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This is New York: de Blasio’s terrible approval rating not hurting re-election odds

de blasio

It just amazes me how some people are so complacent when it comes to researching who is running for office. Last year when I voted in local primaries, I heard a woman (who was voting demorat, I could tell by the color of her ballot) ask how come she didn’t see a certain person’s name on the ballot. It’s because there was no demorat challenging him. She hadn’t even bothered to see who was running in the primaries. Appears many New Yorkers lack the same initiative.

From NY Post: Mayor de Blasio’s poll numbers have tumbled — but the lower favorability ratings haven’t come close to derailing his bid for re-election in November, according to a poll released Monday.

Voters approve of the mayor’s job performance by a 50 to 42 percent margin — down from a 60 to 34 percent showing on May 17, according to the Quinnipiac University survey. They are also split on whether he deserves a second term — 46 to 46 percent — even though 57 percent had supported his re-election bid in May, while 35 percent did not.

But when it comes to a general election match-up against Nicole Malliotakis, a Staten Island Assembly member, de Blasio is still up 57 percent to 22 percent. His lead in May was 64 to 21 percent.

“Leave out the one big question – the re-election matchup – and this is a pretty bad poll for Mayor Bill de Blasio,” said pollster Maurice Carroll. “But on the one question that matters in this election year — de Blasio versus Assembly member Nicole Malliotakis — Hizzoner is a better than a 2-1 winner.”

When independent candidate Bo Dietl is factored in, de Blasio’s margin of victory gets even larger — 52 percent for the mayor, 15 percent for Malliotakis and 11 percent for Dietl.

The issue for Malliotakis and Dietl appears to be largely name recognition. When it came to favorability ratings, 78 percent of voters said they didn’t know enough about Malliotakis to form an opinion — while 74 percent said the same of Dietl.

One of the highest numbers registered in the poll came when voters were asked who should pay the mayor’s legal bills for state and federal investigations of his administration. Seventy-eight percent said he should cover the $2 million, while just 13 percent say taxpayers should pick up the tab. De Blasio initially said he’d raise the money in a legal defense fund — then changed his mind and said he’d stick taxpayers with the bill.

The poll surveyed 877 city voters between July 20 and July 26, and has a plus or minus 4.1 percentage point margin of error.


“Knockout Game” and how to protect yourself


There is a new urban phenomenon called “the Knockout Game,” wherein urban blacks or, as Doug Giles aptly puts it, “demonic hood rats,” randomly attack whites and Jews — not to rob people, but just for fun. (See Trail Dust’s post on this: “FoxNews finally deals with racist mobs.”)

But the MSM are not telling you about it.

As former NYPD detective Bo Dietl said to Sean Hannity: “The liberal news media doesn’t want to say what it is. It’s gangs of black youths attacking whites. It’s a race-based thing. It’s the black youths against the white individual. Not even just a man. It’s against defenseless women and defenseless people and they hit ‘em in the face and they try to knock ‘em out. People have been killed. My problem is, they gotta take this crime, and they gotta categorize it the way it’s supposed to be categorized. It’s black-on-white crime. That’s racist.”

On the same Hannity program, noted criminal defense attorney Remy Spencer said there’s no guesswork or speculation about the racial angle, as the black assailants themselves are self-publicizing their mayhem online. Spencer said, “They’re posting these things on Facebook, on Twitter and on YouTube. In one that I reviewed before coming on your show tonight, one of the black young men who did this, his caption was that ‘White Girl Bleed a Lot’.


Note: White Girl Bleed a Lot is a book by my friend, Colin Flaherty, on the epidemic of black violence, including the knockout game. The book has received rave reviews from black luminaries such as Thomas Sowell and Allen West. WND just published a new edition of the book.


Here’s the latest victim of the “knockout game.”

On November 29, 2013, in broad daylight at around 11:35 a.m., Yvonne Small, a 76-year-old Brooklyn woman was punched in the back of the head by a stranger in what residents fear could be the city’s 10th “knockout game” attack.

The elderly woman fell to the ground after being punched by her assailant on Alabama Ave. and Wortman Ave. in East New York. She was treated at Brookdale University Hospital and discharged.

Her attacker is at large and wanted by police. NYPD has issued this surveillance camera pic of her assailant and is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying and locating this black man:

Yvonne Small's assailant

Giles has 7 tips on how not to become a victim of a knockout game. Words between quotation marks are his.

1. Pray: “I’m a man of prayer I advise you to pray for protection and not take safety for granted. Call me medieval. Yep, I regularly pray for my loved one’s well-being and trust our Heavenly Father to keep the a-holes a-way.”

2. Move: “As much as you can, don’t put yourself in the path of a rootless posse of pain. If you have to move to a safer place, then do it.”

3. “Don’t walk our increasingly mean streets alone and make certain the folks you run with are street smart and will have your back. If you’re elderly, I suggest you befriend the Bruce Lee in the neighborhood by making him great meals and, in exchange, have him go with you when you’re on a grocery run.”

4. Get a dog: “Adopt a pit bull, feed it gun powder and call him Satan (or something to that affect); and take him with you everywhere you go.”

5. Be on guard against young black punks: “I recommend studying the news clips that show these knock out clowns at work and make a mental note of the age range and the skin color of the culprits. Duh.”

6. Learn self-defense techniques: “If you’re young, you’d better get on the stick and become proficient in some form of ass-kicking. The way things are going you’re going to need to know how to throw down for the next few decades given this milieu’s entitlement mentality, our coddling culture and the egregious and growing lack of parental oversight and discipline.”

7. Arm yourself: “Get a concealed carry permit, buy a gun and morph into a proficiency with said weapon that rivals Doc Holliday or Annie Oakley. If you live in some crap city or state that makes it impossible for you to carry out your God-given right of self-defense, then pick your junk up and leave that locale in the dust.”

FOTM’s Steve, a former body guard for Hollywood stars, has really good personal security advice as well. Click here for our “Health, Finance, and Security Tips” page, and scroll down for the orange-colored links and tips!


Laurie Cumbo

Laurie Cumbo

How nice.

Newly elected New York city councilwoman Laurie Cumbo is blaming the victims, specifically Jews, for the “knockout games” because for black teens, “the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers [sic] feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success.”

Surprise! (not)

Cumbo is black.

See also “Knockout Game: Epidemic of random vicious deadly assaults,” Sept. 30, 2013.