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Must watch Tucker Carlson tonight? Tony Bobulinski to play recordings of Biden family operatives

A week away from elections and everyone’s gotta sell their show, I guess.

Tucker is one of the few I watch on Fox (not every night). He’s usually pretty good with his receipts. Will he come through tonight?

A preview of what’s going to happen:

On Sunday, Twitchy reported that Brian Cates claims that information was going to drop this week about the Bidens and that it wasn’t going to be good.

From their post: “We’re in the endgame NOW’: Brian Cates’ thread details how it’s about to get REAL this week and it AIN’T good for Biden.”

Apparently what should drop this week: “More Biden/Obama/Clinton/Kerry corruption in Ukraine and China and Russia and elsewhere.”

I wonder if Tucker’s interview with Bobulinski has something to do with Cates’ claim?

Tune in and find out…


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