilwoman Candi CdeBaca enthusiastically tweeted  “Yaaaas!!” to a tweet by Susan Daniels who declared that if she gets the coronavirus, she would do her best to infect Trump supporters by attending every MAGA rally she can.

Meanwhile, while Democrats and the media carp and maliciously exploit the coronavirus epidemic to take down President Trump, he is doing something about the epidemic. See my post, “What President Trump is doing about the coronavirus epidemic“.

Click here for the CDC’s very useful Q&A on coronavirus and COVID-19.

See also:


Drudge Report has gone to the dark side. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by a military veteran!

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