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This is CNN: New Year’s Eve show highlights pot-themed party

cnn pot reporter

From “The Most Trusted Name in News.”

From Fox News: CNN put the “J” in journalism Sunday night, with a marijuana-themed New Year’s Eve show many viewers found downright doobie-ous.

During the beleaguered cable news network’s year-end show from Times Square, reporter Randi Kaye did several, um, “hits” from Denver, where marijuana is legal. At various points, she held a joint, lit a bong, marveled over a special gas mask used by stoners and wondered where she was.

“This is for you, Andy!” Kaye said at one point, addressing CNN host Andy Cohen and holding a lit marijuana cigarette out to the camera.

Cohen, the Bravo star and executive producer of the “Real Housewives” franchise, was hosting with CNN stalwart Anderson Cooper. Kathy Griffin was previously Cooper’s New Year’s Eve partner, but the network dumped her after she made fun of President Trump by holding his mock severed head in a photo shoot.

Cohen enthusiastically praised Kaye’s report, while a smiling Cooper reminded viewers that Kaye’s high-jinx was all above board, even if a bit unseemly. “I just want to point out that this is all legal in Colorado,” Cooper said, smiling.

Kaye, who announced she was witnessing “New Year’s Eve, Denver-style!” did not appear to partake herself, and would not be breaking the law if she had. But she did seem disoriented at one point.

“We’re at a dispensary called the Medicine Man!” Kaye, who sported dangling marijuana leaf earrings, said. “I’m trying to remember where we are. Where am I?”

Kaye’s pot-themed reportage was done from a “puff, pass and paint” party, whatever that is.

Viewers seemed split on social media: Some were appalled by the open embrace of marijuana, while others were dismayed by the network’s decision to replace Griffin with Cohen.


Kathy Griffin is no longer sorry about her severed Donald Trump head stint

kathy griffin

Kathy Griffin “mocking” President Trump

Then why did she offer and apology and beg for forgiveness (and play the victim card) over the incident?

I’m guessing she only apologized to ease up the Secret Service investigation. Now that the investigation is done, she’s back to being a jackass.

From Yahoo: Kathy Griffin is retracting her apology she made after the shocking image of her holding a bloodied head made to look like President Trump went viral back in May.

“I am no longer sorry, the whole outrage was BS,” she said on the Australian morning show Sunrise on Wednesday. “I lost everybody.”

The controversial comedienne appeared to get worked up when one of the anchors, Samantha Armytage, pressed her on the disturbing picture.

“Stop acting like my little picture is more important than talking about the actual atrocities that the president of the United States is committing,” Griffin said.

She added that she was shocked to see her entire career turn upside down.

“I didn’t just lose one night on CNN. My entire tour was canceled within 24 hours because every single theater got all these death threats,” she added. “These Trump fans, they’re hardcore.”

She added that she was disappointed when celebrities who were not Trump supporters, like Chelsea Clinton, Debra Messing and her former CNN colleague Anderson Cooper, condemned her.

Cooper took to Twitter during the time the photo controversy came out and slammed her.

According to reports, Griffin and Cooper are no longer friends.


See moral high-horse Anderson Cooper dry-humped by Madonna

At the second 2016 presidential debate last Sunday night, CNN’s Anderson Cooper got on the moral high horse.

With his prissy lips pursed, Cooper sternly and repeatedly demanded that Donald Trump admit he’d sexually assaulted women, based on what Trump said about wanting to kiss beautiful women in that “p*ssy tape” that Paul Ryan’s advisor, Dan Senor, so helpfully leaked to the Washington Post.

See “GOP stabs Trump in back: Ryan advisor leaked ‘p*ssy’ tape; voter registration drives sabotaged

Tsk, tsk, Anderson Cooper.

The moral high horse really doesn’t suit you, given your cavorts on stage with Madonna as her bitch, being spanked and dry-humped by that demon-possessed woman.

As Clash Daily puts it:

Don’t you just love it when the left gets self-righteous? Isn’t it a hoot?

These are the same people that tell us that:

  • There is no such thing as sin
  • Morality is relative
  • Sex is the be-all, end-all of existence
  • Killing unborn children is TOTALLY okay

But, then again, tolerance only extends to those that they agree with.

If you disagree, you’re ‘intolerant’ and some sort of ‘-phobic’. […] Hey, Anderson! Maybe you shouldn’t be so ‘judgy’.

By the way, Anderson Cooper, it’s now more than two years since Professor James Tracy sent you an invitation via certified mail, to revisit Newtown. You had publicly attacked Tracy for his skepticism about the official Sandy Hook narrative. You even endangered his safety, and the safety of his wife and four young children, by disclosing their home address.

Shame on you.



Anderson Cooper was also given a dry BJ by so-called comedienne Kathy Griffin on CNN’s live New Year’s Eve broadcast on December 31, 2012.

kathy-griffin-simulates-bj-on-anderson-cooper-new-years-eve-2012See “Comedienne Kathy Griffin simulates giving BJ on live TV“.


Commission announces 2016 Presidential Debates schedule

Today, the supposedly nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced the formats for the three presidential and one vice presidential general election debates it will sponsor this fall.

Each debate will be 90 minutes in duration, from 9:00 to 10:30 p.m. Eastern time without commercial breaks. Each debate will have one moderator. The four debates are:

  1. First presidential debate (September 26, 2016, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY): The debate will be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on major topics to be selected by the moderator and announced at least one week before the debate. The moderator will open each segment with a question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. Candidates will then have an opportunity to respond to each other. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a deeper discussion of the topic.
  2. Vice presidential debate (October 4, 2016, Longwood University, Farmville, VA)
  3. Second presidential debate (October 9, 2016, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO): The second presidential debate will take the form of a town meeting, in which half of the questions will be posed directly by citizen participants and the other half will be posed by the moderator based on topics of broad public interest as reflected in social media and other sources. The candidates will have two minutes to respond and there will be an additional minute for the moderator to facilitate further discussion. The town meeting participants will be uncommitted voters selected by the Gallup Organization.
  4. Third presidential debate (October 19, 2016, University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV): The format for the debate will be identical to the first presidential debate.

The CPD’s announcement puts to rest InfoWars’ Alex Jones’ theatrical jumping-to-conclusion about a forum moderated by NBC’s Matt Lauer on September 7, in which Lauer would separately interview Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump who will not be on the stage at the same time, but will instead go back to back. Beginning at the 7:20 mark in the video below, Jones said:

“I knew that Matt Lauer was doing this so-called debate and I predicted on air that they were going to somehow cancel the debate…. [T]his is…an exercise in brainwashing…. They’re [Hillary and Trump] going to be on different stages back-t0-back, to control it in case Trump says something they don’t want said. This is unbelievable! …This is how rigged this is. They’ve already installed leaders in Europe — the globalists have already stolen all these elections. They’ve got Homeland Security taking over the election [in the U.S.]. They’re censoring the press…. This is insane.”

As reported by Kaitlan Collins for The Daily Caller yesterday, the Sept. 7 Commander-in-Chief Forum in New York City will be a one-hour forum where Trump and Clinton will answer questions about national security, military affairs and veterans issues in front of an audience mainly made up of members of the military.

Matt Lauer & Hillary Clinton, April 24, 2012 (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Matt Lauer & Hillary Clinton, April 24, 2012 (Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images)

Collins points out that “It’s worth noting that Lauer is listed as a ‘notable past member’ on the Clinton Global Initiative’s websitealong with Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric.”

The Clinton Global Initiative is one of the programs of the corrupt Clinton Foundation.

Given Lauer’s membership in the Clinton Global Initiative, his objectivity as a forum moderator should be questioned — as should a myriad of other journalists and media outlets. See:

H/t FOTM‘s truckjunkie


Three years after Sandy Hook, why do professional journalists still fail to report the news?

The silence from Anderson Cooper and the media to Dr. Tracy’s invitation/plea to reexamine Sandy Hook is deafening. So much for the Fourth Estate, whom America’s Founding Fathers had charged with the constitutional duty of checking and balancing government power.

There is ample evidence by now that the media collude with the CIA and other intelligence agencies. In 2003, a Florida appeals court judge even ruled that it is not illegal for the media to falsify news, i.e., to lie. See “7 reasons why we should be skeptical about the MSM”.


The Life of Adam Lanza, alleged Sandy Hook killer

Adam Lanza has been studied, labeled, categorized, mythologized. Like Gumby or Stretch Armstrong Adam has been contorted from super-human to super-killer.

But who really is Adam Lanza, and why did he become the Sandy Hook shooter?

The Life of Adam is an in-depth look into the life of Adam Lanza. The video is the second release from Independent Media Solidarity, the producers of We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook, a video that repeatedly was removed from YouTube.

Watch The Life of Adam before it’s taken down.

See also:

After offering it for sale for about a month, Amazon.com banned Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — a book co-edited by Professor James Fetzer, with contributors who include Professor James Tracy, Dr. Eowyn, and other professionals. In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, the book is now available for free to anyone to read. To read/download the book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.

If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.


Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud

Reblogged from Memory Hole Blog

Sandy Hoax

Reblogged from Memory Hole Blog

Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud

By James Tracy • December 14, 2015

Fraud. An intentional perversion of truth for the purpose of inducing another in reliance upon it to part with some valuable thing belonging to him or to surrender a legal right; Anything calculated to deceive, whether by a single act or combination, or by suppression of truth, or suggestion of what is false, whether it be by direct falsehood or innuendo, by speech or silence, word of mouth, or look or gesture.-Black’s Law Dictionary, 6th Edition

Three years ago the public learned of the most significant mass shooting in recent US history involving the deaths of 20 young school children and seven adults. As a father of three I immediately empathized with the parents, reminding myself there was no real way to fathom the sense of loss such an experience must involve.

After several days of reflection, however, my instincts as a media analyst took charge. In reviewing news coverage of the Sandy Hook School massacre I began to recognize very unusual features in the alleged forensics, the emergency response and the overall way the event was being reported.
Commonplace emergency protocols were abandoned. There was no surge of EMTs into the building, no proper triage protocol employed or Med-Evac helicopters called. Parents were not even allowed to view and hold the bodies of their deceased children, and law enforcement oddly admonished those who questioned the official narrative online were subject to criminal prosecution.

The following day Connecticut’s state coroner amazingly bumbled and guffawed through a fifteen minute press conference where it was anticipated he would provide an expert overview of the postmortem. His responses to reporters’ questions were so bizarre and incompetent I was awaiting an avalanche of lawsuits from victims families to be brought against the school district and State of Connecticut. On December 28 one was filed, then quickly withdrawn. The following October the Sandy Hook School—among the greatest crime scenes in US history—was demolished.

When I chose to publicly share my analyses and suggest that the event was being inaccurately reported and seized upon by politicians to implement long-sought agendas I was attacked and labelled a “conspiracy theorist.”

This media frenzy (here and here) developed into a campaign to embarrass my university employer into firing me. My continued research on this topic has developed into a scholarly project that the institution of tenure was intended to protect. But how could one ever dare propose such subject matter?

Beginning in the 1960s women and racial minorities who secured a toehold in the academy used their tenure to address controversial topics that drew fire from conservative administrators and trustees. Unfortunately this tradition of radical inquiry has evolved into a stultifying, almost Victorian ethos of political correctness that often precludes honest exchange, sees oppression where none exists, and makes tenure a charade. It also renders profane the idea of questioning the motives of America’s first black president and attorney general.

In the December 10, 2015 online edition of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Leonid “Lenny” and Veronique Pozner mounted a vicious attack that sought to intimidate my employer into removing my tenure and depriving me of my livelihood because of the questions I’ve raised concerning the Sandy Hook event and confirmation of Mr. Pozner’s unusually tenacious and profuse copyright claims.

Normally an endeavor targeting an individual’s primary asset would take shape as a lawsuit where proper discovery and judicial procedures might be adhered to.

 The recent 377-page volume of research on the Sandy Hook event compiled by six professors (including myself) would constitute for the Pozners a tremendous burden of going forward. They have thus once again chosen the low road of playing upon the prejudices of decent, good-hearted yet often poorly-informed Americans.

Along these lines, in June 2014 I sent CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who similarly attacked me on national television for questioning the state-sanctioned Sandy Hook narrative, an open letter to join me in a trip to Newtown so that we could together reexamine the facts underlying the horrific tragedy he played a major part in covering. I emphasized that such a scoop could be tantamount to the next Watergate, and if he could satisfactorily put to rest my skepticism I would seriously consider resigning my academic post.

To this day my request has gone unanswered. Perhaps like me, Mr. Cooper knows that Newtown and Connecticut officials have failed to fulfill a multitude of public records requests which would readily confirm the nightmare Cooper and his media colleagues related as fact three years ago.

In a geographically vast country where imagery and emotion reign supreme, where fact is often replaced by unsubstantiated claims and hearsay, the eventual result will likely involve mass fraud leading to a severe loss of our freedoms, perhaps eventual tyranny, as de Tocqueville suggested following his tour of America almost two centuries ago.

Today more than ever citizens would be well served to recognize that much of what they are left to witness via mass media requires serious interrogation, possible only through a consistent regimen of intellectual self defense. This makes good reporters and worthwhile journalism. If that is an outmoded ideal and a skill that can no longer be practiced or taught to young adults I stand guilty as charged.

James Tracy is Associate Professor of Communication and Multimedia Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

See also:

After offering it for sale for about a month, Amazon.com banned Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — a book co-edited by Professor James Fetzer, with contributors who include Professor James Tracy, Dr. Eowyn, and other professionals. In order that Americans know the truth about Sandy Hook, the book is now available for free to anyone to read. To read/download the book in PDF format, click here: NobodyDiedAtSandyHook.

If you want a hard copy (sure to be a collector’s item!), Fetzer found an alternative printer/distributor for Nobody Died at Sandy Hook — Moon Rock Books. Click here. Check it out and let others know. The pdf will remain available to the public for free.

UPDATE (Dec. 17, 2015):

Prof. James Tracy reportedly fired by Florida Atlantic U. for Sandy Hook research