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The attack of the killer beaver

I had no idea beavers, the second largest rodents in the world, can be so aggressive.
Sam Webb reports for the Daily Mail, April 11, 2013, that a fisherman enjoying a fishing trip with his friends was savaged to death by a beaver.
The man was at Lake Shestakov in Belarus with two friends when they spotted the large rodent by the side of the road. As he inched towards the beaver to take a picture, it pounced on him, sinking its sharp teeth into the man’s thigh and severing a major artery, reports Sky News.
His friends desperately tried to staunch the blood welling up from the wound but the man bled to death.
Experts say that while beaver attacks are rare, those that attack humans are usually rabid.

In Pennyslvania a number of rabies-infected beavers attacked humans in 2011 and 2012:

  • Normand Brousseau, 51, of Pine Plains, New York, was swimming in the river with a floating device known as a ‘noodle’ when the beaver latched onto his chest. After being bitten and clawed at several times, Brousseau was finally pulled to shore by Nick Hedges, 16, who joined his three fellow Scouts in pelting the rodent with stones until it died.
  • In late April 2011, a rabid beaver attacked a fisherman in the White Clay Creek area of Chester County, Pennsylvania. The fisherman managed to overcome and drown the animal.

Here’s a video showing how fast beavers can move when they decide to attack a human:

Here’s a beaver undeterred by a shovel:

Never, never let your kid get near a beaver — or any wild animal. Unlike pet dogs and cats, wild creatures are not warm and fuzzy and should always be approached with caution, if you approach them at all.


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The Soldier and the Squirrel

Here’s One for Grouchy Fogie

When I received this email from Kelleigh, I immediately thought of frequent commenter, Grouchy Fogie, who sometimes uses a Squirrel photo as his gravatar.

Soldiers in Belarus found a little squirrel and brought it  to the Warrant officer. The squirrel was very weak and about to die, so the officer took care of it, fed like a baby every 4 hours.

3  months ago the guy left the army and now works as a taxi driver – and the squirrel is always in his pocket no matter where he goes!  


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Strange Underground Noises Heard Across the World

Loud rumbling and groaning sounds are being heard in many locales across the world:

The person who posted this video on YouTube speculates that the sounds may be caused by surreptitious drilling and construction of large underground shelters by governments that are taking the threat of 2012 seriously.
I found some other videos of strange sounds. This one, recorded somewhere in Michigan on August 19, 2011, seems to be from space instead of from beneath the earth:

Here’s one from Homel, Belarus, on August 14, 2011:

As of March 22, 2011, The Big Wobble had compiled a map of reported strange sounds in the United States:


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Fox Shoots Hunter

A hunter became the hunted after a fox shot him with his own gun.
A man was hunting a fox in Grodno, Belarus, a picturesque farming region near the border with Poland popular with hunters.
The man shot the fox from a distance, but the creature was still alive. So the hunter tried to kill the fox with the butt of his gun.
As recounted by a police officer called to the scene, “The animal fiercely resisted and in the struggle accidentally pulled the trigger with its paw,” shooting the hunter in his leg.
The fox made its escape while friends took the injured man to hospital.
One official said: “I have never heard of anything like this before. The hunter couldn’t believe it either. He was in shock.”
The 40-year-old hunter asked for his name to be withheld to save his embarrassment.
True story. Go, fox!
[Source: Daily Mail, Jan 15, 2011]
~Eowyn, vegetarian

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