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Democrats Are Preparing the (Coup) Battlespace

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Going back as far as Sun Tzu’s The Art of War – circa 500 B.C. – military and political strategists have recognized the value of intelligence and propaganda in preparing for battle – and indispensable for that, preparing the field on which the battle will take place in order to maximize the odds of victory.

The “field of battle,” in turn, is not solely be what we now call “kinetic,” involving the use of weapons on physical terrain.  Before, during and after a kinetic – and perhaps in lieu of kinetic conflict – the field of battle (or “battlespace” in the current lexicon) can involve the “hearts and minds” of an adversary population, and can even encompass an entire culture and its history (e.g., Cultural Marxism).

After all, if one can convince the adversary and its forces and people that “resistance is futile” – or even deserved (e.g., “systemic racism”) – one can win the war. Possibly without having to resort to kinetic measures at all, or just relatively minimal ones (e.g., Antifa).

We already know that the Deep State and its Democrat Party minions have attempted multiple coups in order to defeat President Donald Trump; first by preventing his election, and then attempting to expel him: Obamagate a/k/a Russiagate, followed by the impeachment Schiff-show.

Thus far their treasonous actions have been blessedly unsuccessful; the point is that it would be naïve to assume that such conspirators would not also work at a form of coup to prevent his reelection.

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