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Sunday Smile: The best election night compilation video of all time

Warning: Some foul language due to libtard butt hurt.

This will NEVER GET OLD.

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Democratic Party operative Bob Beckel calls for assassinating WikiLeaks' Julian Assange

Julian Assange, an Australian, is the founder, editor-in-chief and director of WikiLeaks, an international non-profit journalistic organization that publishes secret information, news leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources. Within a year of its 2006 launching, WikiLeaks’ website claimed a database of more than 1.2 million documents.
In November 2010, when Hillary Clinton was U.S. secretary of state, WikiLeaks collaborated with major global media organizations to release the State Department’s diplomatic “cables” in redacted format.
During the current presidential election season, WikiLeaks has been doing the job of America’s establishment media by exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) via the release of their respective emails. See:

Assange promises that WikiLeaks will release proof that Hillary has rigged the elections.
Yesterday, WikiLeaks sent out an alarming tweet that “Hillary Clinton strategist Bob Beckel called for WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange to be assassinated”:
WikiLeaks tweet about Bob Beckel
The tweet contains a video snippet of Beckel on FoxNews, saying:

“The way to deal with this is pretty simple — you get Special Ops (Operations) forces. I mean, a dead man can’t leak stuff. This guy’s [Assange] a traitor, treasonous, and and he’s broken every law of the United States. The guy ought to be — and I’m not for the death penalty, so if I’m not for the death penalty, the only way to do it is illegally shoot the son of a bitch.”

Blog and news sites, including big names like ZeroHedge and Pamela Geller, are reporting Beckel’s vile remarks as contemporaneous, in the context of WikiLeaks’ current exposés of Hillary and the DNC.
Not so.
Beckel actually made those remarks 5 years ago in December 2011. Here’s a longer FoxNews video, wherein Beckel was part of a panel discussing how the U.S. should deal with Assange and WikiLeaks for their release of the State Department’s diplomatic cables. Beckel’s “shoot the son of a bitch” remarks begin at the 0:57 mark:

That it was 5 years ago that Beckel had called for assassinating Julian Assange doesn’t make it less reprehensible. It’s also ridiculous for Beckel to call Assange “a traitor” and “treasonous,” because Assange is Australian, not a U.S. citizen.
So who is Bob Beckel?
According to Wikipedia, 67-year-old Bob Beckel is a political analyst-pundit who began his professional life as a Democratic administration official and Democratic Party operative. He was a Deputy Assistant Secretary of State (1977) and Special Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs (1978) in the Carter administration; the campaign manager for Walter Mondale’s 1984 presidential campaign; founder of the consulting & lobbying firm Bob Beckel & Associates (1984); campaign manager of a Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Idaho (2002); USA Today columnist (2005-2015); FoxNews “token angry liberal” co-host (2011-2015); and since October 2015, CNN commentator on the 2016 election.
Wikipedia makes no mention of Beckel being a Hillary Clinton strategist, nor have I found confirmation that he is a Hillary strategist, other than what the WikiLeaks tweet claims. But all that doesn’t mean he isn’t a Hillary Clinton strategist, given Beckel’s history as a Democratic Party operative.
There must be a reason why WikiLeaks sent out its tweet of Beckel’s 5-year-old call to assassinate Assange. Perhaps Assange has received death threats and does not want the same fate that befell DNC staffer and WikiLeaks informant Seth Rich. (See “WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange: murdered DNC staffer was source of leaked DNC emails”)
H/t maziel

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Romney surges ahead of POS in latest polls!

45th President of the United States of America (2013-2020)

The polls are looking worse and worse for Obama:

1. Gallup’s latest national poll of likely voters: 51% Romney v. 45% Obama.

2. Romney has closed a 26-point gap and is surging ahead of Obama in favorability ratings:

  • In March 2012, Pew Research Center had Obama’s favorable rating at 55% vs. Romney’s 29%. But now, it’s Romney 50% vs. Obama 49%.
  • Gallup also has Romney beating Obama on the favorability rating, 52% to 51%.
  • Even the liberal DailyKos/SEIU/PPP poll has Romney beating Obama on the fave rating, 49% to 46%.

3. Romney is now leading in three battleground states:

4. RealClearPolitics’s 2012 electoral map gives a plurality of Electoral College votes to Romney: 206 Romney v. 201 Obama (131 toss ups)

Former Democratic strategist Bob Beckel on Fox News’ “The Five” today:  “It’s over. If these numbers are true, it’s over.”

Keep praying, friends!

Pray for Romney! Pray for America!


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