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It’s a mystery? Obesity seems to be tied to getting very sick from Wuhan virus

Serious headline from the AP:

For years feminists have been promoting “body positivity” and have derided anyone who “fat shames.”

Gee, I wonder why obesity may make you prone to getting very sick from the Wuhan virus? Could it have something to do with the many health complications that occur with obesity such as high blood pressure and diabetes?

Do any of these womyn look “healthy” to you?

Tess Holliday

Size 26 Tess Holliday leads an army of curvy models at London Fashion Week to promote “body positivity”


Visual proof: Obese singer Lizzo wears bikini during vacation in Brazil

Hunter McGrady

Curviest model ever’ posts ‘fearless’ swimsuit photo: ‘Cellulite is cool too’

Calvin Klein promoting obesity under the guise of “inclusivity”

Might want to re-think that whole obese, “body positivity” angle, ladies. Turns out it could be a deadly one.


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