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Was Obama wearing an ear phone in 3rd debate?

“Gate” of NorCalBlogs is asking if Obama’s better performance in the second and third presidential debates was due to his having some special assistance in the form of an ear-phone. (H/t FOTM’s Maziel)

It’s not a secret that Obama uses ear pieces, because there are numerous photos that show him wearing one at various functions, as you see in the photos below:

Obama adjusts ear piece in photos above

“Gate” posted this close-up photo of Obama (see below) which clearly shows him wearing a clear-colored ear device (a Bluetooth® or  higher-end Kleer® wireless earbud?). However, this photo could not be from the third (or second or first) debate because Obama has jet-black hair in the photo, whereas his hair has grey in it during the three debates:

Pic posted by “Gate”

So I took screen shots from the videos posted on YouTube of the third and first debates, so we can see for ourselves.

Here’s a screen shot from the first debate, followed by a close-up of Obama’s left ear from this screen shot:

Here’s a screen shot I took from a video of the third presidential debate, followed by a closeup of Obama’s left ear from that screen shot:

I painted two red arrows onto the above closeup, pointing to two features that are missing from Obama’s left ear in the first debate:

  • The left red arrow points to a strange flesh-colored vertical line that extends from the inner top rim to the lower lobe of Obama’s ear.
  • The right red arrow points to a crescent shape in his ear that’s a light flesh-pink color.

I found the same two features in other screenshots of Obama which I took from the video of the third debate.

Here are the closeups of the two ears (left from the 1st debate; right from the 3rd debate) placed side by side so you can better compare them. I’ve painted red dots on that strange flesh-colored vertical line in the picture of his ear from the 3rd debate:

Here are the first pic posted by “Gate” showing clearly a clear-colored ear device in Obama ear (left), side by side with the closeup of his ear from the third debate (right). Do you see how the pink crescent shape is EXACTLY the same U shape as the clear ear device? (h/t FOTM’s beloved Joan):

Now watch this video of the third presidential debate. Notice, for example beginning at the 0:02:40 mark, how when Romney’s talking, Obama is very still and just stares at Romney, as if he’s intently listening to someone talking into his ear:

This is what my friend Mark McGrew wrote in an email to me:

“I’m sure there are clear ear pieces. But in a clandestine application they would be flesh colored and used with makeup to blend in which is what Obama’s ear looked like in the 3rd debate.

Blue Phone: This is a technique used by sales managers to train new salespeople, who know little about sales methods or their written script (sales pitch). A manager listens in to a call between a salesman and his customer. The customer can not hear the manager. The call is recorded so that the salesman can listen to it later, over and over again, until he understands what to do when he is on his own. The salesman’s only purpose in life, is to watch and listen to every word and every inflection of the manager and the salesman has to duplicate, like an actor, every thing the manager says, in the same tone of voice, the same inflections and the same body motions. The salesman becomes like a Disneyland robot, completely mimicking the manager in every way. In reality, the manger is negotiating with the customer, but using the salesman’s body to do so. The salesman is ‘possessed’. If done properly, the manager at some point can say, ‘I shot John Kennedy and raped your daughter’ and that is exactly what the salesman will tell the customer, and not even know he said it. After the call, the manager can tell the salesman what he said, but the salesman will not believe it until he hears the recording of the call. The salesman is hypnotized during the blue phoning. The manager has complete control over his robot. This technique is used in complicated sales, with many questions coming from the customer, such as securities and investments. If the manager stops the blue phone and walks off, the salesman will not have the faintest idea where he is in the sales call and will take several seconds to ‘come out of trance’ and try desperately to get back in the sales call, usually failing to do so. It is like you dropped a salesman off a 30 story building and he doesn’t realize it until just before he hits the sidewalk.

I personally have blue phoned hundreds of sales calls and know exactly what a blue phoned person looks like: As if in an intense trance. And they are in an intense trance. I am an expert in Blue Phoning and I know what a Blue Phoned person looks like, the expression on his face, the eyeball movements, the stress level, the body movements…..everything.

In debate #2 and debate # 3, Obama was Blue Phoned. Whether it was an ear piece, a teleprompter or a brain implant, I do not know. I only know that he was Blue Phoned.”

Update (Nov. 5, 2012):

Jim McElwee of ItMakesSenseBlog posted these pics of Obama’s right ear taken from the 3rd debate (h/t Sally!):

Here’s a comment from a reader of ItMakesSenseBlog:

Jo Ann Spain:

I am a retired Licensed Optician (40 year experience) with a PhD…. I have also fit hearing aids for many years.. I knew he had a device in his ear..( I Told my husband & our Friends what to look for) because when ever Mr. Romney was talking, “Obama” turned his head slightly to pick up on a second person talking in his ear to coach him ;I am sure of this…The last 2 debates he had a ” Prompter Ear Device for help~~”.. (Look how REALLY MISERABLY HE DID IN THE FIRST BEBATE WITH NO HELP!!) I wonder how “CLOSE BY” Mr. Bill Clinton or someone” FAR more knowlegable and SAVAY” (MUCH MORE THAN OBAMA” )was available to feed him INFO.. He is’nt that “SMART” because He still didn’t do that well even with the “HELP HE SO OBVIOUSLY RECEIVED!..


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