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About to face the cancel culture? Producer defends using male voices for female animated characters

If you are not “woke” enough in Hollyweird, you will face the wrath of progressives.

Loren Bouchard (above) is an American animator, writer, producer, and television director who has created several animated TV shows.

THR reports that in Apple’s forthcoming Central Park animated comedies, Bouchard told the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour that he knows it isn’t great practice to have men voicing female characters but sometimes it can’t be helped.

Male actors Daveed Diggs and Stanley Tucci both voice female characters, while Kristen Bell lends her voice to the central family’s mixed-race daughter. And on Fox’s mega-hit Bob’s Burgers (created by Bouchard), John Roberts lends his voice to the character of Linda.

Bouchard’s justification for this crime: “Animation just makes you want to take this voice and have it come out if this face. Hopefully there’s something about it that makes sense.”

More from THR:

“Still, Bouchard — who along with exec producer Josh Gad and star Bell raved about the influence musical theater had on them during their formative years — is aware that the practice of handing roles for women to men isn’t particularly great at a time when the industry is making an effort to do better with inclusion on-screen and off.

“Here I am, yet again, taking away two roles for women, and it’s something that I have on my mind all the time to try and keep balancing things,” he said, acknowledging Bell voicing a mixed-race character. “Kristen needed to voice Molly, we couldn’t not make her Molly and then we couldn’t make Molly white and couldn’t make Kristen mixed-race. Then you arrive there and keep doing it as best you can to turn around and give someone an opportunity who wasn’t getting it. A commitment to diversity isn’t some odd job, it’s a commitment to making it better.

Progressives have earned a perfect “10” in the mental gymnastics they go through to justify their double standards.


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