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Mark Kelly's ‘AR-15 Stunt Provokes Giffords Photo Leak.


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Can You Say Hypocrisy?

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Posted on 16 March, 2013 by Amy
Mark Kelly’s campaign against “assault weapons” such as the AR-15 rifle has sparked a local backlash. On March 13, a Tucson, Arizona radio host published a photograph of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords holding an AR-15 rifle at a gun range.
Giffords has since confirmed that the photograph is authentic.
James T. Harris, blogging at the website of “101.4 FM The Truth,” wrote:
What is wrong with this picture? Absolutely nothing, and prior to the aggressive progressive opportunistic fear mongering in the wake of Sandy Hook, this picture would have raised no eyebrows and garnered little public attention.
However, in response to the exploitative political scheming of Mark Kelly, persons connected to Congresswoman Giffords released this photo in response to what they perceived to be her husband’s hypocrisy.
Subsequently, Breitbart News confirmed the authenticity of the image through law enforcement sources in Arizona, and obtained a copy of the photograph from a source who requested anonymity.
The latter source was present when the photograph was taken, and said that Giffords had requested it for campaign purposes during October 2010.
According to the source, the image sent to Breitbart News was cropped to protect the identity of the person on the right-hand side of the original photograph (to Giffords’s left).
The source, who is a member of the law enforcement community, told Breitbart News:
“We were told she wanted to toughen her image. She asked to come out and she wanted to shoot a rifle. She had one of our guys out there to show her how to shoot an AR-15.”
In January 2011, Giffords suffered near-fatal wounds in a mass shooting while meeting with constituents in Tucson. The perpetrator used a 9mm Glock 19 semi-automatic pistol.
Giffords and husband Mark Kelly have since formed an organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, to press for policy changes such as limiting the sale of “assault weapons, ” including the AR-15.
Breitbart News reported last week that Kelly attempted to purchase an AR-15 from a gun store in Tucson earlier this month.
Likewise, the AR-15 that Giffords is shown holding in the image is a standard, semi-automatic civilian weapon, according to the source who saw it being taken.
The source saw a campaign official take the photograph, which was later provided to law enforcement personnel as a courtesy, according to the source.
The source says the existence of the photograph has been known in the local law enforcement community for a while: “I’m not the only one who knows about this photo.”
Multiple law enforcement sources in Arizona told Breitbart News that Mark Kelly’s campaign against “assault weapons” has generated resentment within the law enforcement community–and a desire that the photograph be made public.  The source who witnessed the photograph put it this way:  “Giffords and Kelly came across with a different demeanor in 2010. To me, it seems like they’ve done a complete 180 because of what happened. And with the latest controversy–with Mark Kelly doing what he did with the AR-15 stunt–this photo needs to be put out.”
While Kelly declined to comment, Americans for Responsible Solutions spokesperson Jen Bluestein told Breitbart News: “Looks like the photo is cropped.”  Bluestein noted that there are “many images of Gabrielle Giffords with guns,” though she said she had not seen the image of the AR-15 before.
At 1:14 p.m. PDT, Giffords posted two images on her Facebook page with the following statement:
“Here are two photos of me that a conservative blog has dug up. I remember both of these days fondly. The first is at the Tucson Police Department firing range. They invited me to test rifles and tasers that they bought with federal funds, which I helped secure. The second was in Afghanistan while I was visiting with our troops serving abroad. My work as Southern Arizona’s Congresswoman frequently put me in close contact with some of the world’s most powerful and deadly weapons – supporting police departments, advocating for the Border Patrol, standing up for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and supporting my constituents’ and my own Second Amendment rights.
I grew up with guns, and I like owning them. So does my husband Mark. It’s an interest we’ve shared ever since we met. It’s part of my heritage as an Arizonan and it’s my right as an American. Being able to shoot a gun is something I haven’t been able to do since I was shot – because my right arm is paralyzed, and I’m less mobile than I was.
“As I member of the House Armed Services Committee, I proudly spent a lot of time with our military, border patrol and state and local law enforcement. I guess the intention of those who have publicized these photos is to somehow call into question my belief that military style assault weapons should be more strongly regulated with background checks and other safeguards. I have never wavered in my support for those who serve our country. I fought to make sure they have the weapons and safety gear needed to carry out their mission, and proper health and mental care when their service ends.”
I don’t have to choose between owning, using, and enjoying guns, on one hand, and preventing gun violence, on the other. Both sides need to come together to support commonsense solutions to gun violence, like keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people like the young man who shot me. That’s why I’m fighting this fight. That’s why I’m working to bring people together to support gun rights and reduce gun violence. I hope you join me.

Just a hunch, but I bet she supports Feinstein’s
Proposed ban on so-called “assault weapons”.


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Mexico wants a registry of all gunowners in U.S. border states

Mexican CongressA Congress even worse than ours: Mexico’s

Everyone is getting on the post-Sandy Hook gun-control wagon.
Now Mexico’s government has the gall to ask the Obama regime to hand over a list of all gun owners living in the U.S. southern border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. The latter three states do not even require their residents to register their guns.
CBS5 of Arizona reports that Mexico’s national legislature, Congress, voted to ask the U.S. Senate to create a registry of all commercialized firearms in all the border states. The Mexicans say that’ll make it easier for them to trace the guns used in violent attacks in those states.
As Brandon of the blog Monderno wryly and rightly observes: “What do you want to bet that the Democrats in the Senate think this is a lovely idea? Because clearly the Mexican violence problem has everything to do with law abiding U.S. citizens, and nothing to do with Eric Holder, Fast and Furious, or the eleventy billion drug cartels.”

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Arizona to ban abortions after 20 weeks

Gov. Brewer signs Arizona bill with 20-week abortion ban

Fox News: Gov. Jan Brewer on Thursday signed legislation making Arizona the latest  state that generally bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
The Republican-sponsored legislation also institutes new disclosure mandates  that include requiring the state have a website with images of fetuses at  various stages of development for women to view.
The 20-week abortion ban does not apply in medical emergencies, and it would  affect a tiny percentage of abortions performed in Arizona.
Critics argued that the 20-week deadline would likely prevent timely  diagnosis of anomalies in the fetus.  Supporters disputed that. They also said risks to women’s health increase  after 20 weeks, and they said a fetus can feel pain after that point in  development.
Brewer signed the bill two days after House approval completed final  legislative action.  She said in a statement that the bill “strengthens Arizona’s laws protecting  the health and safety of women, and recognizes the precious life of the preborn  baby.”
Nancy Northrup, president of the Center for Reproductive Rights, said in a  statement the bill means some women at risk of pregnancy complications “will be  forced to decide whether to proceed with their pregnancies in the dark, before  they have all the information they need to arrive at their choices.”
Arizona now allows abortions up to when a fetus can survive outside of the  womb. That’s generally considered to be around 23 to 24 weeks.
The bill signed by Brewer would require the state health department maintain  an extensive website that provides information about alternatives to abortion,  medical risks and descriptions and images of fetuses at various stages of  development.
The proposal increases the current requirement that an ultrasound be  performed before an abortion from one hour to 24 hours before. It also requires  abortion clinics to post signs providing notice that it’s illegal for anyone to  coerce a woman to have an abortion.
At 20 weeks a woman doesn’t have all the information she needs to arrive at a “choice”?  Let’s see….here’s what a baby looks like at 20 weeks.

Your baby weighs about 10 1/2 ounces now. He’s also around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel — the length of a banana. (For the first 20 weeks, when a baby’s legs are curled up against his torso and hard to measure, measurements are taken from the top of his head to his bottom — the “crown to rump” measurement. After 20 weeks, he’s measured from head to toe.)
The baby’s body is now coated with a greasy white substance, the vernox caseosa, that protects his skin during its long submersion in the amniotic fluid.
Sarah Silverman better not move to Arizona…

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Is Sheriff Joe Getting Too Close To The Truth About Obama?

Government plans to sue Arizona sheriff for targeting Latinos

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to the media about the Department of Justice's investigative findings accusing the Maricopa Sheriff's Office of racial profiling and a pattern of discrimination at the Sheriff's office in Phoenix, Arizona December 15, 2011. REUTERS/Laura Segall

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks to the media about the Department of Justice’s investigative findings accusing the Maricopa Sheriff’s Office of racial profiling and a pattern of discrimination at the Sheriff’s office in Phoenix, Arizona December 15, 2011.
Credit: Reuters/Laura Segall
By Jeremy Pelofsky
WASHINGTON | Tue Apr 3, 2012 6:20pm EDT

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Obama administration on Tuesday said it was preparing to sue Arizona county sheriff Joe Arpaio and his department for violating civil rights laws by improperly targeting Latinos in a bid to crack down on illegal immigrants.
The sheriff’s high-profile crackdown on illegal immigrants has helped thrust the issue onto the national political stage with some states passing tough new laws aimed at pushing out those in the country illegally.
The administration’s Justice Department and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office have been in settlement talks for months over allegations that officers regularly made unlawful stops and arrests of Latinos, used excessive force against them and failed to adequately protect the Hispanic community.
Those negotiations have broken down because of a fight over the Justice Department’s demand that an independent monitor be appointed by a federal court to oversee compliance with the settlement, which has now reached 128 pages in draft form, according to the Obama administration.
“We believe that you are wasting time and not negotiating in good faith,” Roy Austin, deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s civil rights division, said in a letter to the lawyer for Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO).
Austin said in the letter that Arpaio’s team demanded that a meeting slated for Wednesday include for the first time negotiations over the monitor and previously had demanded that the Justice Department provide more details about its findings.
“MCSO’s refusal to engage in good faith negotiations requires us to prepare for civil (court) action,” Austin said. He added that the Justice Department has recently discovered more information about the “failure to reasonably investigate sex crimes” by Arpaio’s office.
The Justice Department in a December report outlined numerous alleged civil rights violations, including that Latino drivers were four to nine times more likely to be stopped than non-Latinos by Arpaio’s force.
The sheriff has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing and lashed out at the Obama administration for targeting his department and failing to deal with the problem of illegal immigration with some 11.5 million believed to be in the United States.
In a strongly worded statement on Tuesday, Arpaio said the appointment of a monitor would force him to abdicate responsibility for his police force, including decisions about policies, operations, jail programs and enforcement.
“To the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say: This will not happen, not on my watch!” Arpaio said in the statement.
Arpaio’s force has been under investigation by federal authorities since 2008 during the Bush administration. Obama’s Justice Department spent months fighting for access to documents and to some of his deputies. Arpaio was interviewed twice during the probe.
(Additional reporting by David Schwartz in Phoenix; Editing by Anthony Boadle)
Can you say ‘Wag the Dog’?
Tom in NC

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Be careful if you live in Arizona…

Arizona Passes Sweeping Internet Censorship Bill…

TeaParty.org (Info Wars) – The state legislature of Arizona has passed a bill that vastly broadens telephone harassment laws and applies them to the Internet and other means of electronic communication.
The law, which is being pushed under the guise of an anti-bullying campaign, would mean that anything communicated or published online that was deemed to be “offensive” by the state, including editorials, illustrations, and even satire could be criminally punished.
Text from the bill:
A. It is unlawful for any person, with intent to terrify, intimidate, threaten, harass, annoy or offend, to use a telephone any electronic or digital device and use any obscene, lewd or profane language or suggest any lewd or lascivious act, or threaten to inflict physical harm to the person or property of any person. It is also unlawful to otherwise disturb by repeated anonymous telephone calls electronic or digital communications the peace, quiet or right of privacy of any person at the place where the telephone call or calls communications were received.
The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund breaks down Arizona House Bill 2549:
The bill is sweepingly broad, and would make it a crime to communicate via electronic means speech that is intended to ‘annoy,’ ‘offend,’ ‘harass’ or ‘terrify,’ as well as certain sexual speech. Because the bill is not limited to one-to-one communications, H.B. 2549 would apply to the Internet as a whole, thus criminalizing all manner of writing, cartoons, and other protected material the state finds offensive or annoying.”
First Amendment activist group Media Coalition has written to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, urging her not to sign the legislation into law. The letter notes that the terms used in the bill are not defined in the statute or by reference, and thereby the law could be broadly applied to almost any statement.
“H.B. 2549 would make it a crime to use any electronic or digital device to communicate using obscene, lewd or profane language or to suggest a lewd or lascivious act if done with intent to ‘annoy,’ ‘offend,’ ‘harass’ or ‘terrify,’” the letter notes. … ‘Lewd’ and ‘profane’ are not defined in the statute or by reference. ‘Lewd’ is generally understood to mean lusty or sexual in nature and ‘profane’ is generally defined as disrespectful or irreverent about religion or religious practices.”
“H.B. 2549 is not limited to a one to one conversation between two specific people. The communication does not need to be repetitive or even unwanted. There is no requirement that the recipient or subject of the speech actually feel offended, annoyed or scared. Nor does the legislation make clear that the communication must be intended to offend or annoy the reader, the subject or even any specific person.” the letter continues.
In this respect the law could even technically be applied to someone posting a status update on Facebook. “Speech protected by the First Amendment is often intended to offend, annoy or scare but could be prosecuted under this law.” The Media Coalition letter continues.
“A Danish newspaper posted pictures of Muhammad that were intended to be offensive to make a point about religious tolerance. If a Muslim in Arizona considers the images profane and is offended, the paper could be prosecuted. Some Arizona residents may consider Rush Limbaugh’s recent comments about a Georgetown law student lewd. He could be prosecuted if he intended his comments to be offensive. Similarly, much general content available in the media uses racy or profane language and is intended to offend, annoy or even terrify.”
“Bill Maher’s stand up routines and Jon Stewart’s nightly comedy program, Ann Coulter’s books criticizing liberals and Christopher Hitchens’ expressions of his disdain for religion, Stephen King’s novels or the Halloween films all could be subject to this legislation. Even common taunting about sports between rival fans done online is frequently meant to offend or annoy, and is often done using salty and profane language.”
Just WHO will define “offensive”, “annoy”, “lewd”, and “obscene”? Dangerous path Arizona is heading down. Let’s hope Governor Brewer vetos this legislation.

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Arizona Legislator Lays it on the Line to the New York Times

Letter to New York Times

Enforce Immigration Laws

Published: September 6, 2011

To the Editor:
The Nation’s Cruelest Immigration Law” (editorial, Aug. 29), about a lawsuit by four church leaders against new restrictions by Alabama on undocumented immigrants, says that those who support enforcing immigration laws “have made many in this country forget who and what we are.” Indeed, I think The New York Times seems to have forgotten who and what we are.
The United States was founded on law and justice. The only earthly hope of protecting the equality and dignity of all mankind is with a rule of law that holds both the janitor and the senator completely equal in both benefit and constraint. This was the founders’ dream.     Continue reading

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Whistleblower Cop Speaks Out Against Quartzsite Police Chief

H/t News World Wide.
For the background on this, go to my posts “A Town in Arizona Run by Wolves,” “Tyrannical Arizona City Council Declares State of Emergency,” “State of Arizona Investigating City of Quartzsite“.

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George the Giant Great Dane

He’s for real; here’s the Youtube video!
More about George

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Look Who’s On Top of That Cactus

Curt and Marta Fonger are living out their golden years on wilderness’ edge in Gold Canyon, Arizona. With over 40 years of photography experience, Curt recently had a career-defining moment.

A bobcat had scampered to the top of a saguaro cactus — and it was quite a climb!

The bobcat was trying to get away from a mountain lion that was stalking it. He darted up a 40-foot saguaro, and there he stayed for the remainder of the day.

Curt says, “I’ve never had the luxury of seeing a bobcat on top of a saguaro. Just a beautiful creature, he was displaying himself proudly, kind of looking around, probably trying to see if mister mountain lion was still around… it was almost if he were posing!”

Curt says the golden cat with amber eyes stared back at him, perched on top of the cactus for hours.

“He was pretty relaxed, he kind of laid on top of the saguaro, shut his eyes, almost as if he was sleeping.”

The bobcat eventually came down, but Curt and Marta are still riding high.  “It was that Kodak moment I think every photographer lives for.”

H/t beloved fellow Joseph!


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An Arizona Department of Safety officer pulled over a driver for a faulty taillight. When the officer approached the driver, the man behind the wheel handed the officer his driver’s license, insurance card,  and a concealed weapon carry permit.
The officer took all the documents, looked them over and said. “Mr.Smith, I see you have a CCP. Do you have any weapons with you presently?”
The driver replied, ” Yes sir, I have a 357 magnum in a hip holster, a .45 ACP Colt in the glove box,  and a .22 Derringer in my boot.”
The officer looked at the driver and asked, “Anything else?”
“Yes sir, I have a Mossberg 500 twelve gauge shotgun and an AR-15 behind the seat.”
The officer asked Mr. Smith if he was driving to or from a shooting range, and the man said no, he wasn’t.  Then the officer bent down,  looked into the driver’s face,  and said “Mr. Smith, you’re carrying quite a few guns!  May I ask what you are afraid of?
Mr. Smith locked eyes with the officer and calmly answered,                                     “Not a damn  thing.”
H/T Kelleigh!

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