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Thank you Lord, for cats!

Cats are loving creatures

Anyone who knows cats, knows what I mean.

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Monday Funny! You know you're a 'crazy cat lady' when…

As used here, the term “crazy cat lady” is not pejorative. It simply means cat lovers. And it applies to men too! =^..^=
Source: RantPets
H/t FOTM‘s Glenn47

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Astonishing Creation


H/t FOTM’s Miss May


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Why we love cats (developing)


I extend an invitation to our FOTM writers to add their thoughts and pictures, and co-author this post. ~TD

151012best friends

And here’s my all-time favorite —

The coolest cat in the world (he lives in Turkey). 😀

cool cat~Eowyn


This is why I can’t plant flowers in my flowerbox…



This is one we’ve enjoyed on FOTM (the “eye bleach cat”). ~TD

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It's not just humans who feel love

There is a trope among ethologists (animal behaviorists) that animals or non-human creatures (as if human beings are not part of the “animal” kingdom!) operate simply by instinct and so, they do not have “higher-level” emotions such as love and loss, or abstract moral principles such as justice. Much of those convictions stems from our inability to communicate with them, not being conversant in their languages.
Increasingly, however, studies are showing those notions to be wrong.
Elephants return to the “graveyards” — places in which their family members had died — and use their tusks to caress the bones of their lost ones. How is that behavior not a sign of mourning and grief?
Chimps show they have a sense of justice — about fairness. They are disgruntled when another chimp receives preferential treatment — getting a better reward for performing the same job.
And as for love, defined as ” an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment,” non-human creatures show in their behavior every indication that they do love. Not only that, their love spans some of the range we accord to humans — from the sexual love of eros, to the familial love between parent and child and among siblings, to the platonic love between even inter-species friends. As you can see in these lovely pictures:

Familial love



There is one profound difference between humans and other animals.
As St. Bonaventure once observed: Non-human animals are creatures without sin.
H/t FOTM’s Ken L.

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Mini me


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Kwazy Kats

Pay special attention to the cat at around the 3:30 mark!
Thanks for the laughs, FOTM’s beloved Joseph!

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Grouchy's Caregivers

Again, these are some photos I received before he went to the hospital!  ~LTG

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A 2-year-old little girl, shopping with her mom in an outdoor market, wandered off into the market’s one-lane walkway.

A van runs over the tiny tot not once, but twice.

Then, one after another, 18 heartless passers-by walk past the crumpled toddler lying on the street.

Finally, seven minutes after the accident, a garbage-collector, Chen Xianmei, went to the toddler’s aid.

This happened last week in Foshan city, Guangdong province, China.

Yueyue's grief-stricken mother

The little girl’s name is Yueyue (“Little Joy”), the daughter of a young couple who are migrant workers — poor people from the rural countryside who defy the Chinese government’s population-control residency rules and leave the villages to work in the cities. In so doing, the migrants have illegal status. They number in the hundreds of millions.

Doctors say Yue Yue “is in a deep coma and clinically brain dead.” Her parents now face the agonizing decision whether to turn off Yueyue’s life support machine. The toddler might have been saved if a seven-minute procession of cyclists and pedestrians had not looked the other way.
The shocking incident was caught on Chinese state television, CCTV, and has stunned millions in China, with many saying their society – which has enjoyed 30 years of rapid development – is rotten and immoral. There is an outpouring of soul-searching and self-revulsion across China, with many seeing the callousness of the drivers and the passers-by as evidence that their country is losing its soul.
One netizen commented on what he called an ethical decline that starts with corrupt officials and ends with a “zombie” population stripped of its humanity. “Find those 18 passers-by, dissect their brains and see what medicine the Communist Party has been feeding us to make them like the walking dead,” wrote one widely forwarded post on the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.
The case is quickly becoming a political issue and it is feared Communist Party officials have called for tighter controls over the reporting about the incident for fear of a public backlash.
Public anger already has long been festering over rampant corruption in politics and business, lack of the rule of law, pollution that is seeing cancer rates soar and the widening rich-poor gap, with many of the ‘spoilt’ siblings of the political elite – so called princelings – being singled out for extra criticism.
Both drivers who ran over Yue Yue have been arrested, but claimed not to have seen the little girl in the “dark” street. One driver said: “I was on the [cell] phone when it happened, I didn’t mean it. When I realised I had knocked her down, I thought I’d go down to see how she was. Then when I saw that she was already bleeding, I decided to just step on the gas pedal and escape seeing that nobody was around me.”
The Chinese government awarded good Samaritan Chen Xianmei $1,570; a company in the city has offered to donate $7,500 to Yueyue’s family and rescuer.
It is claimed that many people in China are hesitant to help people who appear to be in distress over fears they will be blamed. High-profile law suits have ended with good Samaritans ordered to pay hefty fines to individuals they had tried to help.
[Sources: Daily Mail; The Times]
Here’s the video [WARNING: graphic]
There is something very wrong with China, a country where:

  • Its government official boasts of having aborted 400 million human beings, most of them girls;
  • Aborted fetuses are made into “nutritious” health food; and
  • Cats and dogs are confined in small cages in “fur farms” before they’re skinned to supply the fur collars and fur lining of more than half of the finished fur garments imported for sale in the United States.

Don’t take my word for it. China’s own people are saying their country is soul-less.
Please pray that the Light of Christ shine in the darkness for “Little Joy” and her grief-stricken parents.
“Little Joy” died shortly after midnight of brain and organ failure, Friday, Oct. 21, 2011.

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More Fellowship Fur-Kiddies!

Yesterday, I posted the first batch of pics of some of our fur-children. Here are more.

Gosh, they are handsome!  🙂

Artist’s Fluffy Corgi named Baci, her faithful studio companion who makes her laugh:

Igor’s part-wolf Igor and Rocky, and Bear:

DCG’s Baby and Lucky. Some heartless person abandoned them in the woods in Oregon. Luckily, Deb rescued the babies:

Want to share pics of your garden and/or pets? Send them to FellowshipTips@aol.com !  😀


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