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Monday Funny: Stupid is as stupid does

On a more serious note, did you know that whereas humans’ average IQ (Intelligence Quotient) score is 100 (we’ll call this the “population mean”), with 15 IQ points constituting one standard deviation unit, the average IQs of countries in Africa are way below the population mean?

The country with the lowest average IQ is Equatorial Guinea — a score of 59, which is 2.73 standard deviations below the population mean? And the 59 IQ is an average score, which means half of the people in Equatorial Guinea have an IQ even lower than 59. (See “How smart or stupid is your country?“)

The technical definitions for morons is an IQ of 51 to 70; imbeciles, an IQ of 21-50; and idiots, an IQ of 0 to 20.

By the way, Americans should not crow, as the average IQ of the USA is 98, which is two points below the population mean.

And remember this:

If you have a higher-than-average IQ, take no pride in it, because you haven’t done anything for your high IQ. The consensus among scientists is that heredity and environment account for about 80% and 20%, respectively, of human intelligence, which means your intelligence is a gift from God.

Just be sure to use it well, to good purpose, because the day will come when you will be asked to account before the Creator for how you have used your talents.

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