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U.S. breaks off talks with Russia, as Russians prepare for war with massive civil defense drill

While Americans are transfixed by the the Brangelina divorce and Kim Kardashian’s robbery hoax, U.S.-Russian relations rapidly are deteriorating to a point that war is no longer an alarmist fantasy.
Below is a quick look at what has happened and is happening, with embedded links for your perusal. You will see that it is the Obama administration who is being hostile and provocative.
On September 17, 2016, the U.S. coalition bombed Syrian government troops fighting the Islamic State near the city of Deir Ezzor, killing more than 80 and wounding over 100. The U.S. called it an “accident”; Russia said the U.S. is intentionally aiding the Islamic State/ISIS. (The Free Thought Project)
• On September 28, 2016, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby issued a veiled threat to Moscow — of terror attacks on Russian cities and shoot-downs of Russian jets if Vladimir Putin continues his fight against ISIS in Syria. Kirby told reporters in a press briefing that “Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria to expand their operations, which could include attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities. Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags, and will continue to lose resources, perhaps even aircraft,” adding that if the war in Syria continues “more Russian lives will be lost, more Russian aircraft will be shot down.”

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova took the remarks as a thinly veiled threat. In a Facebook post, Zakharova asks: “And those [acts of terrorism] will be perpetrated by ‘moderate’ [Syrian opposition groups]? Just the ones that Washington has been unable to separate from Al-Nusra for as long as six months? Don’t you think that such ventriloquism about ‘body bags,’ ‘terrorist attacks in Russian cities’ and ‘loss of aircraft,’ sounds more like a ‘get ’em’ command, rather than a diplomatic comment?”

Al-Nusra is an Al-Qaeda offshoot. An Al-Nusra unit commander recently revealed that “The Americans are on our side” and that Al-Nusra had been given TOW missiles and other weapons “directly” from the U.S. and its allies. (InfoWars)
Yesterday, October 3, after threatening for almost a week to end the nearly 6 years of negotiations with Russia on the Syrian peace process, the Obama administration unilaterally broke off all talks with Moscow. White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that there is “nothing more for the US and Russia to talk about” in Syria.
• Also yesterday, Oct. 3, Russia suspended participation in a program for disposing of plutonium from decommissioned nuclear warheads. Russian officials gave as the explanation “the radical change in the environment, a threat to strategic stability posed by the hostile actions of the US against Russia, and the inability of the US to deliver on the obligation to dispose of excessive weapons plutonium under international treaties.” (ZeroHedge)
Today, Oct. 4, Russia begins a massive 4-day “All-Russian civil defense drill”. As described by the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense:

  • The drill involves federal and regional executive authorities, local governments and organizations in all constituent territories of Russia.
  • Altogether, more than 40 million people, 200,000 specialists of emergency rescue divisions, and about 50,000 units of equipment will participate in in the drill.
  • The main goal of the drill is to practice organization of management during civil defense events and emergency and fire management, to check preparedness of management bodies and forces of civil defense on all levels to respond to natural and man-made disasters and to take civil defense measures.
  • The drill will rehearse radiation, chemical and biological protection of the personnel and population during emergencies. Response units will deploy radiation, chemical and biological monitoring centers and sanitation posts at the emergency areas, while laboratory control networks are going to be put on standby.

• InfoWars Alex Jones has been puzzled by why the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton have been painting Jones and Donald Trump — who wants peace with Russia — as Putin’s puppets. In the video below, Jones has an “Aha!” epiphany.
Beginning at the 2:31 mark, Jones said:

“I was thinking, why am I so troubled by them going on MSNBC and CNN putting my picture up there with Putin’s, with Trump’s, saying that we’re Russian agents and we got our orders from Putin and he’s our godfather. I was thinking it’s ridiculous, it’s made up, it’s not true. That’s just another sovereign nation trying to get out from under globalism. […] And then it clicks. […] Oh my God, they really are going to war with Russia, and anyone that doesn’t go along with the war is a Russian agent, because none of this makes sense and is comical unless you know you’re going for broke and you don’t care. That’s why all the elites are buying bunkers and leaving the United States. It may not be this year or next year, but […] World War III with the Russians is set in the next 4 to 5 years, and the globalists want to entice the Russians to attack — a first strike.”

On August 31, 2016, Hillary Clinton threatened Russia with war. Accusing Russia of “hacking into the Democratic National Committee and even some state election systems,” she said:

“So we’ve got to step up our game, make sure we are well defended and able to take the fight to those who go after us. As President, I will make it clear that United States will treat cyber attacks just like any other attack. We will be ready with serious political, economic, and military responses.

• In May 2016, The Saker wrote that Russia is preparing for World War III:

The Russians all see that the US power is on the decline and that the dollar will, sooner or later, gradually or suddenly, lose its role as the main reserve and exchange currency on the planet (this process has already begun). Simply put – unless the US finds a way to dramatically change the current international dynamic the AngloZionist Empire will collapse. The Russians believe that what the Americans are doing is, at best, to use tensions with Russia to revive a dormant Cold War v2 and, at worst, to actually start a real shooting war in Europe. […]
So let us now examine the Russian reaction to Empire’s stance.
First, the Russians want to make darn sure that the Americans do not give in to the illusion that a full-scale war in Europe would be like WWII which saw the US homeland only suffer a few, tiny, almost symbolic, attacks by the enemy. Since a full scale war in Europe would threaten the very existence of the Russian state and nation, the Russians are now taking measures to make darn sure that, should that happen, the US would pay an immense price for such an attack.
Second, the Russians are now evidently assuming that a conventional threat from the West might materialize in the foreseeable future. They are therefore taking the measures needed to counter that conventional threat.
Third, since the USA appears to be dead set into deploying an anti-ballistic missile system not only in Europe, but also in the Far East, the Russians are taking the measures to both defeat and bypass this system.
The Russian effort is a vast and a complex one, and it covers almost every aspect of Russian force planning, but there are four examples which, I think, best illustrate the Russian determination not to allow a 22 June 1941 to happen again:

  • The re-creation of the First Guards Tank Army (in progress)
  • The deployment of the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system (done)
  • The deployment of the Sarmat ICBM (in progress)
  • The deployment of the Status-6 strategic torpedo (in progress) […]

So sometimes things have to be said directly and unambiguously: western politicians better not believe in their own imperial hubris. So far, all their threats have achieved is that the Russians have responded with a many but futile verbal protests and a full-scale program to prepare Russia for WWIII.
As I have written many times, Russians are very afraid of war and they will go out of their way to avoid it. But they are also ready for war. This is a uniquely Russian cultural feature which the West has misread an innumerable number of time over the past 1000 years or so. Over and over again have the Europeans attacked Russia only to find themselves into a fight they would never have imagined, even in their worst nightmares. This is why the Russians like to say that “Russia never starts wars, she only ends them”. […]
If the AngloZionist ‘deep state’ is really delusional enough to trigger a war with Russia, in Europe or elsewhere, the narcissistic and hedonistic West, drunk on its own propaganda and hubris, will discover a level of violence and warfare it cannot even imagine and if that only affected those responsible for these reckless and suicidal policies it would be great. But the problem is, of course, that many millions of us, simple, regular people, will suffer and die as a consequence of our collective failure to prevent that outcome. I hope and pray that my repeated warnings will at least contribute to what I hope is a growing realization that this folly has to be immediately stopped and that sanity must return to politics.

• On June 23, 2016, Reuters reports that:

Russia is likely to deploy advanced nuclear-capable missiles in its European exclave of Kaliningrad by 2019, casting the move as a reply to a U.S.-backed missile shield, and may one day put them in Crimea too, sources close to its military predict. That would fuel what is already the worst standoff between Russia and the West since the Cold War and put a swathe of territory in NATO members Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in the cross-hairs.”

The nuke-capable missiles are called the Iskander, the Persian name for Alexander the Great.
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Glenn Beck suspended by SiriusXM radio for hinting at Trump assassination

The implosion, in full public view, of Glenn Beck continues . . . .
In 2010, Beck called Americans who question Obama’s constitutional eligibility to be president “dumb birthers“.
During the primaries, Beck touted Ted Cruz as America’s savior — the fulfillment of Mormon end-days prophecy. Beck claimed to know the mind of God, threatening Evangelical Christians that if they didn’t vote for Cruz, they’re not listening to God. Beck even threatened to commit suicide if Cruz lost the pivotal Indiana GOP primary.
All of which led to Alex Jones, in a tearful, apocalyptic rant, calling Beck “a prancing demon”.
Now, prompted by what appears to be Beck’s approval to assassinate Donald Trump, the radio broadcasting company SiriusXM has suspended The Glenn Beck Program from its Patriot radio channel for a week, and is reconsidering the program’s place “in our lineup going forward.”

Glenn Beck on Fox News, January 2014

Glenn Beck on Fox News, January 2014

Breitbart reports, May 31, 2016, that SiriusXM has suspended Glenn Beck and assigned David Webb to temporarily take over Beck’s 9AM to noon Eastern time slot on SiriusXM’s Patriot Channel 125.
SiriusXM issued the following statement:

SiriusXM encourages a diversity of discourse and opinion on our talk programs. However, comments recently made by a guest on the independently produced Glenn Beck Program, in our judgement, may be reasonably construed by some to have been advocating harm against an individual currently running for office, which we cannot and will not condone. For that reason, we have suspended The Glenn Beck Program from our Patriot channel for the coming week and are evaluating its place in our lineup going forward. SiriusXM is committed to a spirited, robust, yet responsible political conversation and believes this action reflects those values.

Brad ThorThe suspension is in response to an interview Beck did with fiction author Brad Thor on May 25, in which Thor likened Trump to a South American-style dictator who, if elected, would cause an “extinction-level event” for the United States. Thor said that Congress would not be able to remove Trump from office by “legal means” through impeachment.
Thor then hinted at assassinating Trump as a solution. Admitting that “I’m about the suggest something very bad,” he asked Beck’s radio audience “what patriot will step up and do that” in the event Trump oversteps his Constitutional restraints.
Beck agreed with Thor’s assessment.
Here is the exchange:

THOR: He [Trump] is a danger to America and I got to ask you a question and this is serious and this could ring down incredible heat on me because I’m about to suggest something very bad. It is a hypothetical I am going to ask as a thriller writer.
With the feckless, spineless Congress we have, who will stand in the way of Donald Trump overstepping his constitutional authority as President? If Congress won’t remove him from office, what patriot will step up and do that if, if, he oversteps his mandate as president, his constitutional-granted authority, I should say, as president.
If he oversteps that, how do we get him out of office? And I don’t think there is a legal means available. I think it will be a terrible, terrible position the American people will be in to get Trump out of office because you won’t be able to do it through Congress.
BECK: I would agree with you on that and I don’t think you actually have the voices we’ve been talking about and we’ve been talking about this off-air for a while. I think the voices like ours go away. I don’t think we are allowed – especially if things, and I believe the economy is going to go to crap, even if Jesus was in office. It’s going to naturally reset. It has to.

Read the rest of the exchange here.
After receiving criticism for what he and Thor said, Beck defended himself. You can read the full transcript of his defense here.
To contact SiriusXM by phone, online chat, Twitter, or email, go here.
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Obama's Fast & Furious gun-running not only continues, arms are going to ISIS

Fast and Furious” is a Department of Justice ATF program ostensibly to track Mexican cartels by purposely allowing licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to illegal straw buyers, hoping to track the guns to Mexican drug cartel leaders and arrest them.
In other words, while the Obama is bent on imposing gun control on Americans, his administration has been running guns to Mexican criminals.
Fast and Furious took the life of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry when, on December 14, 2010, he was shot while attempting to arrest five individuals in Nogales, Arizona. Two of the guns found at the scene were linked to Fast and Furious.
Brian TerryWhen the scandalous program was uncovered, Americans thought that was the end to Fast and Furious. But not only is it continuing, the arms “transfers” have gone global, specifically to Muslim jihadists in the Middle East, according to Lt. Col. Matt Smithy-Meck, a retired U.S. Marine who is working on behalf of Terry’s family.
Adan Salazar reports for InfoWars that in an interview with Alex Jones on March 29, 2016, Lt. Col. Matt Smith-Meck revealed the following:
(1) Fast and Furious actually transferred more weapons than initially suspected, “in the magnitude of 4,700”. Smith-Meck said: “Not only is it guns and rifles, but also grenades, grenade launchers, military grade night vision goggles, black special forces tactical uniforms.”
(2) Fast and Furious involved not just guns, but also military equipment and installations. Smith-Meck said: “I was approached by a Col. Taylor – told me he was from OSI, Office of Special Investigations and that the military was aware of possible military installation and equipment involvement with Fast and Furious.”
(3) Arms transfers into Mexico are ongoing to this day.
(4) Those weapons may then be resold to international networks outside Mexico — “part of a much larger international gun running operation” — specifically Morocco and Algiers in the Middle East. Mexican traffickers were already on record meeting with foreign purchasers in 2010, and weapons linked to the operation later showed up in Morocco. Smith-Meck said that on October 16, 2010, the commander of Morocco’s internal security forces (DST) “reported to his supervisors that Fast and Furious weapons were in the kingdom of Morocco en route to arm the rebels in Algeria.”
(5) According to his sources, Smith-Meck predicts yet another arms transfer to Mexico will occur towards the middle of May, which may then be exported to the Middle East: “We’ve got a mid-May of this year time frame where another large shipment is scheduled to go across from basically Arizona into Mexico, and we’re trying to make sure that does not occur.” Smith-Meck said he had forwarded the information on to Rep. Trey Gowdy.
(6) Suspecting that Agent Terry might have been murdered for digging too deep into Fast and Furious, Lt. Smith-Meck said he himself was harassed and threatened. On the night of March 22, 2015, while he was walking his dog at around 10 p.m., someone approached him, knocked him down, kicked him in his lower back and told him, “You obviously aren’t getting the message. Keep your F’ing mouth shut.”
Smith-Meck filed a police report about the incident and declares he will continue searching for the truth of Brian Terry’s death and is asking for Congress’ help to find answers.
In a more recent InfoWars interview on May 16 with Lt. Col. Matt Smith-Meck, Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, and Kent Terry, it is claimed that a major Fast & Furious arms shipment to ISIS will take place in 2 weeks. Plumlee is a former CIA contract pilot who flew drugs and arms for the CIA; he says the State Department and the Clinton Foundation are also involved in the international gun-running. Terry is the brother of slain Border Agent Brian Terry.
H/t John Molloy

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Alex Jones calls Glenn Beck "a prancing demon" in tearful, apocalyptic rant

Sat, 07 May 2016 14:57:59 +0000


On May 3, 2016, the day of the Indiana primary election, Alex Jones delivered an extraordinary soliloquy.

Below is the video, followed by my transcription of his words:


“I’m gonna be honest with everybody. My gut, my spirit, in the last few months, I’ve told you this, but it’s intensifying. Evil’s been let out of the pit right now, I can feel it rising. And I can also feel good rising — the Spirit of God coming back to the world as well.

We’re in very dangerous waters, and people like Donald Trump are only one manifestation of what’s going on. He’s obviously a guy — that alpha male who likes properity, loves this country. He’s got a lot of worldly issues and problems, don’t we all. But people thato got a lot of good, also a lot of bad, are enemies of the people that don’t have hardly any good but a bunch of bad.

And, I don’t get joy getting up here and attacking people like Glenn Beck, let’s get that straight. But when I see manifest, smoking evil — the guy’s on fire with sniveling evil — to a spiritual level I can see all of his fruits, and it’s just a prancing demon, a Nelly effeminate con artist preying on people, that makes you want to throw up.

And I’d be honest with you. And I love with Christ, I have a relationship with God, and I know there’s a spiritual battle going on. I know my best works are like dirty rags. And I do have the Holy Spirit, I feel God, constantly, it’s very humbling. And as evil intensifies, I get more discernment, more focus, more intelligence that God gives me — that’s what the Bible says it’ll do. And I am constantly almost in tears because I can feel the presence of God, and I know how worldly I am, and it’s like being naked and ashamed. And I see all these proud evil men, they will fall, they will be broken. And I’m not sure what’s coming in the future but if everybody feels it, everybody sees it. All I can tell you is that everybody better get right with God. And all these people out there that think this is funny, you’re not gonna think it’s funny very soon.

We’ve been insulated in this country because of our ancestors who aren’t perfect, but they were the best there were from every corner of the world. We were the new world. But we were the most inventive and the most freedom ever allowed to happen here for a short time. So great wealth and blessing was brought to us because of the free thinkers that set up this country.

And now we’ve been turned into an engine of abomination. And all I ask is God to spare my children and [long pause while Jones tries to control his emotions] . . . .

We live in a country that kills babies and sell their body parts, where they do put chemicals in the water to brain-damage you and your family, that cause infertility. That’s just the start. You live in a country with thousands of aircraft flying around spraying poison on us, and mothers that talk about it get arrested and have their kids taken [inaudible].

It’s going to get worse, and they’re coming for everybody, do you understand that? And what’s sad is that they want to force you to submit to their evil ’cause they want your soul, want your will. They want you to willingly turn yourself oer to it, that’s how a coward dies a thousand deaths. They convince themselves that evil is good and allow to themselves to accept the evil as if it’s not bad because they’re so scared of the truth deep down. They decide to have a great delusion, they decide to become mentally ill, and they decide to believe that evil is good and that good is evil. I mean Glenn Beck famously let them put chemicals in his eyes, all for an Esquire cover story. Was it Esquire or…? Yes, it was Esquire, you look it up. This guy Glenn Beck crying, and he joked about it on video knowing it would go out that he was fake — to let the system know ‘I’m fake, I’m a fraud. I’ll let the liberals know I’m a fraud, and make fun of conservatives and patriots and Christians, but my own audience wants to believe in it, so they won’t see it.’ Signaling that ‘I’m a traitor, a piece of filth. Promote me, I’ll lead all these people down a rat hole.’

And he was so dishonorable and so ratlike, even News Corp [Fox News] throws him out, don’t want to be around something like that, because even though News Corp’s corrupt, still, powerful men still want to be around honor even though they hated, they sold out, they’re guilty and they hated. Believe me, I know them. But this little son of a bitch loves it, excuse me, God. He loves betraying people, he gets off on it. He’s committed to Satan. Umph! [inaudible] He says I’m scary. You bet I’m scary, buddy, ’cause I’m only 1/1 billionth of what you’re gonna face at the White Throne of Judgment.

The dishonor of these people is so manifest, I just want to get away from them, I can’t look at them any more. It’s how they enjoy lying to people, they enjoy dishonor. I just, even tuning into their spirits, even picking up on how they are, empathizing – it’s, it’s, it’s horrible. These are predators against their own species. And I don’t hate them. It’s a feeling in the last few years I’ve never had before. I want to be apart from them, I want to be in another dimension from them so that they be with their own kind — they call that place Hell. He’ll be there forever, away from me and my family and other kindred spirits that want to be with God.

It’s that simple: two choices. They make their own Hell. And I don’t want to get religious here, folks, or spiritual, but the point is I sit there and look at these abominations, these demonic creatures. You can almost see a tail and horns on that guy, I mean he’s so FRICKING evil! Whoo…. [Jones blows air out, to compose himself.]

I mean I have to control myself constantly not to cry on air. I never used to cry before, with 2 or 3 years on the air, I talk about family or stories about Basset Hounds, the baby that’s brain-dead [sniffs, cries]. But I realize before I went on the air I can’t cover that because I’ll start cyring, because of the humanity that’s gone from us, but these dogs have this love, this commitment, that’s everything in the universe! And these sociopaths and psychopaths think a dog loving a brain-dead child — brain-dead from a storke — they think it’s weakness in the dog. No, you’re the weak people, you sociopaths and psychopaths. You’re the people that never scaled the heights of love and honor, that never had dreams. You don’t care about people, you fools, and you prance around and claim that you care about other people, when you hate them and want to dominate them and see them hurt because it makes you feel bigger.

I don’t need to pray against Glenn Beck or even cursing. You curse yourself. I know you must have had a horrible childhood, you claim you did, but it’s all lies — suicide, parents, all this darkness, but problem is real. You’re a creation of this planet, and you’re just more pathetic, scared wreckage. And in your own delusion you really think, when you’re in that fantasy land, that you are a soldier of Christ. Your delusion is so great. But that’s only a garment you put on. In your heart, you know who you are, when the lights go off. And I see you, Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz. And I’m ashamed that my gut told me Ted Cruz was an evil robot, but I still just hoped and dreamed, and was lied to.

But I’m done ranting about you.” [Here, Jones goes to other news of the day]

-End of Transcription-

On January 22, 2014, The Blaze, which is owned by Glenn Beck, reported that in 2010 Beck had “announced” he has a vision disorder called macular distrophy. The Blaze was responding to a viewer’s question about Beck’s bizarre eyes in a recent appearance on Fox News.

Glenn Beck on Fox News, January 2014

Glenn Beck on Fox News, January 2014

The viewer wrote The Blaze: “I felt like I was watching a horror movie and at any minute Glenn was going to start howling at the moon.”

The Blaze explains that “It appears it was just a glitch with the Fox News online video player,” and that although “The effect happened four different times during the clip,” viewers who saw the segment live on TV or on another web player didn’t see the same issue.

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Former state trooper Wolfgang Halbig files Sandy Hook lawsuit

Wolfgang W. Halbig, 68, has an impressive professional record as a former law enforcement officer (U.S. Customs inspector and Florida state trooper), an educator (public school coach, teacher, assistant principal and principal), and a nationally-recognized school safety consultant who has served as an expert witness in the Columbine and other school shootings.
Below is his biographical sketch:
Wolf bio sketch
On March 4, 2015, Halbig was interviewed on Alex Jones’ Infowars. The interview begins with a long monologue by Jones. Halbig doesn’t start talking until beginning at the 54:30 mark. Here’s my (partial) transcript of the interview:

Halbig: Thanks a lot, Alex. Thank God you have a voice. I’m glad Infowar is out there. The people that are attacking you, now they’re coming after me…. They’re destroying my family; they’ve destroyed my business. But I’m passionate. The only reason that I really got involved: I’m standing in front of 200 Florida school board members in Tampa, Florida, and Alex, they’re worried that they may have a Sandy Hook unfolding in their community, so they’re asking me questions, for two hours! I can’t give them solutions because, number one, not one of us in American that knows the truth as to what actually happened in Sandy Hook. So what do I do? I simply ask questions as a national school safety consultant. They are so simple that anyone should be able to answer that — from the school board, from the city, the Connecticut State police. Two years, and they’ve refused to answer my questions.”
Jones: “Well, we have copy right claims filed at us for just showing news articles. And you can’t do that — we’ve defeated those copy right claims. But, there’s been a lot of other stuff behind the scenes going on about other organizations and groups. They’re really upset about this.”
Halbig: “Well, you know what? They need to get ready, Alex, I’m coming. If you could be in my office right now today, beyond a reasonable doubt, we have all the evidence. People that anonymously have now come forward from Newtown. We now have documents that will, without a doubt, show that that school did not exist, it was not in operation.
Jones: “Well, You’d better release them as soon as possible or that’d end up, you know what happens to people. They’ll claim you suicided yourself or probably take some of your family out, claim you killed them and demonize you. That’s how they do it now — they kill you and your family.”
Halbig [with a big smile]: “Well, Alex, I saw my doctor the other day. I am not suicidal. I told my doctor I’m about as happy as can be. I got three great grandkids. But I’m telling you, the evidence that we have, right now I have an attorney here in Orlando, we filed a lawsuit. The judge here in Orlando allowed us to move forward. She granted me ten subpoenas to be issued two weeks ago, with discovery information. Alex, we are on the move.”

Beg. at the 59:14 mark:

Jones: “The latest bombshell you just dropped, you’re saying, we know the school suddenly reopened. Had been closed, and then they tore it down. The place was falling apart, the photos and videos we saw didn’t look like a real school. And you add everything together, looks like a prop, a drill. Did they kill real kids? Maybe, maybe not. Why didn’t they call helicopters? I mean I keep repeating this, it just doesn’t add up. Wolfgang, what’s the new bombshell info?”
Halbig: “The new bombshell is that subpoenas have been issued across the country. We’re out to get discovery information that is now forthcoming, and if they don’t provide us this discovery information, they’re going to be in contempt of court. And we also have the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission hearing that is supposed to have already happened. They keep dragging it and dragging it, but eventually we’re gonna get the truth, and the truth is going to show Sandy Hook, that school, was not an operating school. And I can tell you that for being a school administrator, Alex, it is the most filthiest, the most deplorable school. No child should have ever, or even teacher should not have died in that school .It is loaded with lead paint; it is loaded with asbestos; it is loaded with PCB. And those parents who called it a vanguard school…how could you send your kids to that filthy school?”

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BLM vs. Bundy: Bundy spews, while Reid calls militia “domestic terrorists”

Bundy militia vs BLMNearly two weeks after a tense standoff between armed BLM agents and a 1,000-strong coalition (of armed militia-men, cowboys on horseback, states’ rights advocates and gun rights activists) over the BLM’s roundup of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle from federal rangeland, armed militia campers are still guarding Bundy’s ranch near the town of Bunkerville, about 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas.

67-year-old Bundy says he doesn’t recognize federal authority on the land his family settled and has used since the late 1870s, when Bunkerville was founded. His dispute with the BLM dates to 1993, when the government designated the  Gold Butte area as protected habitat for the endangered desert tortoise and cut Bundy’s allotment of cows. Bundy quit paying grazing fees (the current fee is $1.35 per cow per month). The BLM canceled his grazing permit and ordered him to remove his cattle. Federal judges upheld the agency action.

(See “Bundy’s beef with BLM is about Federal vs. State ownership of land in Nevada” and “Leaders of 9 western states meet to take land back from federal govt”.)

In what Bundy advocates call the Battle of Bunkerville on April 12, 2014, the federal government eventually backed off, citing safety concerns. BLM agents were faced with military-style AR-15 and AK-47 weapons trained on them from a picket line of citizen soldiers on an Interstate 15 overpass, with dozens of women and children in the possible crossfire. BLM police released the confiscated 380 cattle, gave up the weeklong roundup, and lifted the closure of Bundy’s vast range half the size of the state of Delaware. The agency said it would resolve the matter “administratively and judicially.”

An armed man stands watch as protesters gather by the Bureau of Land Management's base camp near Bunkerville, NevadaOn April 12, 2014, Eric Parker from central Idaho stood watch on a bridge with his weapon as protesters gather by the BLM’s base camp, where cattle seized from rancher Cliven Bundy were being held, near Bunkerville.

Left unresolved is the federal government’s claim that Bundy owes more than $1.1 million in fees and penalties for letting some 900 cows “trespass” for 20 years on federal rangeland.

According to his son Ammon, Cliven Bundy has since received several certified letters from the BLM, but hasn’t opened them. BLM spokesman Mitch Snow said the letters offer Bundy a chance to keep his cattle if he pays the $1.1 million in trespass fees, plus “reasonable expenses of the impoundment.” Agency officials have said the contract for the roundup was $900,000.

Jonathan Allen writes for Reuters, April 17, 2014, that the federal government’s decision to withdraw in the face of armed resistance has alarmed some who worry that it has set a dangerous precedent and emboldened militia groups.

Ryan Lenz, a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center that is concerned only with “right wing” terrorism and racism but not the terrorism/racism of the left or of Muslims, fumes, “Do laws no longer apply when the radical right no longer agrees?”

Militia experts say that armed Americans using the threat of a gunfight to force federal officers to back down is virtually unparalleled in the modern era.

Alex Jones, whose Infowars website had helped popularize Bundy’s dispute, called it a watershed moment: “Americans showed up with guns and said, ‘No, you’re not,’ before confronting the armed BLM agents. And they said, ‘Shoot us.’ And they did not. That’s epic. And it’s going to happen more.”

The 5,000-strong Oklahoma Milita has pledged their support to Bundy and vows to take up arms against the BLM if needed.

Energized by their success, Bundy’s supporters are already talking about where else they can exercise armed defiance. They are searching for other Bundys, such as Tommy Henderson, a rancher on the Texas-Oklahoma border who is fighting BLM attempts to seize some of his land.

Cliven BundyCliven Bundy

As for Bundya Mormon, father of 14, and a registered Republican — he’s not just energized but displays every sign of hubris.

He’d taken to the stage fashioned from a flatbed trailer to tell reporters he wants sheriffs around the country to seize weapons from federal bureaucrats. Bundy’s given interviews and daily press conferences on matters ranging far from his dispute with the BLM, including one on April 19 in which he called black Americans “negroes” and wondered aloud whether blacks on welfare would be “better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Bundy’s rants already have alienated whatever supporters he had in Congress:

  • Nevada’s Republican senator Dean Heller had spoken out in defense of Bundy and called for a Congressional hearing on the BLM’s roundup. But now, his spokesman Chandler Smith said that the senator “completely disagrees with Mr. Bundy’s appalling and racist statements, and condemns them in the most strenuous way.”
  • Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul released a statement today, saying Bundy’s “remarks on race are offensive and I wholeheartedly disagree with him.”
  • Nevada state Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said, “I strongly disagree with Cliven Bundy’s comments about slavery.”

The BLM’s backing down is only a temporary tactical maneuver. As Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics puts it, “The likelihood of the Feds ever backing down is highly unlikely, The Federal Government is severely disconnected from the people and views anyone who stands up to them as a criminal and domestic terrorist.”

harry-reidIndeed, two days ago on April 22 on KSNV-TV, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) already called the militiamen who have converged in Bunkerville “domestic violent terrorist-wannabes.”

Reid then ominously predicted that “something is going to happen” that will stop Bundy from grazing his cattle on allegedly federal land:

“It’s obvious that you can’t just walk away from this. And we can speculate all we want to speculate to what’s going to happen next. But I don’t think it’s going to be tomorrow that something is going to happen, but something will happen.”

The Battle of Bunkerville may merely be a dress rehearsal for what lies ahead – a rising confrontation between the government and the American people.

H/t FOTM’s Wild Bill Alaska, swampygirl and CSM


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Facebook censors Infowars

Facebook is threatening to close Infowars’ Alex Jones’ FB account over a completely innocuous Osama bin Laden image. FB, however, has NEVER censored the Left.

If Facebook can do it to Infowars, they can do it to you, me, and Fellowship of the Minds!

H/t Tony Whitcomb

See also my post of Oct. 4, 2011: “Apple, Google, Facebook censor Christians.


Paul Joseph Watson reports for Infowars.com, October 29, 2012

Facebook Now Censoring Political Posts As ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook is now apparently censoring political posts which violate its “Statement of Rights and Responsibilities” as hate speech, after the social networking giant threatened to close radio host Alex Jones’ account over an image of Osama Bin Laden with the words “Al-CIA-da” written underneath.

Attempting to login to Alex Jones’ Facebook account, which has over 321,000 subscribers, Infowars staff were met with a message from Facebook denying access to the account until it was acknowledged that Facebook’s terms had been violated.

“We removed content you posted,” stated the message, underneath which was a black and white image of Osama Bin Laden with the words “Al-CIA-da” emblazoned across it. Facebook removed the image because it “violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

A secondary screen then warned that other infringing images should be removed if the account was to remain in good standing.

Since the image is not copyrighted, according to Facebook’s terms of agreement one can only assume that it was removed because it represented an example of “hate speech,” yet the picture was merely a commentary on the admitted fact that Osama Bin Laden was aided by the CIA during the cold war and that Al-Qaeda terrorists are now being supported by the Central Intelligence Agency in Syria and Libya.

Facebook advertises and poses as a public commons yet, much like Google-owned You Tube, routinely censors political content on flimsy pretexts.

This is by no means the first time Facebook has shown its hostility towards those with alternative political viewpoints.

In September 2011, Infowars reporter Darrin McBreen was told by Facebook staff not to voice his political opinion on the social networking website.

Responding to comments McBreen had made about off-grid preppers being treated as criminals, the “Facebook Team” wrote, “Be careful making about making political statements on facebook,” adding, “Facebook is about building relationships not a platform for your political viewpoint. Don’t antagonize your base. Be careful and congnizat (sic) of what you are preaching.”

The spelling error contained in the email suggested that Facebook staff had specifically investigated McBreen’s political post and that he had not merely received a boilerplate message.

While the likes of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are free to push their political agenda without interference, individuals are being warned not to use Facebook even to express political opinions.

Facebook is monitoring private discussions conducted on its network for suspicious behavior and in some cases forwarding those conversations to police with scant regard for privacy rights.

Earlier this year, former Marine Brandon Raub was kidnapped from his home by police, FBI and Secret Service agents and forcibly incarcerated in a psychiatric ward by authorities in Virginia in response to Facebook posts which the FBI deemed “terrorist” in nature yet which were later dismissed by a judge.

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Wayne Madsen Deep Background on the Dark Knight Shooter – MK-Ultra Op?


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Agenda 21- Corporatocracy Rosa Koire Lays It on the Line

Rosa Koire was on Alex Jones’ infowars.com radio broadcast last Sunday.  They break new ground here. 
These are some of the Lamestream Media hit pieces against the tide of anti-Agenda 21 push-back:
2/3/2012 New York Times:   Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing U.N. Plot
2/7/2012  The Atlantic : Why Planners Need to Take Agenda 21 Criticism More Seriously
2/14/2012  OpEd by Exec Dir of ICLEI   The Unsettling Attacks on Green Cities and Counties   Note:  The comments on this one are priceless!

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The Most Important Video – Charlotte Iserbyt Puts It All Together

Wow!  This one is a Must See!  Charlotte ties everything together; Agenda 21, regionalism, communism, federal takeover of private education and homeschooling, changing our entire way of life and system of government. 

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