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Shocker, not: Washington state gun laws didn’t prevent ICE detention center Antifa goon from illegally obtaining firearm

Antifa terrorist Van Spronsen taken out by law enforcement

The man who was shot to death outside of the Tacoma immigration detention center was a self-described Antifa anarchist identified as William Van Spronsen (69 years old). He showed up at the facility armed with a rifle and was throwing “incendiary devices.”

Police shot him dead.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, who himself was attacked by Antifa goons in Portland, Tacoma police say the dead man aimed his rifle at officers & refused to drop the gun. He was shot & killed by them. The rifle was recovered at the scene & appears to have malfunctioned during his attack.

Now the News Tribune reports that this dead Antifa anarchist should never have been in possession of a gun. From their report:

“His now ex-wife wrote in a petition seeking a protection orders in January that Van Spronsen talked of dying at the hands of police or of an intentional heroin overdose and that he took their school-age son to what she called militia meetings.

“He would also talk about dying for a cause and anarchist actions,” she wrote, among other concerns. “This was near the end of our marriage. I found it very scary and upsetting because I believed he would do it, even if it hurt someone and even if he died as a result.”

The protection order that followed in February made it illegal for him to have firearms.

Read the whole story here.


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Seattle's ex-Top Cop Recalls WTO Riots – Nov 1999

After the disastrous WTO protest that shut down Seattle in 1999, progressive Chief of Police, Norm Stamper decided to retire and progressive Mayor Paul Schell lost re-election.  The following Seattle Weekly 9-page  article   is an excerpt from Norm Stamper’s book that recounts the events leading up to the disastrous protests that resulted in the Mayor declaring Martial Law.   Click the title to read the entire excerpt~LTG

Snookered in Seattle: The WTO Riots

Veteran cops told me they’d never seen so many people on the streets. There was sea of sea turtles and anti-WTO signs, choruses of chanting, and street theater performances, replete with colorfully costumed actors on stilts playing out the various points of opposition to globalization. That night, thousands of protesters filed into Key Arena where the Sonics and the Storm play their basketball. They heard speeches from local politicians, including the mayor (who at one point bleated, “Have fun but please don’t hurt my city”) and various protest leaders and organizers. There were songs by Laura Love and other politically active musicians. Day One ended peacefully.

Video includes 60 Minutes inteview with anarchists who look and sound like the OWS thugs who’ve been trashing our cities for the past 2 months.


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Day of Rage/Riots Coming to America Sept 17th?

This reminds me of the anarchists riots in Seattle to shut down the WTO meetings.   By the way, Sept 17th is Constitution Day It also happens to be a Saturday.  So the kids will be out of school, available to riot; but, for the Wall Street grownups, it’s their day off.  I seriously doubt it will disrupt any business.    The last time I was in New York City there weren’t even very many  retailers in that part of town; but, it’s been awhile.  Maybe they can  liberate up a free frappacino from a Starbucks barista making $10.00 an hour and a share of the tip jar.  Not many bigscreen TV retailers in the financial district of New York City, as I recall.   Unless it’s a slow news day, local TV may not even send a news crew to “cover” the event.    

For rioters planning an event in Olympia, the State Capital of Washington State, Olympia has long been considered one of the most progressive towns in a very “blue” state.  It is very likely the governor and state agency heads will lock arms with you and sing a couple of rounds of “We Shall Overcome” for old time’s sake.  They’re mostly a bunch of 1960s hippie radicals.  The legislature is not in session.  ~LTG


This information came out of Idaho, but this is being staged across the entire 50 states!  We need to be aware and let others know, especially those that live in the capitals, or have businesses there.  If you’ve seen the riots taking place in Greece, or those in the Middle East, you see a sample of what it looks like they are planning.  Let’s hope that either few show up, that they stay peaceful, or that the law enforcement agencies are able to thwart it before it occurs….
Bill Turner, Boise Conservative Examiner

September 17th, 2011 is set to be a Day of Rage.

The leftists call this a non-violent event, yet their website, Craigslist ads and Facebook postings include information on how to resist arrest, protest in jail and fight the legal system. The anarchists, Marxists and communists have put together a plan, from start to finish, to takeover America. There will be trouble. The only real question, at this point, is what are the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the NSA and others going to do to stop this? So far, no one in the media is talking about this insurrection, aside from Glenn Beck who told of it months ago. What will you and your family do to do be safe and save our way of life? It is obvious that the commander in chief has no intention of stopping this coming event, these are, after all, his political base.
The purveyors of the Day of Rage have done their best to make their cause sound as if it is Libertarian or Conservative, but as one reads through the material, it becomes apparent that they are masking their origins and intent. Corporations are blamed for much of the ills, including the suppression of “free and fair elections“. Hiding under the guise of ‘one person/one vote’ and campaign finance reform, fitting the ideology of B. Hussein Obama, as stated in his chastising of the Supreme Court during his State of the Union Address, they seek to implement social justice and a democracy, undermining the republic and electoral college process, turning elections into a popularity contest.
The Anti-American organizers of this even, seek to have protests in all fifty state capitols, the nations capitol and to crush the capitalist economy by disrupting Wall Street. Despite repeatedly stating their goal is non-violence, this subversive organization lists the following among their plans:
* They call for civil disobedience and include plans on how to disrupt court, arrest and the jail system.
* Civil disobedience training is available.
* Directions on responding with resistance to being restrained.
* Classes on forming Affinity Groups and collectively resisting law enforcement.
Read Full Article Here
US Day of Rage Website

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