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This would be a fun job: Doggie school bus driver!


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Kudos to his well-paid agent: Libtard George Clooney makes $40M as Nespresso spokesman

For those who decry “income inequality,” know that Clooney ain’t your man.

For those who love the Hollyweird type, know that nepotism plays an important role in obtaining gigs, especially if your acting skills suck.

And for those who love Obama know that, “at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

From Daily Mail: George and Amal Clooney saw their wealth grow by £10million last year after the Hollywood star was named as the world’s highest-paid actor.

The glamorous couple, who are friends with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, have a joint marital fortune of £270million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

Mr. Clooney, 58, has been paid $40million (£31million) to appear in Nespresso coffee adverts around the world and made £173million from the sale of a tequila company he co-founded, Casamigos, in 2017.

Mrs. Clooney, 41, has made an estimated £2million from her incredibly successful career as a human rights barrister.

Mrs. Clooney gave birth to twins Ella and Alexander in 2017, and the couple have a Thameside home in Berkshire.

They were among a host of celebrities to appear in this year’s Rich List, led by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, whose fortune totals £820million, and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney at £750million.

Read the whole story here.


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Message from “Smash Racism DC” to Ted Cruz and Trump supporters: “You are not safe”

Remember folks, #LoveTrumpsHate!

This group, Smash Racism DC, decided to harass Senator Cruz and his wife last night at a restaurant because of their TDS and libtard butthurt. The temper tantrums continue…

From the deranged group’s Twitter account:

  • No—you can’t eat in peace—your politics are an attack on all of us You’re votes are a death wish. Your votes are hate crimes. Tonight Senator Ted Cruz arrived at Fiola, an upscale restaurant mere steps from the White House, to enjoy a hearty Italian dinner.
  • He could have dined on a lavish four course meal for only $145 while millions of Americans struggle to buy groceries. He might have sampled from the top shelf wine list as migrant children languish in cages.
  • He’d have laughed with his wife while women and members of the LGBTQ community collectively gasp in horror as Senator Cruz pushes forward on Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination. At least he could have had activists not interrupted his evening just as he was being seated.
  • Instead, activists from Smash Racism DC, Resist This, DC IWW, members of DC Democratic Socialists of America, Anarchists, women, sexual assault survivors, and members of the LGBTQ community interrupted Ted Cruz’s peaceful meal.
  • While our interruption does not compare in scale to the interruptions his actions as a Senator have had on millions of American lives, we hope that it reminds Cruz and others like him that they are not safe from the people they have hurt.
  • This is a message to Ted Cruz, Bret Kavanaugh, Donald Trump and the rest of the racist, sexist, transphobic, and homophobic right-wing scum: You are not safe. We will find you. We will expose you. We will take from you the peace you have taken from so many others.
  • Sincerely, Some Anti Fascist Hooligans. We demand a world free of sexual violence, and state violence. We want a world without prisons, borders, or capitalism. You should be embarrassed for existing.

Sorry, losers: I’m not embarrassed for existing. Nor for supporting President Trump and Brett Kavanaugh (BTW, it’s not “Bret” you idiots.)

And if anyone of you “anti-fascist” hooligans tries to get in my face and harass me, well, you’ve been warned. Because if this girl feels threatened and unsafe, I will not be embarrassed to exercise a certain God-given right.


Better than Drudge Report. Check out Whatfinger News, the Internet’s conservative frontpage founded by ex-military!

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Portland will tax public companies where CEO pay is 100 times employee average

Demorats being demorats.
liberal nonsense
From the Seattle Times: Moving to address income inequality on a local level, the City Council in Portland, Oregon, voted Wednesday to impose a surtax on publicly traded companies whose chief executives earn more than 100 times the median pay of their rank-and-file workers.
The surcharge, which Portland officials said is the first in the nation linked to chief executives’ pay, would be added to the city’s business tax for those companies that exceed the pay threshold. Currently, roughly 550 companies that generate significant income on sales in Portland pay the business tax.
Under the new rule, public companies doing business in Portland must pay an additional 10 percent in taxes if their chief executives receive compensation greater than 100 times the median pay of all their employees. Companies with pay ratios greater than 250 times the median will face a 25 percent surcharge.
The tax will take effect next year, after the Securities and Exchange Commission begins to require public companies to calculate and disclose how their chief executives’ compensation compares with their workers’ median pay. The SEC rule was required under the Dodd-Frank legislation enacted in 2010.
Portland’s executive-pay surcharge will be levied as a percentage of what a company owes on the city’s so-called business license tax, which has been in place since the 1970s. City officials estimated that the new tax would generate $2.5 million to $3.5 million a year for the city’s general fund, which pays for basic public services such as housing and police and firefighter salaries.
Criticism of how much chief executives are paid has risen in recent years as their compensation has grown substantially. In 2015, the median compensation for the 200 highest-paid executives at U.S. public companies was $19.3 million, up from $9.6 million five years earlier.
Comparing such compensation with how much lower-level employees earn is likely to show a very wide gulf. A 2014 study by Alyssa Davis and Lawrence Mishel at the Economic Policy Institute, a liberal-leaning advocacy group in Washington, found that chief executive pay compared with the earnings of average workers had surged from a multiple of 20 in 1965 to almost 300 in 2013.
Thomas Piketty (a French economist), a professor at the Paris School of Economics and an authority on income inequality who wrote “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” said he favored the Portland tax as a first step. “This is certainly part of the solution,” Piketty wrote in an email, “but the tax surcharge needs to be large enough; the threshold ‘100 times’ should be substantially lowered.”

Steve Novick

Steve Novick

Taxing companies that dole out outsize executive pay in Portland was the idea of Steve Novick, a former environmental lawyer who has been a Portland city commissioner since January 2013. “When I first read about the idea of applying a higher tax rate to companies with extreme ratios of CEO pay to typical worker pay, I thought it was a fascinating idea,” Novick, a Democrat, said in a telephone interview. “It was the closest thing I’d seen to a tax on inequality itself.”
Novick, who lost a bid for re-election last month, said he had begun weighing such a tax about a year ago but did not discuss it publicly until September.
Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Another supporter of the tax is Charlie Hales, the mayor of Portland.  “Income inequality is real; it is a national problem, and the federal government isn’t doing anything about it,” Hales, a Democrat, said in a telephone interview. “We have a habit of trying things in Portland; maybe they’re not perfect at the first iteration. But local action replicated around the country can start to make a difference.” Hales, who did not seek re-election, will leave office at the end of the month.
Portland officials said other cities that charge business-income taxes, such as Columbus, Ohio, and Philadelphia, could easily create their own versions of the surcharge. Several state legislatures have recently considered bills structured to reward companies with narrower pay gaps between chief executives and workers. In 2014, a bill in California proposed reducing taxes for companies whose executives were paid less than 100 times above the median worker. The bill did not pass.
Among those objecting to the new tax was the Portland Business Alliance, a group of 1,850 companies that do business locally. Alliance officials have predicted that the measure would not have the desired result of reducing income inequality.
“We see it as an empty gesture,” Sandra McDonough, the alliance’s president and chief executive, said in a telephone interview. “We think they’d be far better off trying to work with business leaders to create more jobs that will lift people up and improve incomes.” Publicly traded companies, she added, are “an easy group to pick on.”
Hales conceded that the pay ratio is “an imperfect instrument” with which to solve the problems of income inequality. “But it is a start.”
government solve all problems

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Now liberals want white business owners to be PC: A "Hip-Hop Brunch" Menu is Problematic

The Stranger: People love the food at Fremont’s RockCreek. Former Stranger food critic Bethany Jean Clement wrote that Chef Eric Donnelly’s food “makes you happy to be alive, right here, right now.” I have friends who rave about their brunch service as well.
Earlier this week, I got a press release announcing RockCreek’s new “Hip-Hop Brunch” series, which will be held the last Sunday of every month “and include a live local DJ and awesome MC-inspired dishes.” But I had trouble getting past the first menu item, which made me cringe:
NWApancakes with Nutella, walnuts, and crème anglaise
This one got me too:
Public Enemy #1ham, turkey, Swiss, raspberry jam, and pancakes
There are other more innocuous-sounding dishes like the “Biggie Smalls” (a short stack of pancakes with braised bacon), but I had to look at the press release three times before I could read beyond NWA.
At a time when many black businesses are struggling to hang on (see the recent closures of the Central District’s Philadelphia Fevre and Catfish Corner) and black youth are being killed for being black, it’s painful to see white-owned businesses try and make money off of black culture. It might be fun (and even funny to some) to turn an abbreviation that stands for “Niggaz Wit Attitudes” into “nutella, walnuts, and crème anglaise” or call ham and pancakes “Public Enemy,” but these hiphop names were born out of real political frustration in the black community in the 1980s over things like racial profiling and police brutality—problems that continue today. It’s a privilege to be detached enough from these meanings to repurpose them for a brunch menu.
I doubt that Donnelly and his staff at RockCreek had any intentions with this menu beside a joke, or maybe a tribute to the music they like. But it reads as ignorance more than a tribute. I reached out to Donnelly through his PR company to get his side, but didn’t get a response.
pc police
Here’s the full menu:
NWApancakes with Nutella, walnuts, and crème anglaise
Southern Playalisticfried chicken with jalapeno corn cakes
Biggie Smallsshort stack with braised bacon and sunny side up eggs
Funky Homosapienpancakes with Bananas Foster and candied walnuts
MC Solaar (reppin’ France!)—Mornay sauce, ham, onions, and poached eggs
Public Enemy #1ham, turkey, Swiss, raspberry jam, and pancakes

Plus, drink specials:
Brass Monkeycrushed orange, ice, lime, and lager
Gin & Juicegin…and juice, orange and grapefruit Ricky
Purple Drankvodka and ‘purple’ bubbles
Beer & A ShotMontucky Cold Snacks beer & O.G.D. shot
MyNorthwest.com’ Jason Rantz did speak with Chef Donnelly from RockCreek who said the vast majority of customers “have been so excited about it.” He criticized The Stranger claiming “they’re really trying to pin me as some kind of racist or somebody trying to profiteer from the black community in some kind of way, which is so backwards because I feel like hip hop is not only stemmed from the black community, but represented by every community and is all over the globe.”

But Chef Donnelly says the hip hop brunch is a positive thing. “This is actually a celebration of struggle,” he told the show. “[It’s]a celebration of rap and hip hop music and hip hop culture in a different way.”
As Mr. Rantz noted, The Stranger is published by Tim Keck, who isn’t black. I guess Garbes is helping this non-black owned business make money off of black issues.”
Hey Ms. Garbes (the offended Stranger author): Don’t like their menu? Don’t eat there!

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The parable of the Stella D'oro union workers

Stella D’oro is a brand of cookies, breadsticks, biscotti, and S-shaped breakfast treats. I used to love them, before I woke up to the awful truth of transfat. 🙁
Founded in 1932 by Italian immigrant Joseph Kresivich, the company was sold to Nabisco in 1992; became part of Kraft Foods in 2000; sold again to Brynwood Partners in 2006; and eventually to Lance Inc. in 2009.
Since its beginning, Stella D’oro’s bakery or manufacturing facility had been located on West 237th Street at the north end of Kingsbridge in the Bronx, New York City. The workers belonged to the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers’ International Union, Local 50.
On August 14, 2008, two weeks after their contract expired, 138 Stella D’oro workers went on strike citing proposed pay and benefit cuts, and later picketed the company’s attempt to bring in replacement workers.

3 guesses as to what happened to these striking Stella D’oro union workers!

This is what happened, as recounted by Alicia Colon for the Irish Examiner, May 8, 2012:

One would think that in this horrible economy, those employed with a halfway decent job would hold on to it and yet union members are foolishly electing to strike thinking that union leadership have their best interest at heart.

Last week, Caterpillar workers went out on strike for better wages and health care after negotiations fell apart. I would suggest that they do their homework and look up the case of the Stella D’Oro factory workers in the Bronx and wake up to reality.

I watched an HBO documentary, “No Contract, No Cookies,” which chronicled the 11-month old strike of workers protesting their unfair wages. The company owners maintained that the hourly wages of $18 to $22 an hour and nine weeks of paid leave made the factory unprofitable and demanded significant reductions in wages and benefits.

That’s when the union bosses stepped in and organized a hard fought strike with picket lines throughout the fall, winter and spring as the recession deepened.

The union sued the company and won their case in court, winning the right to return to work. Not one worker broke ranks and the documentary showed the glee on their faces as they learned the result of their suit. Happy ending? Not quite.

Soon after they returned, the owners closed the factory.

In an interview with the Huffington Post’s Jonah Green, director Jon Alpert said, “The factory was quintessentially American with the immigrant composition of the workforce and the fact that this type of job opportunity was a beacon for them. And it was not only a beacon but a safe harbor that they landed in when they got to America.”

According to the narrative of the film, many of the workers were long term, some having worked there over 30 years and the program was generally sympathetic to their plight.

Many were immigrants from third world countries but I had a hard time feeling their pain and I think they all deserved a good shaking for being so stupid for genuflecting to the union leadership instead of facing reality. It was quite clear from the movie that they had no idea what capitalism means.

At some of their rallies they were spouting clearly Marxist sentiments claiming that the company was theirs because they had worked there for years. The routine premise of the picketers was,” Workers Unite!” and to me that conjured up images of the Russian revolution of the proletariats.

Americans need to be reschooled or in the case of young public school students schooled for the first time on what a business is. It is not a charity but is generally established primarily to make a profit. If it is successful it will be able to hire and pay good wages to hard workers. If it isn’t it will either have to cut expenses or shut down. Workers have to also consider the reality of their companies’ viability in the current market. […]

The American dream is alive and well for those who understand how it works and are willing to work hard for it.

It is a real folly to cede control over one’s life to union bosses who spout leftwing mantras and promote class envy. It is highly doubtful that the Bronx union bosses lost their jobs along with those unfortunate Stella D’Oro workers. But not all unions are evil in fact, the Hotel, Motel Trades Council in New York provides excellent healthcare for their members and pensioners in various union health clinics around the city.

Many others, however, are an anachronism that exploit their membership and most are in league with one political party funding election campaigns with union dues but without worker input.

The S.E.I.U. (Service Employees International Union) is using thuggery to enforce its agenda and if we ever get a Justice Department that will actually enforce our laws, its days and its members will be numbered.

[…] In this stagnant economy union workers are no longer indispensable. Unemployed workers are legion and will swoop in to take over the jobs from those unwise enough to strike. ‘Unfortunately, unions still have strong influence over workers who haven’t learned the lessons of past strikers. […]

Union workers need to wake up and fast and take a good look at those disguised socialists endangering their livelihoods and killing the American Dream.

In September 2009, Brynwood announced the sale of Stella D’Oro to Lance, a large manufacturer of snack foods, which promptly relocated Stella D’Oro’s production to a non-union facility in Ashland, Ohio.
And that, boys and girls, is how the cookie crumbled!

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OWS organizer says police sent rapists to Zucotti Park

Watch this OWS guy Harrison Schultz being interviewed by Sean Hannity. Unbelievable!
The 29-year-old punk defends the rapes last fall in the Occupy Wall Street tent city in Zucotti Park by blaming the NYPD. The police had sent rapists, drunks, and criminals to the park just to make OWS look bad!
When asked about Occupiers defecating on police cars and destroying property, Schultz just shrugs. Stuff happens!
Then he says Hannity doesn’t have a coherent thought, about capitalism or anything else, although Schultz admits he’s never watched Hannity.
When asked what’s his objection to capitalism, Schultz blames the high rate of youth unemployment and the national debt on capitalism, but makes no mention of government over-spending, entitlements, the bloated welfare state, 47% of Americans not paying income tax…. (See my post, “The Fall of America – in 12 graphs”)
What an idiot.
H/t beloved fellow Tina!

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Hollywood libs make video praising 99% OWS movement

Are Hollywood liberals so self-absorbed and self-deluded that they don’t see their utter hypocrisy in making this video extolling the 99% Occupy Wall Street movement?
Do they not know that Hollywood’s producers, directors, and many actors are among not just America’s, but the world’s 1% Super Rich?
Do they not know that whereas OWS is anti-capitalist, Hollywood — the business that employs them — is the epitome of a capitalist industry, being privately-owned, responds (mainly) to supply-and-demand market signals, and is motivated by the profit incentive?
Olivia Wilde came to prominence playing pretending to be a physician on the TV show House. In 2008, she had campaigned for Obama. Penn Badgely (who’s that?) is best known for his role as Dan Humphrey on the CW television series Gossip Girl. Zoë Kravitz (who’s that?) is a starlet who has played bit parts here and there, but is better known as the daughter of musician Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet.
Henceforth, I will scrupulously avoid like the plague any TV show or movie with Olivia Wilde, Penn Badgely, and Zoe Kravitz in it.
H/t Big Hollywood.

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From Wii to pee…


Pee-powered fun hits bar toilets

The Sun: Drinkers can enjoy a spot of simulated skiing or extinguish some virtual flames while relieving themselves at The Exhibit bar in Balham, south London.  High-tech sensors detect the direction of urine and translate it into action on a 12-inch screen above every urinal.  By aiming carefully while spending a penny, users can guide a skier or put out a raging inferno during their 60-second toilet trip.
There is also a general knowledge quiz called Clever Dick, in which players must pee in the right direction to select their answers.  When their game is over, players are given a code which they can enter into a website to join online leaderboards. 
Developed in Britain after three years of research, it is hoped the world-first system will make money for bar owners through advertising.  Designer Gordon MacSween said: “We weren’t sure how people would react, but on the first night after we installed it, a group of America servicemen were in the bar.  I heard one of them coming out of the toilet, high-fiving his mate saying, ‘Twelve’!  His pals were saying ‘No way dude!’ and going off to play and compete, and I thought, this is good.”
“Because of where it is, and you’ve got a minute of a guy’s time, it’s a great time to put messages in front of him.  We’ve already carried adverts for products whose sales have gone up by 40 and 50 per cent, so they are very keen to use it as a promotional tool.”
He added: “Because people are having a laugh, there’s a lot less vandalism — people tend to get less angry.  During testing, we tended to drink a lot of water so that we could play it more often.”
The system was trialled at a bar in Cambridge before opening at The Exhibit in London this weekend.  Bar owner Drew Weatherhead said: “Hopefully it will bring people in and they will start competing for high scores.”
It comes five years after Nintendo wowed the world with motion-controlled gaming and their pioneering games console — the Wii.
Well this might help improve their aim 🙂 I’m sure moms might like to have this installed in their homes to help train little boys! 

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Wild Bill Took the Oath


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