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Progressives Seeking Refugee Status in Red States (And Some Ideas for Repelling Them)

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A humanitarian crisis is brewing in the “blue states” of America, and in particular their Progressive urban enclaves. Suburbanite sneering, multi-unit “sustainable” housing’d, Second Amendment suppressed-zone Progressives are experiencing an unexpected form of “climate change.”

That is, their hipster utopias are suddenly deadly threat environments: between their “take the ‘C’ train” subways (“next stop, Covid Central Station”), their “we dare not criticize” Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters, and about-to-be defunded if not eliminated police departments, Democrat cities are rapidly devolving back to the dystopian urban environments portrayed in 1970’s movies.

Likely even worse in many Democrat controlled areas; such as Minneapolis seriously (as of this writing) working toward disbanding its police department.  That’ll work out well.  Welcome to Mogadishu, Minnesota.

As good Darwinists, the Progressives in those environs are realizing that, to survive as a species, they must either adapt to their new environment, or migrate to one that’s more hospitable.

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