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Yet Again Glenn Beck derides his audience. Out of touch on BC issue.

To add to Dr. Eowyn’s post about MSM ignoring Sheriff Joe.
Once again Glenn Beck is completely out of touch with what his viewers believe.
Beck has done some good work, and seems he played with Fire going after Soros.
Beck once again rips Birthers. Hell we may be wrong about something, but there is just to much going on to not believe something is rotten in Denmark. Here is part of story and link. Please read the comments and see just how in sync Glenn is with his audience.                           ~Steve~
Taken from Glenn Becks GBTV site.

Just when Obama was starting to run out of things to say about Republicans, Sheriff Joe Arpaio decides to come out and launch a big investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Why he decided to bring this ridiculous issue, one that only gives Obama an opportunity to call the right (justifiably so, in this case) ‘crazy’ – is beyond explanation. But, he’s doing it anyway.
“Okay. Look, I am a fan of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. I am a guy who has supported him in the past. I like him, I… I think he’s great on illegal immigration. But Joe, have you gone nuts?” Glenn said as he opened the show.
The birth certificate has long been a tool of the Obama administration to distract people from real issues, like inflation, and to paint the Tea Party as racist and insane. Most of the outcry over the birth certificate had died down after Donald Trump faded into the background of the latest The Apprentice season and Obama releasing a copy of the birth certificate. Sadly, Sherrif Arpaio had to bring it up again.
Glenn treated the whole thing as a joke, presenting some wild theories of his own. Could the Obama administration have presented a forgery only to leave the real one in a vault just to screw with people? Or could he be the grandson of Sally Hemmings and Kruschev?
Even though Stu was really, really , really sick of having to talk about the “birther” issue on air once again, Glenn felt like he had to explain why it’s such a ridiculous story.
“Here’s the thing. You have two newspapers that ran the birth announcement,” Glenn Said.   For Rest of story, ( Pls Read Comments) pls go HERE!!!!

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Terry Lakin Action Fund Radio Listen to Miki Booth's Incredible Hawaii Story

Listen to Miki Booth as She Continues the “Amazing Adventures in Hawaii” Story.

On Monday, September 26 at 3p ET, Miki Booth joins David Moxley to discuss her recent trip to Hawaii with Dean Haskins. Their adventures in Hawaii’s constantly changing (minute to minute) polices concerning birth records are at once amusing and alarming. Really folks, even a true skeptic will have to wonder about the foolishness they faced. All Miki wanted was a legitimate birth certificate for a family member yet she was faced with contradiction after contradiction.
Go to this page to listen to the audio of the show.

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An American Hero Comes Home. Lt. Col. Lakin Freed Sat Morning


This week, Terry Lakin will returned home, his prison sentence done. After nearly 20 years of outstanding, honorable service, Terry defended our Constitution all the way to Ft. Leavenworth military prison. His career, benefits and 6 months of his life were unjustly locked away, all because of the masterful, shameful charade taking place in Washington, DC; all because of the arrogance of one man – Barack Hussein Obama.
At 10 am Saturday, May 14, 2011 at Baltimore International Airport, Terry Lakin stepped off his plane a free man, and returned to the loving arms of his devoted wife and children. Patriots from around the country need to continue to hold Terry and his family in our supportive financial embrace and in our prayers, as they rebuild their lives from the shocking injustice of having been held no less than political prisoners in America. And if you are able, I pray you will add your voice strongly in defense of our Constitution, fax Congress now, and petition them to demand justice from Barack Obama, and a full pardon for Terry Lakin.
~Steve~            https://mail.conservativecontacts.com/hostedemail/email.htm?h=e42f2a4821a2917d5b23a7a421177930&CID=8839935453&ch=A10B795ADAE08C287BD9B22BFCE841D9
Keep the Faith… For rest of story pls go here.

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