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A simplistic and juvenile insult of US military

The other day I say this on Twitter:

I thought it was insulting to healthcare workers because they have been at the frontline of this Wuhan virus, as is the job of medical professionals.

Yet depending upon the crisis/situation one may be facing, a hero exists in many aspects of life. For example: healthcare workers, random strangers, lifeguards, a good guy with a gun, EMTs, a tow truck driver and even children.

Then I saw this response to the above photo: “Those who serve in the us military aren’t heroes because anyone can pull a trigger.”

Way to belittle Americans defending your First Amendment freedom by using an insult to respond to an insult. So juvenile yet expected from progressives.

Just because one may be able “pull a trigger” doesn’t mean they are capable of doing so. See the following examples (second video NSFW due to language):

For the proggies in the second video: TAKE FIREARM SAFETY TRAINING SERIOUSLY. (BTW, this instructor completely FAILED in teaching these people trigger finger control!!!) If anyone can pull a trigger, you can learn the basics of firearm safety before shooting those scary guns, right?

Once these proggies have mastered how to “pull a trigger,” maybe they’ll enlist and learn other military basics: Communication, patrol, recon, cover and conceal, metric measurements, fire distribution and control, standoff advantage, first aid, survival skills (shelter, food, water, purification, etc.), waste disposal, position and location and land navigation (learn to use a compass!), weapons maintenance, rifle marksmanship, firearm and buddy tactics, infantry combat, vehicle maintenance, electronics, and so many, many other very important battlefield skills that will save your life and those of your fellow soldiers.

What do ‘ya know? It does take a lot more than being able to “pull a trigger” to serve in the military.

But that’s the beauty in the asinine things I see on Twitter: You can make insulting comments and get lots of likes for it, yeah! You’re special!!

Ain’t America great?


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