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Libyan Rebels Behead Captured Soldier. Very Graphic.

Warning, I don’t even want to post this as it is so freakin sick. I feel I have to post it, cause maybe some people will wake the hell up. These are our new friends.
I am done now for the day.. I’m going to the range. I need to shoot the crap out of something..
I want you to meet Skippy and McCain’s new friends. This is who we are backing.  I guess these are the so called moderates. Just why  the crap are we even involved. This is 

very very Graphic.

Really, skip it if you can’t handle it. Save it for later. I am disgusted that we are even dealing with these animals. They are all the same. Muslim = Religion of peace..My big fat arse.
Steve                            H/T  May

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