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Kamala Harris: “A Hillary of Color”

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Kamala Harris and the “’Me Too’ Movement” Present Existential Threats to Each Other

By the title we refer not to their shared, shall we say, elevated b-word quotient. (However fittingly it may apply, the media is under strict orders to avoid such characterizations, or even any hard questioning don’t you know – even as referring to Donald Trump as a “Fascist” or “Nazi” is well within the media mainstream. Other than with select intellectually honest women, the irony is lost on the purveyors of “girl power.”)  

Nor do we refer to their shared far Left ideologies. (Hillary being an acolyte of Saul Alinksy and his Rules for Radicals; Harris’ record embracing loony lefty policy positions including, but not limited to the “Green New Deal” and free healthcare for illegal aliens.)

No, we refer here to a shared “Me Too” problem.

Back in the days of semen-stained blue dresses, documented serial adultery and credible rape allegations against “Bill,” there was a commonly held belief that Hillary Rodham Clinton must have remained married to the cad out of her personal ambition – political and otherwise.  While we can never know her true motivations, this still seems the most logical and plausible explanation.

It is indisputable that Hillary rode Bill’s coattails into nearly becoming the first female President, and to massive wealth (through legally and ethically questionable means of accumulation).

Yet at the same time, Hillary Rodham Clinton was anointed “feminist” icon – a career-holding, accomplished woman – one who didn’t “need” Bill in order to live a very comfortable lifestyle.  She declared that she was no Tammy Wynette “standing by her man.” And no, Hillary was never at risk of just scraping by as “working poor” in one of those trailer parks their campaign manager James Carville demeaned while smearing Paula Jones.

So, a spousal variant of “sleeping your way to the top” credibly applies here.

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