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Catholic website calls anyone who questions military intervention to oust Pope Francis ‘out of line’

Three days ago on January 25, I published a post on a poll on a traditional Catholic website, From Rome, on whether there should be a military intervention at the Vatican to oust Pope Francis (real name Jorge Bergoglio) and restore 92-year-old Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to the papacy.

From Rome‘s editor is a Franciscan monk, Br. Alexis Bugnolo.

I explained that the poll was prompted by frustration about Pope Francis and the conviction that Benedict XVI had not “really” resigned as pope, but only from the active ministry as pope — which, of course, is exactly what the title “Pope Emeritus” means, just as the title “Professor Emeritus” refers to a professor who has retired from teaching at his/her university (“emeritus”), but nevertheless retains the title “professor”.

About the poll, a From Rome reader StMA posted this comment:

Which military does From Rome imagine would “intervene” at the Vatican to oust fake pope Bergoglio? If the Church’s clergy — from cardinals to priests — would do their job, no military intervention would be needed.

To which From Rome responded defensively and disingenuously:

“We do not imagine anything. We are just taking a poll.”

Today, From Rome published the final results of the poll, crowing that “Catholics overwhelmingly support military intervention at the Vatican”.

From the post:

The Poll Results are in, and they speak for themselves:

The same reader posted a comment about the results of the poll:

Once again, I must ask this blog and its 159 readers who voted “Yes” in this poll:

Which country/government do you imagine would risk the lives of their soldiers to launch a military intervention against the Vatican, a sovereign state, when this is a matter solely for the Catholic Church to resolve?

From Rome responded by calling the commenter “out of line”:

The Catholic Faithful have appealed to Kings and princes hundreds of times throughout the Centuries to clean up the Church by means of military intervention, whether or at Rome or elsewhere. It is their God given right to appeal to Christ the King, either through their superiors in the Church or through their superiors in the Temporal Powers, since Christ is Lord of them both. So you [sic] comment is way out of line. — As for risking the lives of their soldiers, you got to be kidding…

The dictionary defines “out of line” as:

Not in agreement or accordance with generally accepted or established limits.

Contrary to or in violation of acceptable rules, conventions, or standards; improper or inappropriate.

One wonders what rule, convention, or standard reader StMA had violated?

Also, by asserting “The Catholic Faithful have appealed to Kings and princes hundreds of times throughout the Centuries to clean up the Church by means of military intervention, whether or at Rome or elsewhere” in its dismissive and abusive response to the reader, From Rome‘s editor in effect belies his previous disingenuous denial that he was not advocating a military intervention but “just taking a poll.”

Frankly, From Rome‘s speech and behavior do no credit to the cause of traditional Catholics who are, with good reasons, unhappy with Pope Francis.

I now repeat what I had written in the January 25 post:

As an American, I do not want a U.S. military intervention at the Vatican for any reason. And if the U.S. were to intervene and oust Jorge Bergoglio from the papacy, then what? Should the U.S. military occupy Vatican City until Benedict XVI is restored to St. Peter’s? Benedict is 92 years old and frail. Should the U.S. military then force a papal conclave to elect a new pope? And if another Bergoglio is elected, then what?

The Catholic Church’s cardinals created this mess. The Catholic Church, and no one else, should resolve their own problems.


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