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“Multiculturalism” in the UK

Videos are NSFW.

I came across these on Twitter the other night. They come from a man named Steve Laws who lives in Kent, UK. He tweets alot about immigration, illegal immigration and border issues in his country.

Steve’s Twitter bio states, “I report what I see.”

He has over 10,000 followers yet no bluecheck mark. The videos below that he tweeted could be coming from somewhere else in the world besides the UK yet I don’t see why he’d gaslight. He seems like a rational kind of guy concerned with immigration over there. As he recently tweeted: “If the government won’t protect our borders then we’re going to have to do it ourselves. We are leaving behind a serious and very dangerous problem that our children will have to deal with.

Here’s the reason for his concern:

Appears that the US is not the only country dealing with current racial divides and its associated violence.


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