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Good business practice: More gun control measures proposed for Illinois


Just another “feel good” proposal that will do absolutely NOTHING to address Chiraq’s gang and gun violence.

From MyFoxChicago: At least two gun control measures could be addressed in the upcoming veto session of the Illinois General Assembly.

The proposed measures come as reaction continues to the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 58 people dead and more than 500 wounded, The (Springfield) State Journal-Register reported.

The legislation introduced by Rep. Martin Moylan, a Des Plaines Democrat, would ban the sale of assault weapons, large-caliber rifles, bump stocks that allow rapid firing of weapons and large-capacity magazines, which are described in the bill as holding 10 or more rounds of ammunition.

Moylan has previously proposed similar measures, but they haven’t passed the legislature. He thinks circumstances may change since it was discovered that Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, had reserved hotel rooms in Chicago overlooking the Lollapalooza music festival last summer. Paddock didn’t use the rooms.

“I’m passionate about it this time because of the events that happened in Las Vegas,” Moylan said. “Especially since the guy was scoping out a Chicago site, I think this bears a lot of weight on it. I would hope I get a lot of support, both on Republicans and Democrats.”

Rep. Kathleen Willis, a Democrat from Addison, has also proposed a measure. Her proposed bill* would create state licensing of gun dealers in Illinois.

*I tried to find more about this “state licensing” bill yet couldn’t locate anything more than proposed in this story. No doubt it will involve more bureaucratic and prohibitive actions that will do nothing to stop Chiraq’s gang and gun violence.

“This bill is something that has been worked on for 15 years,” Willis said. “I don’t think that it is definitely tied to the Las Vegas shootings. I think this is a good business practice bill.”

She said 16 states already require a state license for gun dealers in addition to a federal license.

Legislators are expected to meet in Springfield for the session starting Oct. 24.



Baltimore lawmaker’s grandson killed in Labor Day weekend violence

talmadge branch

Lawmaker Talmadge Branch loses his grandson

Baltimore has a serious murder problem.

The residents of Baltimore recently begged for a “Don’t kill anybody weekend” which resulted in three people being shot, two of them fatally. Seven people were killed over Labor Day weekend. There have now been 242 homicides in the city in 2017, a near historic pace.

Lawmaker Talmadge Branch has been in office since 1995, representing the 45th legislative district. In 2013, he supported major gun control measures that included banning assault weapons, requiring people who buy handguns to provide their fingerprints and limiting gun magazines to 10 bullets. At the time he was quoted as saying the following (via Fox News):

“Delegate Talmadge Branch, D-Baltimore, told lawmakers how Baltimore legislators regularly attend funerals of people who are gunned down. He described a calendar that sometimes included two funerals a week or two a month. 

“We don’t have a need for an assault rifle in the city of Baltimore,” Branch said. “We don’t have that kind of need, and we don’t need guns on the street that are unlicensed, and we don’t need guns on the street that are actually killing people.” 

With all due respect sir, the guns aren’t actually killing people. It’s the people holding the guns who are killing people.

Now the gun violence has hit home especially close for this lawmaker. Sadly, murders will continue until lawmakers address the root cause of people killing people in that city.

From CBS Baltimore: A man killed in a shooting Monday is reportedly the grandson of Maryland House Majority Whip Talmadge Branch, according to our media partner The Baltimore Sun.

Branch said his grandson Tyrone is Baltimore’s latest murder victim, and the veteran lawmaker pleaded for the city’s gun violence to stop.

Three hours after the young man’s death, The Sun says Branch said that the city’s violence “touched my family now.”

Tyrone is reportedly the oldest child of Branch’s daughter.

Baltimore Police say the shooting happened around 12:30 p.m. at the 4200 block of Nicholas Ave.  Responding officers found the 22-year-old man with multiple gunshot wounds.

The victim was taken to a hospital, where he died a short time after arriving.

Police say the victim was reportedly was talking with two unknown suspects, when they opened fire on him, and left in a white vehicle after the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to call detectives at (410) 396-2100, Metro crime Stoppers at 1-866-7LOCKUP, or text a tip to (443)902-4824.


College Students Know NOTHING About the Guns They Want Banned

From YAF (Young Americas Foundation).

stupid quote

Like, full IGNORANCE and like, STUPIDITY on display here folks.



Atlanta rep proposes bill that would require seizure of “assault” weapons

I highly doubt this bill will pass. But for a “representative” to even propose it shows just how little they care about your Constitutional rights.

molon labe

Representative Mary Margaret Oliver is an Atlanta politician (democrat, of course) who represents Decatur, District 82. She’s been in politics since 1987. What’s astounding is that she has a law degree and continues to practice law in Decatur. Apparently she never studied Constitutional Law.

Gun grabber Mary Margaret Oliver at the podium.

Gun grabber Mary Margaret Oliver at the podium.

11 Alive reports that Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver is the sponsor of HB 371 which contains several unconstitutional provisions. The bill would designate some weaponry and ammunition as contraband and require seizure of such by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Some of the provisions in the bill would require training for licensed gun carriers, outlaw weapons in all public buildings, and restrict assault weapons and high caliber weapons.

democrats guide to guns

Oliver called it a “strong bill,” and admitted the seizure provision may be problematic (gee, ya think?). “I’m not wedded to the specific principle of confiscating guns,” said Oliver. “I am open to an honest discussion – if I’m allowed to have an honest discussion – if there’s a better way.”

CNS has a summary of some of the bill’s provisions:

  • Requires “assault weapons” and “high caliber weapons” not turned in by owners to be seized by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.
  • Any selective fire firearm capable of fully automatic, semiautomatic, or burst fire at the option of the user would be banned.
  • Ban a semiautomatic rifle or pistol with a fixed magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.
  • A semiautomatic center-fire rifle that has an ability to accept a detachable magazine and has a folding or telescoping stock or a pistol grip would fall under the definition of “assault weapon” under the proposal.

Click here to read the bill. Read the whole story here.


What cops really think about gun control

Survey finds the overwhelming majority of cops think gun control won’t do diddly-squat against crime.


Jim Kouri writes for Conservative Action Alerts that PoliceOne.coma leading Internet web site exclusively for federal state and local law enforcement, conducted a survey in early March of 400,000 police professionals from across the U.S. The survey probed the opinions of American law enforcement regarding gun control policies and the root causes of, and potential solutions, to gun crime in the U.S.

The research team received 15,000 responses from law enforcement professionals in agencies and departments throughout America. The respondents comprised a variety of ranks from departments of all sizes, with the majority representing departments of greater than 500 officers. Of those who took the survey, 80% were current law enforcement officers and 20% were former/retired law enforcement.

On April 8, 2013, PoliceOne.com released the results of the survey. The survey answers revealed that the overall attitude of law enforcement is strongly anti-gun legislation and pro-gun rights, with the belief that an armed citizenry is effective in stopping crime. Among the results:

  • 86% believe the currently proposed gun-control legislation would have no effect or a negative effect on improving officer safety.
  • 92% believe that banning semi-automatic firearms, or “assault weapons,” would have no effect or a negative effect on reducing violent crime.
  • The respondents overwhelmingly believe that the best way to combat gun crime is through harsher punishment. 91% said the use of a firearm while perpetrating a crime should lead to a stiff, mandatory sentence with no plea bargains. Likewise, 59% believe increasing punishment severity for unlicensed dealers would reduce crime.
  • Respondents were more split on background checks, with 31% agreeing that mental health background checks in all gun sales would help reduce mass shootings, while 45% disagreed.
  • 71% support law enforcement leaders who have publicly refused to enforce more restrictive gun laws within their jurisdictions.
  • 82% believe gun buyback or turn-in programs are ineffective in reducing the level of gun violence.
  • 91% support the concealed carry of firearms by civilians who have not been convicted of a felony and/or have not been deemed psychologically incapable.
  • 80% believe that legally-armed citizens would likely have reduced the number of casualties in recent mass shooting incidents.
  • 38% believe the biggest cause of gun violence in the United States is the “decline in parenting and family values”. This was trailed by “overly lax parole and short sentencing standards” at 15% and “pop culture influence” (e.g. violent movies and video games) at 14%.

Conservative Action Alerts suggests seven ways you can take action:

  1. Sign the petition and send letters to your state government demanding that they draft legislation declaring federal gun-control null and void. Select here.
  2. Send faxes to 50 state governors demanding that they refuse to sign into law any gun-control bill be they state or federal. Blast faxes.
  3. Sign the petition and send letters to your U.S. Lawmakers demanding that they oppose any and all gun-control bills. Select here.
  4. Sign the petition and send letters to your U.S. Senators demanding that they stand with Sens. Cruz, Lee, and Paul and filibuster the motion to proceed on gun-control legislation. Select here.
  5. Send faxes to U.S. Senators demanding that they stand with Sens. Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul and filibuster the motion to proceed on gun-control legislation. Blast Faxes.
  6. Call Senators and Representatives (start-off with calling your own) and demand that they oppose federal gun-control legislation in any way that they can. Find your lawmakers here.
  7. Donate a Facebook post to spread the message. See our pro-gun Facebook banners and then click “SHARE” to share them on your wall or a friend’s wall. Select Here.

Judge Jeanine: Banning guns doesn’t work


Minnesota state Democrats introduce bill to confiscate firearms

3 days ago, on Valentine’s Day, in direct contravention of Article 1 of the Bill of Rights of Missouri’s State Constitution, which promises “That the right of every citizen to keep and bear arms in defense of his home, person and property … shall not be questioned,” Democrats in Missouri’s House of Representatives introduced a bill to confiscate firearms.

HB 545, if passed, will make it a class C felony to manufacture, import, possess, purchase, sell, or transfer any assault weapon or large capacity magazine. (See “Constitutional Crisis: Democrats introduce bill to confiscate firearms in Missouri.“)

It turns out that two weeks before Missouri, on January 31, 2012, Democrats in Minnesota’s House of Representatives had introduced a similar bill that bans and confiscates all assault weapons.

HF 241 is “A bill for an act relating to public safety; establishing a crime for manufacturing, transferring, or possessing certain assault weapons; providing for the disposal or registration of existing assault weapons; defining terms; classifying data; clarifying language; providing criminal penalties; amending Minnesota Statutes 2012, sections 13.87, subdivision 2; 624.712, subdivision 7, by adding subdivisions; 624.713; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 624.”

Like Missouri’s HB 545, the Minnesota firearms confiscation bill, HF 241, defines “assault weapons” to include semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic pistols, and semi-automatic shotguns.

HF 241 is sponsored by Democrat Alice Hausman and co-sponsored by Democrats Frank Hornstein, Erik Simonson, Jim Davnie, Linda Slocum, Rena Moran, Raymond Dehn, JoAnn Ward, and Phyllis Kahn.

Demons of MinnesotaTop row (l to r): Hausman, Hornstein, Simonson
Middle row (l to r): Davnie, Slocum, Moran
Bottom row (l to r): Dehn, Ward, Kahn

Depending on which subdivision of HF 241 one is found to be in violation of, penalties can range from imprisonment of 5 to 15 years, and a fine of up to $100,000.

Like Missouri’s HB 545, Minnesota’s HF 241 also exempts all government officials and employees, and members of the military and law enforcement, thereby rendering the State of Minnesota an effective police state.

If passed by the Minnesota State Legislature, HF 241 will become effective beginning September 1, 2013.

Here’s the 11-page HF 241 in PDF format.

As Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit rightly observes:

“THIS IS AN ORGANIZED NATIONAL EFFORT FOLKS…. This is not a coincidence. It is a concerted effort.”

Citizens of Minnesota, contact your representatives in your state legislature! To find out who your rep is, click here.

A big h/t FOTM’s CSM