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Fake News telling lies about Covid-19, again.

The Democrat’s main propaganda, fearmongering mainstream media(MSM) outlets in the USA are over sensationalizing the coronavirus. The vast difference from what the MSM and the actual numbers reported by the CDC combined with what seems to be a coordinated effort to push the same misleading information on to the public, a person can only assume this is done intentionally.

A screenshot of the coronavirus shows just a couple of the many news sources promoting the “Fake News”.


Just a few examples of who is reporting this Fake News are,

  1. Washington Post
  2. New York Times  
  3. NBC News
  4. CNN 
  5. ABC
  6. And many many more…

The actual numbers are in the image below.  These can be found at the CDC by clicking here.


Now the question is, “who are you going to believe?” I think the less of the two evils could be the CDC.

A person should also be weary when they see “presumptive positive coronavirus”.  These are test that have not been verified by the CDC.   They are what you would call a “presumptive diagnosis”.

What is presumptive diagnosis?
“In medicine, a presumptive diagnosis identifies the likely condition of a patient, and a confirmatory diagnosis confirms is needed to confirm the condition.”

The MSM is presenting  cases that are “presumptive positive coronavirus” as if they are confirmed cases.

The MSM is reporting Fake News.  This doesn’t mean to not protect yourselves.  Covid-19 is still a danger.  Somebody wants you to get sick.  I realized this back on February 27 when  the “US has confirmed one new case suspected to be a result of ‘community spread’, when the source of infection is not known”.  This strain originated in the USA.

Is Covid-19 being used as a “Bio-weapon”? Are the democrats using  Covid-19  as a political weapon?  Perhaps on both, but I cannot prove it, …..yet.


Deplorable Patriot

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