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4th of July Zombies

What are they teaching the kids in public school?


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LA County orders beaches CLOSED for Fourth of July

Remember peons: You must obey Stay-At-Home Orders, let your hair grow out, and you are not allowed near loved ones in a hospital. But you can attend a BLM protest. In fact, peaceful protesting is your RIGHT.

Bill Melugin from Fox LA tweeted the following last night:

The County also announced they are banning all firework displays.

From Yahoo: “Today, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors announced the closure of our beaches, piers, beach bike paths, and beach access points beginning 7/3/2020 through 7/6/2020. The Malibu/Lost Hills Station Beach Team will be patrolling the beaches throughout the weekend and late into the evening. This new order makes it illegal to trespass at these locations and is punishable by law to include, but not limited to, a $1000 fine.

Read the whole story here.

One way you can get away with breaking rules? Be sure to carry one of the following:


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Do you Zoom? Be aware of their connection with the Chicoms

Ever since lockdowns due to the Wuhan virus, many started using the “Zoom” application for videoconferences and online chats.

Zoom was founded by Eric Yuan in 2011. Eric is a Chinese-American and became a billionaire when Zoom went public in 2019. The company is based in San Jose, California.

If you use Zoom, you should know about their STRONG connections to the Chicoms.

From Wikipedia:

A large part of Zoom’s workforce is based in China, which has given rise to surveillance and censorship concerns.

The company has also been criticized for its privacy and corporate data sharing policies.

In March 2020, New York State Attorney General Letitia James launched an inquiry into Zoom’s privacy and security practices; the inquiry was closed on May 7, 2020, with Zoom not admitting wrongdoing, but agreeing to take added security measures.

In April 2020, Citizen Lab warned that having much of Zoom’s research and development in China could “open up Zoom to pressure from Chinese authorities.”

Pressure from the Chicoms? ‘Ya don’t say.

Well, that’s EXATLY what happened recently.

Axios reported on June 10 that Zoom “closed account of U.S.-based Chinese activist “to comply with local law.”

AKA: They complied with the Chicom’s request. From the Axios story: “The U.S. video-conferencing company Zoom closed the account of a group of prominent U.S.-based Chinese activists after they held a Zoom event commemorating the 31st anniversary of the June 4 Tiananmen Square Massacre. A Zoom spokesperson confirmed to Axios that the account had been closed “to comply with local law” and said it had now been re-activated.”

Read the whole Axios story here.

Then there’s this, from The Intercept (from this past April): “Zoom’s Encryption Is “Not Suited for Secrets” and Has Surprising Links to China, Researchers Discover.”

I’m challenged when it comes to computer stuff so I won’t pretend to understand everything in the Intercept article. Some excerpts:

“Meetings on Zoom, the increasingly popular video conferencing service, are encrypted using an algorithm with serious, well-known weaknesses, and sometimes using keys issued by servers in China, even when meeting participants are all in North America.

They (researchers) conclude, in a report for the university’s Citizen Lab — widely followed in information security circles — that Zoom’s service is “not suited for secrets” and that it may be legally obligated to disclose encryption keys to Chinese authorities and “responsive to pressure” from them.”

Read the whole story here.

The Department of Defense doesn’t trust Zoom and the Chicoms; they’ve banned the use of Zoom.

What I DO know is that I’d stay far, far away from Zoom. Chicoms are no doubt watching your every move.


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Disgraceful, CNN: Guess what’s missing from this story?

On Sunday, CNN tweeted the following: “An investigation is underway after a Hispanic man is shot and killed by a patrol officer with the San Bernardino Police Department Saturday evening, the SBPD announces.”

From their story:

“An investigation is underway after a Hispanic man was shot and killed by a patrol officer with the San Bernardino Police Department Saturday evening, the SBPD announced in a post on Twitter.

Shortly before 8:30 p.m., the San Bernadino Police dispatch received a call about an adult white man waving a gun.

When officers arrived they found a “suspect matching the description” who was holding what appeared to be a black handgun in his hand, according to the SBPD post.”

Read the whole story here.

What’s NOT included in their story?

Why is CNN purposely leaving out photographs which clearly show a perp pointing a gun at cops? We know the answer to that: CNN is nothing but activists for the demorats’ #defundpolice movement. Such hacks.


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SF Mayor Breed: I’m a black woman before a mayor; we need allies, not slave owners

Mayor London Breed

San Francisco Mayor London Breed had some interesting things to say at some recent rally and protests. She sounded a little racist to me. But maybe that’s just my white privilege interpretation.

San Francisco Public Press tweeted out snippets of her comments:

“Mayor London Breed tells City Hall protesters she got into office to make real change. “I am hurting like I have never hurt before.”

“Mayor Breed: “We need you to be allies and stop telling black leaders, if you are not black, what the hell to do. I know what to do when it comes to my community. I don’t need a co-signer. I don’t need a slave owner telling me what to do.

She also said this:

Yes, I’m the mayor, but I’m a black woman first.

“But I want to say one thing. I want to say one thing, black lives matter is nobody’s joke. I’m tired of people treating it that way, I’m tired of people masking their racism in black lives matter. It is not a joke, it is not a joke. It is born out of pain, it is born out of racism that we are going to fight against, it is born out of our struggle, our blood, sweat, and tears, for all that we have struggled through in this country. Don’t get it twisted, it is not a joke.”

You can read the full transcript here from the June 1 event.

What does that mean exactly, “I’m a black woman first?”

Does Breed have a loyalty to her race and gender that takes priority above her oath as mayor?

And who exactly is a slaver owner in 2020?

Does she plan to put the priorities of “her community” before that of Hispanics? Whites? Any other race?

Apparently what it means is a reform of the policing community due to “a lack of equity in our society overall [that] leads to a lot of the problems that police are being asked to solve.”

The LA Times reports that Breed has several solutions to police reform to address the lack of societal equity that exists in San Francisco. Oddly enough, San Francisco’s societal inequity and racism hasn’t been solved since 1964, the last time there was a republican mayor of San Francisco. Guess Mayor Breed is going to be the one to finally solve systemic racism in San Francisco.

That includes the following police reforms:

• Ban the use of military-grade weapons against unarmed citizens (I suppose the police are to have X-ray vision to determine if someone is conceal carrying.)
Incorporate testing for bias and potential for abuse of force
• “Reel-back” the release of booking photos

Course the police will most likely have less encounters with citizens as the mayor’s reform includes replacing police with “trained, unarmed professionals to respond to calls for help on noncriminal matters involving mental health, the homeless, school discipline and neighbor disputes.”

Read about all of the mayor’s proposed reforms here.

You’d think that more than $12 BILLION dollars spent in the last fiscal year would have been enough to end the homeless problem and respond to their needs (which has included medical, social and psychological services; education and outreach services).

I’m sure that re-allocating funds from the police department to address noncriminal issues will solve all of San Francisco’s societal and racial problems. If after 50 years the demorats haven’t been able to fix their problems, I’m sure this black woman knows exactly what to do when it comes to her community. No joke.


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Walnut Creek, CA: Doctors have seen more deaths by suicide during quarantine period than deaths from Wuhan virus

What did you think was going to happen when you strip people of their right to earn a livelihood and force them into isolation?

ABC 7 News reported on Thursday that doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek they have seen more deaths by suicide during the stay-at-home order than deaths from the COVID-19 virus. From their report:

“The head of the trauma in the department believes mental health is suffering so much, it is time to end the shelter-in-place order.

“Personally I think it’s time,” said Dr. Mike deBoisblanc. “I think, originally, this (the shelter-in-place order) was put in place to flatten the curve and to make sure hospitals have the resources to take care of COVID patients. We have the current resources to do that and our other community health is suffering.”

The numbers are unprecedented, he said.

“We’ve never seen numbers like this, in such a short period of time,” he said. “I mean we’ve seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.”

Read the whole story here.

See also:

Suicides outpacing Wuhan virus deaths in Knox County, Tennessee
More suicides as a result of Wuhan virus isolation: Two Air Force cadets commit suicide while at the Academy
A consequence of Wuhan virus? Suicides on the rise in eastern Washington county


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Gavin Newsom sets in motion his plan to steal Disaster Relief Funds from Pandemic victims. Primarily victims that voted for Trump

The arragent lawlessness of the democrat party no longer surprises me. We see this behavior more and more because they are allowed to get away with it, unchallenged.

In states like California, where democrats have complete control of all aspects of the government,  the corruption runs rampant.

The democrats misappropriation of state funds and desire to put their personal interests before the citizens have caused a financial hardship on the state.

To counter this hardship the democrats appear to have redefined the position of state Governor. State “Grifter” is more appropriate  title than state Governor.

Governor Newsom appears to spend most of his time trying to figure out new ways to scam the Federal government out of money.

Currently, Newsom is trying to use the covid-19 pandemic to scam the Federal government. For Newsom it’s all about that getting that disaster relief money.

By now we all should be familiar with Elon Musk battle with Alameda County. (A battle he won). Prior to winning the battle Musk went to Newsome to discuss this problem. Newsom made it clear that it was the county officials call. They are to decide when it’s ok to lift any restrictions. Basically he said he can’t do anything about it.

Newsom made the decision to leave it up to the counties. Alameda also agrees with this decision. A commenrt made by Alameda’s health official was ” The governor’s order does not override the county’s stay-at-home order, which is in place through May 31.

It should bew perfectly clear that Newsom passed on the responsibility of “reopening” the counties. With that being the case, we must ask ourselves “Why is Newsome harassing and making threats to Sutter, Modoc and Yuba counties?

‘Gov. Gavin Newsom is warning three counties that they could lose disaster funding if t”ey continue to defy his stay-at-home order.

Officials in Yuba, Sutter and Modoc counties all allowed businesses to reopen because they have fewer coronavirus cases than other parts of the state”.

It’s more than likely he is doing it because of the people that live there.

Sutter County. ” Strongly Republican in presidential and congressional elections. The last democrat to win a majority in the county was Franklin Roosevelt in 1940.”

Modoc County. Strongly Republican in Presidential and cogressional elections. It is the most Republican county in California. The last Democrat to win a majority in the county was Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Yuba County. Republican in the last five Presidential elections.
In the last Presidential election, Yuba county remained strongly Republican, 57.3% to 34.4%. * This makes me wonder how a democrat won the congressional seat.

*Stanislaus County should be next on Newsom’s hit list, Stanislaus has decided to ignore Newsom’s orders. The county is a “battleground” politically. If,or should I say when actual combat with firearms “kicked off” this would be a hot spot, if not the front line. There would be hundreds, if not thousands of casualties the first few days. The citizens are heavly armed. This is my county.

Alameda is a democrat county. Newsom lets the county do it’s own thing while attacking 3 Republican counties. This is obvious political descrimination.

*If you are one of the few democrats that live in these counties, consider yourself abandoned by your party leader. Newsom considers you a acceptable loss, killed by friendly fire.

Like everything else Newsom does, this is abuse of his power if not criminal. The quickest, more realistic solution to end this is by taking all disaster relief funding provided by the Federal government and relieve the state of the responsibility to issue it out. Give it directly to the counties.

Some might be asking, “Do you have any more proof about him stealing the disaster funds?”

Personally, I think how he handled these counties is enough proof to start a investigation. A person might say, “it’s the same as Trump witholding funds from California.” It’s not. These counties are not breaking any laws.. They’re not trying to cover their debt that had accumilated prior to the pandemic. That’s exactly what Newsome is doing. Trying to cover the debt of the state that accumilated prior to the pandemic. A debt the democrats created. Make no mistake, Newsom wants that money.

What we should keep in mind.

It seemsa like yesterday when Newsome was going to rehab for his cocaine addiction. That was around the same time when he was cheating on his wife and having an affair with his campaign managers wife, doing lines is the nearest bathroom.

Just imagine. The manager is out telling everyone how great Newsom is while at the same time, his wife is in the back seat of the family car having a good time with Newsom.

Newsom, a guy that screws over his wife and his most trusting friend. He is a person that knows zero about loyalty and lkacks integrity and morality. This is a person that has proven to be untrustworthy. Yet, he wins the election.

  • I don’t believe he got the legal amount of votes required to win. When the polls closed on election day, Newsome was behind. Just like most of the democrats in the election. He along with the other democrats won after the mail in votes were counted. Ballots that come in after the polls that arrive by mail don’t get inspected the same way they do when the polls are open. Democrats changed that rule. All fake ballots make it through, unchallanged.. It doesn’t help matters when many of the election officials are corrupt.

Newsom and his crew of pirates need to be audited. The first place I would start would be the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) and their branch, Cal Fire.

I would investigate every piece of equipment owned by Cal Fire. If you have been paying attention in the past you will have noticed that many of the aircraft used to fight fires in California are owned by private contractors or other sources. Cal Fire has not been using their own equipment.

A good question would be, “If they are paying private contractors or other sources to fight fires then why have they spent so much money buying their own equipment?”

Here is some of the aircraft owned by Cal Fire. This information comes from Wikipedia

“In support of its ground forces, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE) emergency response air program includes 23 Grumman S-2T 1,200 gallon airtankers, eleven UH-1H Super Huey helicopters, and 14 OV-10A airtactical aircraft. These aircraft are stationed at 13 air attack and 10 helitack bases located statewide.”

Then there is the expense to maintain the equipment.

The average annual budget of the CAL FIRE Aviation Management Program is nearly $20 million.”

I shoul also ad the following.  This comes from a prior post of mine titled,

Kincade fire revisited. 

“In addition I found the following. They have 61 dozers, 50 fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft which include , 2 Air King A200 and 1 or more of the following, Dornier Do-228, C-23A Sherpa (SD3-30), Air Tractor AT-802A “FireBoss”mman S-2T, Lockheed P-2 Neptune, CL-215/ Bombardier 415 “Superscooper”, Douglas DC-7,McDonnell Douglas MD-87, British Aerospace Bae 146/ Avro RJ85, L188 Electra, Lockheed C-130 Hercules, Boeing 747, DC-10, AH-1 Firewatch “Cobra” ,Sikorsky S-61, Sikorsky S-64, Sikorsky S -70 “Firehawk”,Eurocopter AS-332L, Boeing-Vertol BV 107, Boeing 234 “Chinook”, Kaman “K-Max”, Bell 212, Bell 205 A++, Bell 412, Bell 407, Bell 206B “JetRanger”, Bell 206L-III “LongRanger”, Eurocopter AS350 AStar, MD 500D, Aérospatiale SA 315B “Lama”, Alouette 316B, Lockheed C-130, UH -60 “Blackhawk”, Boeing CH-46 “Sea Knight”, CH -47 “Chinook”, Sikorsky CH-53E “Super Stallion” (Sikorsky S-80E). For details click here.”

Cal Fires budget is up to 2.6 billion a year.

Why have the equipment if we are not using it? We need  inventory every piece of equipment.  We will be lucky if it’s  all there.

Before the Federal government gives any more money to the state of California, as well as any other state, they should require some sort of proof that shows prior spending matched request or purpose for the funding..  It’s  not too much to ask for.  If you or I are going to give someone money, we are going to want to know what it’s  spent on.  We are going to expect it to be spent on what we were told it was for.

Newsome is just like every other Democrat in a leadership position, corrupt.  It wouldn’t  surprise me if the democrats weren’t busy rigging the 2020 election, while all the focus is on the pandemic.

The whole concept of waiting for a covid-19 vaccine is stupidity at its best.  We have been looking for a vaccine  for HIV since the early 80’s.  In 2019 the US spent a minimum of 34 billion  on HIV. 

Still  no vaccine.

Democrats know this.  Newsome and the rest of the democrat leadership are nothing more than a band of grifters.  They are an embarrassment to every American, among many other things.

Law Enforcement and the Justice Department need step up and start making arrests  Treat the politicians the same way they treat everyone else.   It will only take a few before they start telling on each other.  Then they all fall.  It’s  that easy.


Deplorable Patriot.

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Meet the democratic socialist (and poet!) running against Nancy Pelosi

Meet the quality of candidates that California has to offer their constituents:

Nancy Pelosi has been in office since 1987. Her current term expires January 3, 2021. And their ain’t NO WAY she’s giving up her power.

Given the background and qualifications of this democratic socialist running against Nancy, Shahid Buttar, she’s more than likely to win another re-election (unless by some miracle a republican gets elected).

Let’s learn a bit more about Shahid, shall we? From his web site:

“Since graduating from Stanford Law School in 2003, Shahid has worked in both San Francisco and Washington as a legal advocate, a non-profit leader, a grassroots organizer, and a poet & musician. His wide-ranging work reflects a commitment to intersectional feminism, democratic socialism, and international human rights. His passions have long aligned around a common purpose: building the movement to place human rights and human needs like peace and climate justice before corporate profits.

In addition to LGBTQ rights, privacy, and the right to encryption, Shahid’s work has also advanced immigrant rights, campaign finance reform, government transparency, international human rights, and police accountability. His writing has explored issues from the right-wing attack on reproductive freedom to the erosion of voting rights, and from effective counter-terrorism strategies to examples of counter-cultural activism promoting progressive politics at the intersection of art and organizing.

An immigrant of Pakistani descent from the United Kingdom and the youngest of four children, Shahid grew up in the midwest and first came to the Bay Area in 2000 to study law at Stanford.

While a student at Stanford Law School, he served as Executive Editor of the Stanford Environmental Law Journal and professor Lawrence Lessig’s teaching assistant for Constitutional Law. He also spear-headed a campaign to promote sustainable building practices by the university, a day of action to shut down a Lockheed Martin facility, and a student strike against the war in Iraq.

After growing immersed in the movement to end the war, Shahid moved to Washington to work for Heller Ehrman LLP, a San Francisco-based law firm that later collapsed during the 2008 financial crisis. His work there included litigation championing the right to marry the partner of one’s choice—nearly 10 years before the Democratic establishment finally embraced marriage equality—and an appeal defending bipartisan campaign finance reform from being undermined by the Federal Election Commission.”

Outside of his work as an advocate and organizer, Shahid performs as a DJ, MC, and poet. He also organizes artists, and has co-founded several collectives of politicized performance artists on both coasts.”

Some of his endorsements include left-wing actress Susan Sarandon, the anti-Semite Linda Sarsour, race-baiter Dr. Cornel West and faux black man Shaun King.

Stellar list of endorsements ‘ya got there, Shahid.

Read about all of Shahid’s unique qualifications here.


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Moving the goalpost: Los Angeles County may stay locked down through August

Los Angeles County has a population of more than 10 million people. As of May 12, they had 33,180 confirmed cases of Wuhan virus which includes 1,613 deaths. You do the math.

Yet even with these extremely small numbers, County Public Health Director Dr. Barbara Ferrer said the stay at home order will “with all certainty” be extended possibly until July or August, according to Fox News.

Dr. Barbara Ferrer

The good doctor said the following, “Our hope is that by using the data we’d be slowly able to lift restrictions over the next three months. But without widely available therapeutic testing for the coronavirus or rapid at-home testing versions that would allow people to test themselves daily, it seems unlikely that restrictions would be completely eased.

Read the whole Fox News story here.

Gov. Newsom issued the mandatory stay at home order in California on March 19. The goal was to “flatten the curve” together and “bend the curve.”

Whatever that means.

Two months later and less than .004 percent of the Los Angeles County population has been confirmed to have Wuhan virus and has an even lower percentage of deaths.

Way to “use the data” move the goalpost.


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The cost of economic shutdown: CA goes from $21B surplus to $53.4B budget shortfall

Taxpayers (whether local or federal) are going to have to cough up more money due to bureaucrats across the country completely shutting down economies.

My state announced yesterday that revenue collection for the month of April fell by $502.5 million. You know almost every local and state agency will be facing drastic shortages. But remember: #WeAreAllInThisTogether.

KTLA reports that Gov. Newsom announced that California will have a budget shortfall of $53.4 billion due to shutting down their state in late March. Just last year, they (supposedly) had a budget surplus of $21 billion.

Also, more than 4 million people have filed for unemployment in California as a result of the Wuhan virus shutdown.

You know the pain is going to come for taxpayer$: “Phil Ting, chairman of the budget committee in the state Assembly, said he doesn’t think the state can cut enough spending to fill the budget hole and “may have to look at some additional revenue.”

Read the whole story here.


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