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Europe ‘wary of confronting China over deaths’

Excerpts from BBC:

“China is continuing to under-report the true levels of deaths from Covid-19, national security officials in London and Washington believe.

But European officials are wary about directly challenging China over the figures, sources told the BBC. That concern also extends to confronting Beijing over an information campaign to improve its standing and distract from blame in the crisis.

China has denied allegations of a cover up, saying it has been transparent about its efforts to battle the virus.

On 17 April, officials in Wuhan, the city where the outbreak is believed to have begun, raised the death toll from Covid-19 by 50 per cent overnight. They said the sharp increase reflected updated reporting and deaths outside hospitals, insisting there had been no cover-up.

But several officials in London and Washington say they still believe the picture is not an accurate reflection of the death toll, and that the central government in Beijing knows this. They do not however believe China knows the real figure for certain and is hiding it.

Western intelligence officials say that figures underplaying the toll are likely pushed up the chain from a local level by Chinese officials nervous of revealing the full truth, and these make their way up to Beijing, with officials at the top fully aware of this problem occurring along the chain.

“It is impossible to know what the figures are in China. What we do know is the figures are very likely to be wrong,” Tom Tugendhat MP, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, told the BBC.

Governments in Europe have been wary of engaging in a diplomatic row with China at a sensitive time. One UK official, who like others declined to speak on the record, said there was a “nervousness” about confronting China and that relations were “delicate”.

Read the whole story here.


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Obama dines with President Trump-basher De Niro and Chicom-lover Tim Cook

The Daily Mail reports that former President Obama had dinner with TDS-infected actor Robert De Niro and Apple CEO Tim Cook.

From their story:

Former US president Barack Obama met acting legend and vociferous Donald Trump critic Robert De Niro and Apple CEO Tim Cook for dinner in New York on Monday evening. The trio spent several hours eating together at Yves Restaurant in Tribeca.

Left-leaning De Niro campaigned for Obama as president in 2008 and has consistently expressed his support for the former leader.

He has previously stated that Donald Trump ‘should not be president, period’. De Niro infamously gave a speech at the 2018 Tony Awards during which he declared: ‘I’m gonna say one thing. F*** Trump.’

Read the whole puff piece here.

Gee, wonder if Obama and De Niro discussed the lawsuit De Niro is facing in which a female employee charges De Niro with creepy and abusive behavior. The abusive behavior includes leaving her voicemails threatening “you’re f—ing history” and calling her a “bitch” and a “brat.”

And I wonder if Obama and Chicom-lover Tim Cook discussed Cook’s appointment as chairman of the advisory board for Tsinghua University’s economics school in Beijing. This is the same Cook who has come under fire over Apple’s decision to remove an app that let Hong Kong protesters track police movements in the territory, kowtowing to Chinese censors.

Or maybe Obama and Cook discussed the Muslim prisoners in China’s concentration camps who are reportedly subjected to gang rape and medical experiments?

Great dining companions there, Obama. Really impressive.


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