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Officer was wrong to arrest preacher for reading Bible at DMV, court rules

In April 2011, I told you about Mark Mackey, a member of the Calvary Chapel (Hemet, California), who was arrested outside of a DMV. He had showed up to read the Bible and introduce those waiting in line to the “gospel of Jesus Christ.” For about 15 minutes he was successful. That is until a California Highway Patrolman took the Bible from his hands, arrested him, and told him he was guilty of preaching to a “captive audience.”

Last Wednesday Mark was vindicated.

From Fox News: A police officer lacked probable cause to arrest a preacher for reading the Bible aloud at a California Department of Motor Vehicles office, a federal appeals court says. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ ruling Wednesday rejected a lower court opinion that found in favor of California Highway Patrol Officer Darren Meyer.

Calvary Church pastor Mark Mackey had sued Meyer, saying his Fourth Amendment rights were violated when Meyer arrested him for preaching without a permit outside the Hemet DMV in 2011.

Meyer asserted that Mackey’s preaching led to a verbal altercation with people standing in line to get into the office. But the court said that assertion was “completely belied” by video. “You can preach on your own property,” Meyer is heard saying in the video.

“Folks, this is what the United States is coming to,” Mackey is heard saying. “You can talk about anything you want, but you can’t talk about the Bible.”

The video, which was featured on Fox News, went viral online, the Riverside Press Enterprise reported Thursday.

Mackey’s reaction to the ruling was “justice still prevails,” while Meyer declined comment, the paper reported.

Mackey was eventually cleared of the misdemeanor criminal charges brought against him.



What are they feeding kids nowadays?

From a California Highway Patrol Amber Alert:

Amber Alert1

Happily, less than 3 hours after the Amber Alert had been issued, the car was found with the boy in it.

Am I just out of it, or is it unusual that an EIGHT-year-old boy measures 5 ft. 1 in. tall and weighs 110 lb.?


Calif. highway police hog-tie unarmed pregnant woman

You will not believe what you’ll see in this video.

In August 2011, on a congested freeway in Los Angeles, California Highway Patrolmen (CHP) ordered a pregnant woman to pull over, for violating a traffic law by chatting on her cell phone.

The woman first pulled over to a narrow shoulder on the far right, but was told to exit. She either didn’t hear what the CHP said or simply became very confused. Instead of exiting, she began moving to the far left lane.

CHP must have shouted at her again, because she then obligingly moved back toward the right and eventually pulled over to the freeway’s right shoulder.

She sat in the car, which is what drivers normally should do when police pull us over.

But she was told to exit her car. So she got out of the car and stood there, with her arms by her side, clearly unarmed.

Two policemen went up to her, slammed her face-down onto the pavement and tied her wrists behind her back. She did not resist or flail about.

Two more policemen arrived. Then another two. Each policeman outweighed the young woman by at least 50 lbs.

Then the police HOG-TIED the woman.

Here’s a screenshot I took from the video at the 7:27 mark, of the woman being hog-tied (circled in red):

CHP hogtie woman

Watching the YouTube video, I didn’t see any information about when this atrocious police brutality occurred, or what happened to the woman.

So I did a search on the net and I found the information on LeakSource.

This horrific story has a happy ending.

The woman is Tamara Gaglione, age 30. She was hauled away and charged with misdemeanor evading and resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license. But the charges were dropped when Gaglione’s terrible treatment was revealed in footage from the cruiser’s video camera. After the charges were dismissed, Gaglione pleaded no contest to a simple infraction of using her cellphone while driving.

Gaglione later sued the CHP and the five officers and one sergeant involved in the incident, alleging that her civil rights had been violated and that she had been subjected to excessive force and malicious prosecution.

Before any of the CHP officers could be deposed and the video admitted as evidence, CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow agreed in August to settle the suit. The state paid $250,000 to Gaglione last November.

CHP officials declined to discuss the incident, saying only that both sides concluded that settling the lawsuit for $250,000 was in the best interest of everyone. “The CHP conducted a review of the tactics and, as necessary, took appropriate action,” said Fran Clader, department spokeswoman.

The involved officers remain on the force.

Gaglione, now the mother of a 9-month old son, said the incident on the freeway changed her life. Although she had left Los Angeles, where she had worked as nanny and ran a pet care business, she said “I will always be scared of police officers because of these knuckleheads.”

Imagine what rotten policemen like those CHP officers would do if the Obama regime and the Left have their way, banning and confiscating all privately-owned arms, leaving us to the mercy of the state’s armed stormtroopers.

H/t FOTM reader Joan W.