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DNA ancestry companies fake African ancestry for white people

You’ve all seen those commercials on TV from DNA-testing businesses like Ancestry.com, 23andMe, and Living DNA.

The commercials portray DNA testing as such a science that they can break down your genetic ancestry into precise percentages, e.g., Native American (26%), Spanish or Iberian (23%), Italian/Greek (15%), African (5%), as in this commercial.

But in reality, what those DNA-testing companies sell is more con than science.

That’s what Inside Edition discovered when they had a set of triplets send their saliva to Ancestry.com and 23andMe for DNA testing. Although the triplets all came from the same womb, they got wildly different results from both companies. The DNA test results had the triplets differing from each other by more than 10%, which is a greater difference than the 7% genetic difference between humans and monkeys, the 3.1% difference in DNA between humans and orangutans, and the 1.2% difference between humans and chimps. (See “Animals That Share Human DNA Sequences“)

Indeed, genetics experts say the DNA-testing companies prey on gullible people by pinpointing your biological origins on a map with spurious specificity:

  • Anthropologist Deborah Bolnick of the University of Texas at Austin calls “fraudulent” companies that claim DNA testing will tell you where you came from.
  • Anthropologist Jonathan Marks of the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, says that instead of tracing our genetic past, what we get is a scientific scam: “It sure looks like science. Well, it is science. It’s done by scientists, and it’s done on DNA samples. And it produces real data.” But these companies simply don’t have enough comparative information to pinpoint a gene on a world map.

To find out more about the sophistry sold by DNA-testing companies, Cracked spoke to Morgan, an employee of “one of the major ancestry testing companies”.

Morgan not only confirms what the anthropologists say — that the DNA tests are not as accurate and precise as they are claimed to be — he also reveals other problems, such as test results being “tweaked” to conform with the customer’s expectations because “It pays to suck up to the people who pay you,” and test samples being contaminated because the customers sent their saliva mixed with other substances, such as food or saliva from another person.

Most egregiously, Morgan also confides that his DNA testing company has faked African ancestry for customers deemed to be racists:

“I only know of two times somebody wanted to be tested for being another ethnicity because they didn’t like that ethnicity. Both times, [they were] white people not wanting to believe they had black ancestors. […]

[W]hat we did was add ‘< 1 percent’ to each African category of ethnicity. That way we weren’t lying, and they [the “racist’ customers] would both be wondering how much under a percentage point was. We always try to round to the nearest number because we sometimes hear about percentage points, but for them, we leave it open to whether it’s a one or a zero. […]

[One customer] wrote to us asking what that meant, and we wrote back that it meant it was under 1 percent. And we were not saying zero. Unless they got another test, that was going to bother them. Maybe they weren’t 100 percent Caucasian […] this way it leaves it open, and they’ll always be wondering.


Who really are the deadringer brothers of dead Challenger astronauts?

9 days ago, I did a post, “Are the crew members of 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger still alive?,” on the astonishing similarities between the crew members of the Space Shuttle orbiter Challenger who all died in the tragic explosion on Jan. 28, 1986, and certain people alive today.

Not only are the doppelgängers the same ages as the Challenger crew members if they had lived, some of the doubles even have the same names as the astronauts.

In the case of Challenger Mission Specialists Ronald McNair and Ellison Onizuka, their respective doppelgängers are their brothers, Carl McNair and Claude Onizuka.

Ronald and Carl McNair

Born on Oct. 21, 1950, Challenger’s mission specialist Ronald McNair would be 64 years old if he had not perished in the space shuttle explosion.

If he had lived, Ronald would look very much like his brother Carl McNair, who is an author, education consultant, inspirational speaker, and the founder and president emeritus of the Ronald E. McNair Foundation in honor of his brother.

Ronald McNair

Ellison and Claude Onizuka

Born on June 24, 1946 in Hawaii, Challenger Mission Specialist Ellison Onizuka would be 68 years old today if he had not died in the explosion.

If Ellison were still alive, he would look just like this pic of his younger brother Claude, who is a Liquor Adjudication Board Member of the Department of Liquor Control, County of Hawaii, Hilo, Hawaii. Ellison and Claude both have the same eyebrows, same eyes, same crow’s feet wrinkles, same nose, even the same hair-parting on the left side of their heads.

Ellison and Claude Onizuka

A reader named Linda asked a very good question: “has anyone searched for records of those that claim to be “brothers” of the ones who died to see if they ever actually existed?”

The following are the results of my search.

The Search for the Brothers

Carl McNair

I searched on Ancestry.com for a “Carl McNair,” who claims to be the brother of astronaut Ronald McNair. Carl S. McNair’s LinkedIn page says his birthdate is Dec. 16; Wikipedia’s page on Ronald McNair says his parents are Carl C. and Pearl M. McNair.  So I asked Ancestry.com to search all “birth, baptism and christening” records for “Carl McNair,” born on Dec. 16, whose father is Carl McNair and mother is Pearl McNair.

Result of search: Just one record was found, and it’s not of astronaut brother Carl McNair. The record is from Texas Birth Certificates 1903-1932, of Herschel John McNair, born on 12 Oct 1912 – Rosewood, Upshur, whose father was William McNair and mother was Pearl Watkins.

In other words, according to Ancestry.com, there is no Carl McNair, brother of Ronald McNair. Here’s the screenshot I took of ancestry.com’s search results, with the time (10:18 AM) and date (5/9/2015) when I took the shot in the lower right corner (circled in red).

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Carl McNair

Just to be sure, I re-did my search for “Carl McNair,” this time without specifying the names of the parents. There were 8,850 results. So I narrowed the search to “Carl McNair,” whose father’s last name is McNair and whose mother’s first name is Pearl. That narrowed the results to 8,980, which include all persons whose last name is McNair or similar-sounding last names, e.g., McNare, McNear, Mackner. Of those 8,980 results, I found no Carl McNair whose father’s name is (also) Carl McNair and whose mother’s first name is Pearl.

No parent names were given for these 3 Carl McNairs:

  1. Carl W. McNair, b. Sept 2, 1950
  2. Carl F. McNair, b. Feb. 9, 1954
  3. Marcus Carl McNair, b. Dec. 23, 1952

Since astronaut Ronald McNair was born on Oct. 21, 1950, we can rule out #1 Carl W. McNair, born on Sept. 2, 1950, as Ronald’s brother. That leaves us with Carl. F. McNair and Marcus Carl McNair, neither of whom is “Carl S. McNair” — the name of astronaut brother Carl McNair on his LinkedIn page.

Claude Onizuka

I also asked Ancestry.com to search for the birth records of “Claude Onizuka,” the alleged brother of astronaut Ellison Onizuka. According to Wikipedia’s entry on Ellison Onizuka, his father was the late Masamitsu Onizuka, his mother is Mitsue Onizuka.

Result of search:  “Your search for Claude Onizuka returned zero good matches.”

Here’s the screenshot I took of ancestry.com’s search results, with the time (10:39 AM) and date (5/9/2015) when I took the shot in the lower right corner (circled in red).

↓ Click image to enlarge ↓

Claude Onizuka1

Just to be sure, I re-did the search for “Claude Onizuka,” this time without putting in the names of the parents. There were 36 results, none of which is Claude Onizuka. 

In other words, according to Ancestry.com, no one named Claude Onizuka or Carl S. McNair (brother of Ronald McNair) had ever been born in the United States.


Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

I got an email this morning from FOTM reader Dave McMullen, asking why there aren’t baby pictures of Obama’s two daughters, Malia and Sasha.

Wikipedia says “Barack and Michelle Obama have two daughters: Malia Ann, born on July 4, 1998, and Natasha (known as Sasha), born on June 10, 2001.

So I did a Google Image search for Obama’s daughters. I couldn’t find any baby pics of Malia or Sasha; neither could Dave.

The youngest-looking pic of the girls I found (see below) was in an article extolling Michelle Obama, dated August 20, 2007, on the website Afrobella. The pic is undated. If we go by the date of the Afrobella article, Malia would be 9 years old and Sasha would be 6 years old.

Afrobella pic of O family

In contrast, Dave found a website with a pic of Laura Bush, wife of President George W. Bush, holding their two-month-old twins, Jenna and Barbara.

Laura Bush with babies

I have seen pics of Barack and Michelle’s wedding, like this one below, but none of Michelle pregnant with child.


Then I went on the website Ancestry.com, and searched for birth records of Malia Obama, b. 1998, and Natasha Obama, b. 2001. These are the results:

Malia Obama 3

Natasha Obama3

In other words, Ancestry.com has no birth records for Malia or Natasha Obama.

Then I paid $9.95 for a trial membership in GenealogyBank.com so that I can search that website for the Obama girls’ birth records.

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Malia Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Malia Obama1

As you can see above, the only thing genealogybank.com has in its newspaper archives on Malia Obama is an article by Sen. Obama titled “Progress on campaign finance reform,” in the Chicago newspaper Hyde Park Herald of August 26, 1998, in which Obama (presumably) mentioned Malia. Here’s the newspaper clip (the words are rather blurry):

Malia Obama2

Below is a screenshot I took from genealogybank.com of the result of my search for Natasha Obama. I’ve circled in red the date and time when I accessed the website. Click the image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama1

The only thing genealogybank.com has on Natasha Obama is an article in Hyde Park Herald of  July 4, 2001, again by Sen. Obama titled “Tallying wins and losses in Springfield Springfield report,” in which he wrote “The newest addition to the Obama family — Natasha — was born on June 10th, and Michelle and I have been busy changing diapers.” Click image below to enlarge.

Natasha Obama2

In other words, I couldn’t find any birth records of either Malia Obama or Natasha Obama on either ancestry.com or genealogybank.com.

The same Wikipedia entry I had referenced at the beginning of this post states that Malia and Natasha Obama were both delivered by their parents’ friend Dr. Anita Blanchard at University of Chicago Medical Center.”

Wikipedia’s source of that assertion is an article of Jodi Kantor titled “Obama’s Friends Form Strategy to Stay Close,” in The New York Times of December 13, 2008. The article is about a group of Obama’s closest friends in Chicago, among whom are Valerie Jarrett (now Obama’s senior White House adviser) and a black man named Martin Nesbitt who is now, according to NYT, a “real estate executive”. Nesbitt’s wife is Dr. Anita Blanchard.

O's Chicago friends - Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, Dr. Eric Whitakerl to r: Martin Nesbitt, Valerie Jarrett, BHO, Dr. Eric Whitaker

Alas, the NYT article does NOT say that Dr. Blanchard had delivered Obama’s daughters. Instead, what the article says is “Mr. Nesbitt’s wife, Dr. Anita Blanchard, delivered nearly all the children [of Obama and his closest friends in Chicago], and the adults became their godparents.”

If anyone can find baby pictures and birth records of Malia Obama and/or Natasha Obama, please let me know!

H/t FOTM’s Dave McMullen

UPDATE (Nov. 29):

Reader scannersliveinvain found this pic of Barack and Michelle with an infant Malia (Source). I’m no photoshop expert, but the figures of Mooch and Barry look too sharply delineated from the background.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Malia Obama

Reader Sao Ken found this pic of baby Sasha with her 3-years older sister Malia (source: globalgrind.com):

baby Sasha Obama

UPDATE (Dec.1):

Here’s another pic of young Malia and Sasha (source). Whose hairy arm is that behind the girls? (h/t FOTM reader JS):


UPDATE (Dec. 3, 2013):

Attorney Orly Taitz is wondering if Natasha Obama had been adopted from Morocco, and has issued a call for help, Dec. 1, 2013:

I am looking for any and all information in regards to Michelle and Barack Obama travelling to Morocco in 2000-2001, one way trip for Natasha (Sasha) Obama from Morocco in and around 2000, possibly 2001, If you have such info, please, forward it to Orly.Taitz@hushmail.com

Responding to a comment from a reader accusing her of “going after” Obama’s daughters — just as commenters here on FOTM similarly have accused me of “going after” the girls when all Taitz and I are doing is simply to ask questions — Taitz wrote this comment:

December 2nd, 2013 @ 7:15 am

Nobody is going after the children. It is a legitimate question: why there are no birth certificates and birth records for Malia and Sasha Obama, while there such records for children of other presidents? For example, media questioned, whether Sarah Palin’s youngest child is actually her daughter’s child, Sarah Palin produced his hospital birth certificate. Media reported on adoption of McCain’s second daughter Bridget, on adoption of Romney’s grand children, on birth of two of Romney’s grand children by a surrogate, why not provide an explanation, why there are no birth records of Malia and Sasha Obama in national databases, while all the other records are there. This is particularly of interest, as it was shown that Barack Obama is using a stolen Connecticut Social Security number of Harrison Bounel, which failed both e-verify and SSNVS and fabricated IDs. What is going on?

Update (June 23, 2014):

In an email, Dr. Taitz wrote, “one of my supporters claimed that she worked in the US embassy in Morocco when Sasha (Natasha ) Obama was adopted from Morocco,” but Taitz is still trying to confirm this claim.


Dec. 14 was date of death for every Sandy Hook massacre victim, except Adam Lanza

On January 20, I did a post on the startling information that Social Security Death Index, as conveyed by the website GenealogyBank, says alleged Sandy Hook mass murderer Adam Lanza had died on December 13, 2012 — a day before the massacre.

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) is a database of death records created from the federal government Social Security Administration’s Death Master File Extract. Most persons who have died since 1936 who had a Social Security number and whose death has been reported to the Social Security Administration are listed in the SSDI. Unlike the Death Master File, the SSDI is available free from several genealogy websites. The “state of issue” refers to the state that had issued the Social Security number.

The SSDI is not error-free. WSMV.com reports in 2012 that Social Security mistakenly declares about 1,000 people dead every month who aren’t, according to one government report.

After my post on Adam Lanza, a reader sent FOTM an email asking if SSDI has death records on the 20 children and 6 adults whom Lanza allegedly had killed in Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14. So we looked into this. Here’s our report.

According to genealogybank.com, SSDI has death records on all but one of the 26 Sandy Hook victims:

  1. Charlotte Bacon: age 6; born Feb. 22, 2006; died Dec. 14, 2012; State of issue (SOI) New Jersey.
  2. Daniel G. Barden: age 7; b. Sept. 27, 2005; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI New York.
  3. Rachel D’Avino: At first we couldn’t a SSDI for her, but when we conducted a re-search for “Rachel Davino” (instead of “D’Avino”) we did find her SSDI: age 29; b. July 17, 1983; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  4. Olivia R. Engel: age 6; b. July 18, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  5. Josephine G. Gay: age 7; b. Dec. 11, 2005; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Maryland.
  6. Dylan C. Hockley: age 6; b. Mar. 8, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Maryland.
  7. Dawn Lafferty Hochsprung: age 47; b. June 28, 1965; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  8. Madeleine F. Hsu: age 6; b. July 10, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  9. Catherine V. Hubbard: age 6; b. June 8, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  10. Chase M. Kowalski: age 7; b. Oct. 31, 2005; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  11. Jesse M. Lewis: age 6; b. June 30, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  12. James Mattioli: age 6; b. Mar. 22, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  13. Grace A. McDonnell: age 7; b. Nov. 4, 2005; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  14. Anne Marie Murphy: age 52; b. July 25, 1960; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI New York.
  15. Emilie A. Parker: age 6; b. May 12, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Utah.
  16. Jack A. Pinto: age 6; b. May 6, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  17. Noah S. Pozner: age 6; b. Nov. 20, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  18. Caroline P. Previdi: age 6; b. Sept. 7, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  19. Jessica A. Rekos: age 6, b. May 10, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  20. Avielle R. Richman: age 6; b. Oct. 17, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI California.
  21. Lauren G. Rousseau: age 30; b. June 8, 1982; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  22. Mary J. Sherlach: age 56; b. Feb. 11, 1956; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI New York.
  23. Victoria L. Soto: age 27; b. Nov. 4, 1985; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.
  24. Benjamin A. Wheeler: age 6; b. Sept. 12, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI New York.
  25. Allison Wyatt: age 6; b. July 3, 2006; d. Dec. 14, 2012; SOI Connecticut.

There is no SSDI for one Sandy Hook victim: Ana Marquez-Greene, age 6. Ana was mixed-race; her father is jazz musician Jimmy Greene.

So we searched for her SSDI again, using two variations of her last name:

  • An SSDI was found for “Ana Delia Greene”: b. 1968; d. 2010; SOI Arizona.
  • A search for SSDI for “Ana Marquez” found 36 Ana Marquezes, none of whom was the age of Ana Marquez-Greene of Sandy Hook. 

The lack of a SSDI for Ana Marquez-Greene may be because her parents had not yet obtained a Social Security card/number for her.

Ana Marquez-GreeneL to r: Ana’s brother, Jimmy Greene, Nelba Marquez-Greene; Ana Marquez-Greene

Note that the Date of Death for all of the above 25 Sandy Hook victims, as well as Adam Lanza’s mother, Nancy Lanza, is December 14, 2012.

Of the 28 people (20 children, 8 adults) who allegedly were killed on December 14, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut, only Adam Lanza’s date of death is December 13, 2012 — one day before the massacre.

In other words, according to SSDI, the man who (we are told) killed the other 27 had died the day before!

Here’s the screenshot I took on January 20, 2013, of the SSDI for Adam Lanza on genealogybank.com, showing his date-of-death as December 13, 2012:

As recent as two days ago, on January 31, 2013, genealogybank.com still had the SSDI date of death for Adam Lanza as December 13, 2012.

I just checked the site again. You’re not gonna believe this – The date of death is now changed to December 14, 2012!!!!!!!!!

Here’s a screenshot I took, where you can see that I’d taken the screenshot at 1:32 PM, 2/2/2013:

Adam Lanza's altered SSDI

We also came across this piece of oddity: The media used a photo of a different girl, Lily Gaubert, for Sandy Hook victim Allison Wyatt.

Lily GaubertLily Gaubert

On her Facebook page, Cathy Gaubert says someone lifted her very much alive daughter Lily’s pic from her Flickr page and used it as Sandy Hook victim Allison Wyatt’s.


Only when Cathy Gaubert found out that her daughter’s photo was identified to be that of the dead Allison Wyatt that the media replaced the photo of Lily Gaubert with a photo of Allison Wyatt.

Allison Wyatt (real pic)Allison Wyatt

~Eowyn & Steve

Update (Feb. 5, 2013):

I ran all the victims on another genealogy website, Ancestry.com, and can confirm that the date-of-death for all of them, except Adam Lanza, is December 14, 2012. Unlike genealogybank.com that’s changed Adam’s date-of-death to Dec. 14, 2012, Ancestry.com still has the date as Dec. 13, 2012, according to SSDI.

I also found an obituary on Ancestry.com for Ana Grace Marquez Greene, died Dec. 14 2012. But I cannot find an SSDI for the girl on Ancestry.com, using variations on her last name of “Greene,” “Marquez-Greene”, or “Marquez.”