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Why female celebrities stand pigeon-toed

Have you noticed female Hollyweirdos and celebrities assuming a childlike pose, standing pigeon-toed?

Below is a sample.

These are the ages of the above celebrities:

  • Katie Holmes, actress and ex-wife of Tom Cruise, 40.
  • Amal Clooney, lawyer wife of actor George Clooney, 41
  • Cat Deely, actress-model, 42
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, actress, 47
  • Meghan Markle, former actress, now wife of Prince Harry, 38

Fiona Mcintosh reports for the Daily Mail:

Why, then, are increasing numbers of female celebrities adopting a rather bizarre pigeon-toed stance?

The trend was kick-started by Gwyneth Paltrow in 2010, and has since been adopted by a whole host of women — from Hollywood actress Katie Holmes to high-powered human rights barrister Amal Clooney….

They have all recently been pictured with their hands hanging limply, knees knocked and toes turned awkwardly inwards; in short, the sort of stance you’d expect a particularly shy child to adopt….

The reason for this is as depressing as it is fascinating: these A-list women have worked out that a pigeon-toed pose is a quick route to looking thinner, younger, sexier and even more approachable.

The pose brings your toes together, making your calf muscles look thinner and more defined, as well as creating or accentuating the appearance of a thigh gap…. As the cameras flash away, this pigeon-toe pose seems to say: ‘Gosh, look at little old me in the spotlight!’

As evolutionary anthropologist Dr Anna Machin explains, A-list celebrities need to appeal to two markets — men and, perhaps more importantly, other women.

The pigeon-toed stance sends powerful biological signals to both genders.

‘Celebrities are a commodity — they need other women to like them so they go to see their films,’ she says.

‘In reality they may be highly successful, powerful women, but with this pose they are trying to make themselves look more approachable. The awkward pose says: “I’m not an Alpha female, I’m just like you.” ’

Except, of course, surrounded as they are by agents, image builders and entire marketing teams, they are not remotely like us. So don’t imagine for a moment the pigeon-toed pose is natural — it takes a lot of practice to perfect faux-innocence when you’re a famous Hollywood diva. And while some men may find the stance inelegant, subconsciously it panders to the male ego.



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